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    @Schwarzbart Says the man who condones stealing himself.
  2. Vouru


    @Schwarzbart Never said I didn't like it (though the UI is crap), said that if the dev didn't care to finish their Choose your own adventure novel or hell release Y2 in the 10 years since the initial release why should I not (theoretically) steal it? But that aside, thank you for your advice. I never figured some one here would actually tell me to steal it because and I quote:
  3. Vouru


    @Schwarzbart I'm not sure what you mean. There are far more completed books, TV series, movies, and games then incomplete ones. My point is if the story never actually finishes and if I've read correctly the 17 DLC's are fan created. Then why should I give my time and money to a developer that has made exactly 1 other game in the 10 years since it has released this one?
  4. Vouru


    ahh so the game is dead then? I guess I could always pirate it then. No point in paying for a game if the dev doesn't feel like finishing it.
  5. Vouru


    This game is currently on sale one steam but it looks like this game hasn't been touched in years. Is there any actual plans of a Y2 release and if so when? To be frank I'd rather not was my time on an incomplete story.
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