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  1. RN. Dodgy eyesight. Rebel. Immature. Doesn't actually appear. Truant?
  2. Parnesius

    update 183

    Clearly a clever blind. A couple weeks down the line they'll reveal the first super-charged personifications of factories and shipyards who have awoken in this hour of need. The great, bickering, ambition-vaulting clans of the Armstrong-Whitworths and the Krupps. The worryingly happy-go-lucky Italian arsenals. The steady, slightly-disapproving professionalism of the Royal Naval Dockyards. Kure-kun, a sweetheart to be sure, but strangely reticent about one of her little projects. Still on manufacturers: Waddingtons (who made Buccaneer) released, in 1940, the extremely up-to-the-minute GHQ. The likelihood a Belles-and-Morganas game appears in next year's catalogue seems pretty strong. If Kumano acts sharpish, she might get a consultancy gig.
  3. Parnesius

    Update 182

    Interested to see what happens with Glorious. I have John Winton's Carrier Glorious and she's long struck me as a fascinating choice to map from warship to character. Obviously there's her strange origin - the last of Jackie Fisher's many brain-children - and conversion. But more uniquely, a tarnished morning was followed (I think I'm borrowing Churchill here) by a golden noontide and a leaden twilight. In the '30s as the Mediterranean Fleet's principal carrier she did well in exercises, vied with Warspite, the flagship, for the regatta prizes, hosted dignitaries (the Prince of Wales flew in one of her 'planes) and developed much of the doctrine and techniques of naval aviation (including the Taranto strike plan). Then D'Oyly Hughes became captain and the morale collapse reads as if the whole ship fell into a clinical depression and, on her last voyage, a comprehensive nervous breakdown. She'd be an interesting fit, especially among the RN Belles, who seem a confident, cheerful, well-adjusted crowd. Compare Verdun's sadness, d'Aosta's disenchantment, I-8's repression of personality or Profintern. As to the wind, there are several French and Italian destroyers that qualify, but I'm for HMS Boreas. The context is a question of scale, and the north wind reaches a far greater expanse of the sea than the comparatively localised winds of the Mediterranean.
  4. Monkeys, peacocks, dolphins . . . salamanders . . . I look forward to the next exciting installment of Scharnhorst vs the animal kingdom.
  5. Are certain belles or navies particularly interested in individual morganas. I was thinking that Avarice's obvious eastern-ness might elevate IJN interest in her specifically over, say, Corruption - especially when speculation turns to Morgana origins and intentions.
  6. Dolphin brawling, peacock roping, "Oh, we'll get to the monkey." I've never enjoyed Scharnhorst more. A merchant vessel that behaves like a tramp, wandering from port to port, picking up what one-off cargoes and short-term contracts it can, rather than operating a regular run. They also share a reputational dubiety.
  7. Argentine wine, Argentine tailoring . . . will this ragging continue until it irritates the Rivadavias awake? We haven't had a cruiser yet. I submit a sheaf of bureaucratic mutually-contradictory communist-type forms requesting Profintern's presence.
  8. Intriguing and appealing answer. The bit about submarines and the siren call of the deep - or, as it may be, simply surpassing self-belief - is interesting, as its the second discussion of submarines as a class that i recall. Previously there was the observation that they tend to be more ruthless, or at least unsentimental, than their surface colleagues. Curious to see if there are parallels among other types of warship. For instance, cruisers - do they tend, as a class, to be self-reliant, chafing under close supervision, preferring latitude to undertake tasks in their own way? Do they think of themselves as the indispensable, comparatively unsung workhorses of the fleet? Do they regard battle cruisers as big sisters or (happily now rarer) predators? Do other classes deride them, slightly and mostly affectionately, as jacks of all trades, masters of none?
  9. Stone frigates. Avenue to investigate the Shintoist conception of Belles as the more visible, active end of an expansive Kami-continuum, or just legal sleight-of-hand from the Admiralty? More particularly, HMS Diamond Rock. French island? British sloop? Ghost-hunting opportunity for U-29? Perhaps a Caribbean holiday scientific expedition is called for.
  10. 'seas and larger lakes' So is there a Great Lakes theatre of operations? And in time, USS Wolverine?
  11. Will any historical personalities appear in the Belle (or National) Stories - admirals and spychiefs assigning missions, kings and presidents awarding medals, scientists testing new equipment or investigating the Morganas? It would be interesting to see, say, Keyes or Cowan or Dreyer interacting with their old flagship Hood (and her current Captain) - and amusing if they take on the role of protective and/or embarrassing father to the world's largest warship.
  12. Firstly, thank you. I take Pola's point and don't begrudge the brisk (but thoughtful!) handling of the subject. While I'd be very happy to hear much more, it would require a regular Belfast's Bookclub feature and that's simply insupportable greediness. Reading with Rawalpindi? Leningrad's Literary Lounge? The Alberti smackeral is truly fascinating. I look forward to U-29's belle story consisting of an increasingly vicious exchange of scholarly articles and reviews with grumpy German linguists and folklorists. I kid. I didn't care much about U-29 in her original interview but in her subsequent appearances she's become one of my favourites. Belfast's Bondwagon, forsooth!
  13. Fubuki has, I think, appeared the least to date: an early, therefor short, introductory interview and a brief look-in during the Christmas extravaganza. Other lesser spotted belles include: Saguenay Aoba and I-8 Bearn Camicia Nera and Espero Admiral Graf Spee Profintern, Parizhskaya Kommuna and Nerpa
  14. Perhaps some of the belles might share their thoughts regarding portrayals of belles (that is, ships possessing awareness/personality/a voice) produced before the general awakening of September '39? For example, some of Admiral Hopwood's poems (The Old Way; The Auxiliary; The Figureheads), or (though not a warship) Kipling's The Ship That Found Herself.
  15. Do all sorties operate on roughly the same scale or is there scope for larger operations, in larger theatres - scenarios akin to Operation MB8, or the hunt for the Bismarck, for instance?
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