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  1. Just suggesting the game/book, sorry. Purely as a sidenote, if anyone wanted to share thoughts on how to use characters that they like, I am interested in hearing them. But mostly just sharing the game.
  2. I'm planning a Strixhaven 5e campaign. Despite the magic school setting, the official adventure that just came out isn't very similar as written, but I'm very excited for this homebrew. Among a lot of other tweaks, I'm planning to age up the Academagia class for background NPCs. Minimal extra work for me, for NPCs that I'm already familiar with and can easily figure out how to use them in a scene. (If anyone's familiar with Magic: The Gathering and has thoughts on colleges or colors for their favorite characters, let me know!)
  3. Affinity has no effect in Year 1, it's a cut mechanic I believe. But probably restored in Y2. I think having the blackmail option is related to being Informed on a character, but other than that I'm also curious.
  4. I've never gotten squirted by Vettor as a boy, even rolling Bitter Hatred, but have been squirted by Vettor as a girl on Day 3 without rolling him for anything. RNG can be funny though, and I play girls very rarely, so I guess that's just anecdotal evidence. I think the issue with Cyrus may be that he does also have an interest in increasing relationship with boys, just a weaker one, and the game can't mechanically distinguish between improving a relationship via a Flirt-flavored action or via a platonic-flavored action. Vetter may actually only want to stress girls exclusively. Maybe? Going to look in the mod tools more. Nope, his Goal to stress seems to be neutral. Guess my girls are just unlucky.
  5. Agreed with Schwarzbart that the wiki is very useful in general. And it's handy for comparing the effects of CC options side by side. Options that up stats (such as Astrology: The Comet adding 1 Luck, and Family: Sports adding 1 Fitness) are particularly useful. Most rolls involve a skill (parent or subskill) and a stat, for example something might roll Charm/Befriend, or Insight/Character Study. So upping a stat is more useful than upping a skill, since you will roll for example Charm with Befriend, Beguile, etc. But you will only roll Befriend when you roll Befriend. You will want to start with at least 2 Fitness, but I highly recommend 3 if you don't like feeling limited. Insight and Intelligence are important but they're very easy to raise after creation. You get +1 to each as soon as you can get Planning to 2 (that's the benefit Rhialto mentioned). Also, Insight seems to be the easiest to raise through Adventure rewards. (Well... as well as Luck, but it's generally a reward for "failing" the final step of an adventure.) And for Morvidus students, The Shop also gives you a +1 to Intelligence almost immediately. (And then there's another Morvidus adventure, Studies In Hunger, which is only mildly difficult and also gives Int.) If you take War related backgrounds (such as Tutoring: Combat) you can get +1 to Insight from the War 2 reward. Strength seems to be the most difficult to raise after CC but most people don't find it very useful anyway. You're a mage after all. Moving on from stats, there are a few CC options that give you another point to spend in exchange for some negative effects. Don't take Bad Luck Magnet. Negated is gonna depend on your playstyle, it only affects actual spellcasting actions afaik, and doesn't affect you if you "cast a spell" in an adventure or random event. So avoid it until you've played and know how often you like to use spells. Black Sheep is fine, you don't really need money to succeed. The Rock is fine, plenty of people ignore familiars in Y1 for the most part. But maybe off-theme to take it as a Morvidus student (very likely to cause problems if you were to take the save to later years as well). Descended from Traitors and Friendship: Actually Bitter Hatred can be fine or troublesome depending on RNG. Having mildly bad relationships with most characters does nothing but make it take an extra action to become BFFs. But there are a handful that you want to avoid, top of the list being Philippe and Joana. They're both Morvidus students, so they're possibilities for Bitter Hatred, but being a Morvidus student will dull the edge of rolling them slightly. It's still a risk though, especially if you happened to roll them for both Bitter Hatred and Descended of Traitors.... Also, this is a slightly more dangerous gamble for female students than male students because there are a handful of characters (cough Vettor Conta) who like to bully girls but not boys. There are no characters I'm aware of that target boys but not girls.
  6. Is the child of Sky Pirates likely to have at least visited Malkstrang?
  7. Same, I like to see people ask questions about things that I didn't even think about while playing, but the way they look at it makes me intrigued and makes the world seem bigger the next time I play.
  8. Also interesting because there is a particular Revision wand (Alter Wand) that looks like a tuning fork. Sold by someone who also sells a Mastery item and a definite Gates item. (Though it seems deliberately designed, not corrupted, but maybe in homage.)
  9. 5. Are there any potential negative consequences for a Schohanwicht student not participating in things like the special summoning? Is it something you may have been expected to do? Will Black Sheep parents hold it against you as evidence your heart isn't in it?
  10. Tacking on, does the Shade have a shadow larynx? Can other people hear its magnificent hum?
  11. Is it possible to have auto-adventures that trigger when learning a skill, or reaching a certain level, the way certain locations can trigger a little event? I was thinking of this especially for the more forbidden skills, in particular Synchronicity (or more specifically Mental Bridging), when I realized it's actually pretty easy to unlock without the adventure that's supposed to explain it. Though now I realize another way would just be to have a separate one-stage regular adventure that requires the skill and not to have completed An Outing..., that just summarizes what your character has gleaned.
  12. Is there any sense among (Monteon) mercenaries of superiority to pirates, being more honorable than them, bristling about being lumped together with them, anything like that?
  13. Are Shade familiars a wizard's own shadow that gains sentience as it becomes a familiar, or were they created by much more advanced magic at a much earlier time, and then became familiars to a different wizard in the usual way?
  14. Is there any in-world danger with the Reptile Whisperer bond, where if the human isn't strong enough they could end up on the wrong side of a familiar bond with the lizard instead? Or is it categorically a different kind of bond? (Regardless of whether this is a danger for the player mechanically or not.)
  15. Has this changed yet? It was mentioned somewhere as well that family names are set/random but can be changed. Is there a set name for the ship and crew that the Sky Pirates Family has/belongs to? Can we change it and become Black Falcon Costers impersonators? For that matter, I've been imagining that the ship belongs to the parents and one of them is the captain (or they co-captain?), based on the wording that they have a soft business of delivering packages, so it seems like they're business owners and in charge of the operation. Is this impression correct? Are the family rivalries or allies or not involved at all with Asad the Lion? I realized if the Guard Captain may have hired them as privateers in the past, then the Guard option might be the family-approved main adventure path, and it would be interesting if maybe they don't like it if you help Asad. Aren't Sky Pirates interesting and fun?
  16. This is a weird and probably dumb question, but I got the idea in my head and now it's stuck. So the Negated background gives +2 with Ana Flavia Bessa and with Joana. Since it mentions that the girl had candy to give you, and we already know that AFB has a reason to be sympathetic towards anyone just for being cursed, it seems obviously implied that Joana is the girl that you saved. However, I was thinking about what kind of classes my Negated character might take, and it occurred to me that Joana's crafting-oriented path might be a sensible one. (Also, AFB's luck would put her in the path of a proscribed Negation spell.) Is there any chance that it's actually a sneaky switcheroo and Joana is sympathetic because she has a similar difficulty with spellcasting, while AFB is the girl you saved? Edit: Also Joana is pointed out to be "not as confident with a wand" as Philippe is in the Revision Pop Quiz adventure (and he's not particularly a genius with spells), and most other incidents I can recall, she uses a potion and her fists. I'm forming an extensive theory here. Thank you as always for all of your answers and time.
  17. Is there anything at all you can share about the source of the Mysterious Package? Just trying to figure out what kind of character it would suit.
  18. On the topic of background combinations, I very much hope that Tutoring: Grifter has some real effects, particularly if combined with Sky Pirates, since it implies that you are actually implicated in your parents' activities.
  19. The description of Professor Storey's desk mentions "with Professor Storey's rumored past, perhaps it's best not to get caught." What rumors would a first year student have heard? (this one may have been asked before, but it's not coming up with the search.)
  20. Piggybacking a little, would that have ramifications for college politics, if a student not from Durand donates the statue? Might it be perceived as a friendly gesture from Avila to Durand, for example, and once the rivalries heat up, might it play a part in Avila and Durand students seeing each other as allies? (Though I assume nothing can help if the student is from Aranaz.) Also: How infamous are the parents of the Child of Sky Pirates? Does it depend on how "successful" they are, as determined by Station? Does anybody actually believe in their package delivery front?
  21. That's true, I just threw the classes out as an example, but it would be better to do something that was opt-in. The Good Noise At The Crier's Stone blanketly says that you will annoy someone, but there's nothing forcing you to use the ability. Even just "more like that" would be nice. Summer relationship degrading doesn't mean much to me for either friendships or enemies, since the whole point is roleplaying while you're at school. It also isn't a total reset. If you have max relationship with someone it probably won't hit 0, even if you do nothing about it. It just won't be max anymore. Alternatively, maybe more of the relationship gains could be opt-in, such as an action like "Study with Classmates" that can pair study levels with r-gains and other rewards, but no r-gains from the Study Levels themselves. I doubt I'll come up with any perfect ideas for exactly how this could be implemented, but it's the general character type that I think it would be cool to be kept in mind while developing. (And still keeping other character types and the majority playerbase in mind of course.)
  22. Yes, and they'll raise to 0 if they are in the negatives. You lose both good and bad relationships, because you're just not on people's minds. It's also been hinted that having high grades will lead to relationship trouble with certain characters. I think it would be cool if there were more ways to continue having trouble throughout the year, particularly relating to your character just not being good at people, that don't necessarily mean your character is actively trying to hurt others. Maybe attending class could give you a chance of either gaining or losing relationship with another character from that class, depending on the state of your Charm or Befriend, etc.
  23. I'm probably a minority in the playerbase, but I'd like it if it was a bit easier to unintentionally make enemies with other students. As far as I've found in the game, the way to simulate a character who is a little abrasive (but isn't actually deliberately harassing anyone) is with Make Good Noise At The Crier's Stone with a side order of Aventyrare's Private Office, but I'll only use them until the skills/study levels are maxed. Then using Every Planet In Its House for any students that I do want to particularly befriend. And occasionally getting the chance to butt heads in an RE, but those don't always result in an actual relationship loss. (I also start with the Bitter Hatred background feature, but Descended From Traitors is mutually exclusive with Black Sheep, which I can't not take.) But I get so much relationship gains from so many other sources, that it often just gets canceled out. I have to skip class just to avoid making friends. (That's the only reason, I swear!) I think it would be interesting if being generally liked was something that you had to work more at, especially if you have low Charm.
  24. Yes, you can simply not use the Gift, and go forward and replace your familiar. But that's what make the Gift a sacrifice for both the wizard and the familiar, in those specific circumstances. It doesn't make sense tactically. It's better to invest time in a new familiar. But it's because you love that familiar. You're right though that this also sounds like a specific scenario that is also very interesting, in a way I didn't think of.. maybe both are needed
  25. That seems really cool for people who are just doing it for the power. Immersively though, the Gift is mostly known to be used when a familiar is dying. It's tragic and emotional to think of a wizard giving up their ability to form future bonds, so that they can cling onto the last scraps of their familiar's energy. But I don't see the same way a wizard killing their other familiars who might all be doing fine, in order to not let go of the one familiar who is dying. On the other hand, I don't think we've heard any hint that it's possible for familiars to die yet, so it's probable that any players who do it are actually just doing it for the stats. So it would need to be separation between the lore and the way that the ability actually works.
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