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  1. I think self-referential investigation should just be taken as euphemism. -- Just a lurker-checking-for-updates-cum-peanut-gallery-contributor.
  2. Understood. I appreciate the response, and I'm glad I checked further. You guys have really done a gem here.
  3. Hi there. Just coming in as an outsider. The negative "development is dead" Steam reviews are starting to dominate the top of the reviews. If you guys actually are genuinely continuing development in earnest, it would definitely avoid a general loss of faith if you were less tight-lipped about its status. As it stands, my skimming perusal of this thread (I've read none others -- just someone who recently took an interest, wondering if development has genuinely ceased, as the top reviews say) leaves me ambivalent. Smiley-laden there-may-be-somethings and I-can't-says aren't encouraging. Speaking for myself, I do hope the nay-sayers are wrong!
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