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  1. Can you give year 2 a new version of etiquette 8? Meaning increase relationship max as skill reward
  2. A few thoughs about it If the Herald is a dragon and he teaches you "disorder the heaven's" with is classified as spell type Astrology, it can be seen dragons can use it, but its a bit meta and a cool theory the darkness between the stars part and the idea they could develop something similar for some cases. Being a fan made adventure it could be seen from the dark modder, but i checked the topic and there is a different spell, a Mastery one When i think of Astrology the first two things that come to mind are divination and good luck but i can see multiple dnd archetypes here : Cleric - as the pilgrim of Iudocia Wizard - with the divination specialization, default avila student Witch - hexes and curses, i remember a case about a professor using astrology to steal the youth of her students Oracle - a bit more mysterious Psychic - the esoteric starseeker subclass, for the purple wizards On the familiars part, the analogy was pretty good
  3. 1) I remember reading here Astrology could not be used by dragons and familiars, but between one adventure and game mechanics was this changed/retconned? 2) Can you have your familiar fight in your stead in a duel?
  4. Can y2 be modded to add more timeslots on the calendar?
  5. Triplet maximize magic: Complete Sima, Magsa and Tabin adventures
  6. Some nice lore there. Cinzia, like Uliva, is one of those characters that aren't evil by y1 alone but i can see that changing. @Rhialto One info about her that might give you ideas is that she is good with potions and has a book about it, it's hinted in her profile with the mixing cauldrons quote and she can give you one in a path in her adventure, but you need to do Olivia's adventure to learn about the book, so in case you have missed i noted here.
  7. Self-Defense Force: Gates 20 The World: Numerology 21
  8. Cinzia is my favorite, she is like Satsuki from Kill la Kill and Ava from the Sunrider. I want to learn Mastery too, so that's something for my character.
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