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  1. @Schwarzbart Thank ye for the reply. Game looks fun though I’m already struggling to figure out what to do my first go through. Already want to do all the classes! If I was a real mage trainee, my head would have exploded by now simply cause I’d have to not do some things. (Only Magic Schools do I go full Hermione Granger.) I am also aware of Y2 not being out yet via research, yes. Sad but it looks like it’s being worked on at least. Will be happy to simply enjoy what I can! Thank you again! @Legate of Mineta *bows before you* Thank you for the warm welcome. I look forward to enjoying the world you helped shape. @Rhialto Thank you for the link. I have read and appreciate the food for thought you’ve given. Much appreciated! Always nice to see another resident writer as well, as I’ve spied your other works too.
  2. Greetings, Those of Academagia! A mere spectre as of the moment, a phantom of curiosity if you will. I own a Mac (but Bootcamp for the win!), and have found this game to be of potent intrigue. Due to certain considerations, I must wait before possibly purchasing it (through Steam primarily)...but in the meantime I wished to forward my salutations and present to any of you a chance! A chance to truly sell me on this world. Whatever you think may work. (I daresay, it'll probably be unnecessary, the game looks interesting and the fanbase here seems very dedicated which is good to see...but thought this would be fun.) ~Ghost of Potential Times to Come
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