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  1. May I just say, as someone who has peeped at this thread every so often for the last 2 years, this is the greatest showcase enthusiasm, frustration and polite HR hand waving on the internet. Rhi, Metis, Schwarzbart, freespace - your dedication is both endearing and a bit concerning. But we all wouldn't be geeks if we didn't shamelessly obsess over odd things, please keep being your best self. I'm leaving this in honor of the usual posters, those that joined the discussion only to lose interest, peepers like myself, and Legate (who was. no doubt. a DMV worker in his past life) P.S. Would recording a dramatic slow read of the entire thread at game release be alright? P.S.S here's is my contribution. Legate, will some of the more memorable side adventures be referenced or have a follow up in Y2.
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