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  1. 7 hours ago, Rhialto said:

    @Legate of Mineta: Are love triangles planned involving specific characters in Y3 or later games? Because Aymeri and Lambert already have a brief love triangle with Olivia Solari, and I can think of other pairs of characters who would make interesting participants in such a triangle.

    Are the triplets one of those love triangles or you see them more as siblings?

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  2. @Rhialto  I think it's pretty cool you actually found another character named Zoe that remind you of the academagia one, just like you said Sima Yi reminded you of this Sima.

    About Uliva, theres a lot of mystical/religious symbolism with the snake, like the forbidden fruit, so i find forbidden magic for her to be quite fitting

    There are lot of characters that remind me of Cinzia in some way. Satsuki (kill la kill), Ava(sunrider), Shizune( katawa shoujo), Erza(Fairy Tail), Fubuki (OPM) etc. Erza probably fit Irene a bit better, but remind me a little still. Of course they all have their differences.

    One of them is Therese Voermann, the Baron of Santa monica, from Vtmb, which would be some version of an evil Cinzia, so its not that strange to see an Evil/Good Zoe, hopefully the player can help shape that. 

    Also if you end up doing a Cinzia game, see if you can do Olivia Solari adventure too, i mentioned before but just in case, you learn about Cinzia's book there.

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  3. Just sharing some thoughts


    Flore: There was this question from freespace, it's quite revealing on the subject

    [Say, Legate, of all the Current students in the game, which one would be closest to the mindset on learning multiple pillars? (or even all of them)

    "Lambert (learn whatever magic you may need to get into interesting places) and Flore (it's good to be able to defend yourself, which means a lot of Negation work and even some understanding of the totally illegal stuff)."]

    So its easy to associate her with gates because of the dialectic adventure, but she might learn Mastery aswell. She is quite cynical, so i imagine if she had a boyfriend that would not learn Mastery for idealist or moral reasons, she might perceive him as too naive or weak for her. She is a complex character, its not easy to pinpoint how much mean she is or is a persona

    Prudence: I Dont really believe in morally upstanding Mastery mages, especially while its banned, maybe she would, but i think with her dislike of authority she would not like a mastery partner. in event terms, she would likely lose a point in relationship. Gates at least, theres usually a romantic view on the subject, even if i myself find Gates often more disturbing than Mastery

    Zoe: About her being greedy and a criminal, the thing is after the end of her adventure she show a desire to turn a new leaf and live a more quiet/honest life. This is the sucess text from the Negotiate step of her adventure:

    ["It was fun doing this," she says, without a smile. " But i've had enough. I'm tired of worrying so much about getting caught."

    She thanks you and gives you half of the money you made together. As she walks away, you feel a little sad. You wanted to get to know her better, but it seems as though she thought of you as more of a business partner than a friend.]

    Beatrix: She would probably like gates people, her love of wildlife is a bit like Eunecya and her disappearance in the wild while a professor covers for her is like a Gates school player 

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  4. While i think the original discussion about Catherine Chard eye colors was just because she looks quite ordinary, it could be fun playing around with the idea in events and adventures.

    The Emperor eye from Kuroko no Basket was pretty awesome and thats a basketball anime, in a word of magic sharingan-like should be possible. she dont even need to have eye powers, just the Pc get a glimpse of her with red eyes and wonders

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  5. Looks like Growing up only have 3 characters to choose for romance per playthrough, assigned at random. 

    My first character was a guy and i had only just 1 girl and 2 guys to choose, picked no one, married a random woman. My first daughter play i also did not choose anyone, so she also ended up with another woman.

    Npc wise Alexandra was like Prudence, which was cool, the whole tomboy part and the Alex/Pru name thing.

    I liked Chinese parents better, it has the bonus stats that passes to the next generation, the job that influences your allowance, more choices to romance etc, but i still want to play Growing up a few more times and thanks for sharing


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  6. 7 hours ago, Legate of Mineta said:

    If you're not trained in Astrology or Negation. there's a decent chance you'll never really be sure you've crossed the eternal world.

    Aren't fairies related to glamour tho? As in a someone trained in hedi's magic should be able to see past their nature too

  7. 1 hour ago, Rhialto said:

    Why do you define one of the endings as the true end?

    It's part subjective and part meta

    Every npc has a dominant attribute on the mod tools, Cinzia is marked as having Intelligence as her preference, meaning she will try to raise that attribute if possible

    On the Charm exit it feels you are either trying to the seize the knowledge for yourself or change Cinzia to be nicer (if you look on a meta level how the characters might evolve)

    The Intelligence exit felt more natural, you let her open the statue and have her moment

    If i wanted a nice Avila girl there's Ana Flavia for that, i liked Cinzia for what she is.

    And on the the topic of npc rewards, i remembered Noemia gain confidence skill steps on her adventure

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  8. @Rhialto I would have to re-read her adventure to be sure, but i think they were under Glamour not Mastery. There's a subtetly in her that fits Glamour better, i believe. She could learn both of course

    Neta and Emilia Picotti also have things you could associate with Mastery but turn out not to be the case, Glamour is that good 

    As for the star part, she gets some protagonism for being the only girl of the trio, and is described as a mastermind and inspiring person, thats a good one from the legate

    " If the question is more along the lines of "Who's most likely to be the next Orso?"  Well, possibilities might include Rui, Sima, Leopold, Durand, Ana Flavia (if she has room to grow without [Redacted]), or even Olivia "

    I also think she is the only one of the trio that gives a relationship point max, for me this helps to show a deeper bond with her than with the other two.

    Her side adventure where you met Philippe was accessible to everyone, unlike Magsa that has one locked behind Durand. That adventure in particular showed me a bit of her kindness, where she made company and entertained the little girl like a big sis, and stood up for you and her against Phillipe

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  9. Sima strikes me more as a Glamour girl than a Mastery one, so does Synch in some ways so i dont think is out of character for her.

    One thing i think is unlikely for her to learn Synch, in meta, is that as the star of the Triplets the Team probably has some strong plans for her already

    Also, while i do think kindness is important for Synch, i see less of the all life is sacred aspect, and more of granting a quick death to those that havent done the same

  10. I dont see Tabin as the empatethic kind, so he is probably out. Sima yes, she is somewhat kind and fits her persona

    Personally, i would go with Emilia Picotti, she's like an ASMR youtuber, which is similar to Synch i think, bad analogy wise. 

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