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  1. Since I've been told that it has never been asked, what happens to a Belle whose ship is being retrofitted or radically modified? For example, what would happen to Queen Mary's Belle while her ship is being converted to an aircraft carrier?
  2. Graf Zeppelin is one of my favourite carriers in general (together with Aquila, beacuse of the fact that I like a lot ships that were never built), she would be a much appreciated addition to the game. Her behave would like be that of a rejected (because she thinks that humanity didn't want her for the reason that priorities shifted to submarines at the end of our world's war), so she tends to isolate herself from the other Belles and personnel of the fleet(she would communicate only there are things to do for the fleet), apart from the commander, that she views as the only one that wanted or needed her (kinda like some priority ships from Azur Lane). As her story progresses she will start to become friends with the others (with the help of us commanders).
  3. Get in the mood with me, relax all day long... Come!
  4. So, is there a possibility that paper Belles(ships that we're only projects in reality) or never-finished ships will be added in the game alongside ships that existed as we go ahead with the 40's(eg:Graf Zeppelin, Aquila,Lion, etc...)?
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