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  1. I know this one is a looong way off, but there are going to be quite a few potential careers, yeah? Will there be, say, guidance counselors and such to help students determine their career choices? And, lastly, can friends be potentially influenced to join your classes or will they pursue a set career of their own?
  2. Right, right. Now, there's another question that I'm relatively sure is without answer: Dragons have human familiars, yeah? But humans don't have -dragon- familiars. It only goes one way, right? Would a human ever "get" something out of that? Increased magical power, maybe, or just random weird things? This is all based on the assumption that it works like any other Familiar bond. One would wonder if this relationship would only ever be a sort of Master-Pet thing. I would doubt many people would find a -friend- in their dragon, yeah, but stranger things could happen..
  3. Bear with me, as I may have gotten this wrong, but people can become familiars to each other, right? If that were to happen.. What form does the bond take? Does it force a certain dispositon or inclination to friendship, romance, or even conflict? Or is it just a bond that can be flavored by either person's feelings and emotions? Also, can it form without knowledge of two parties or does it have to be done by willful consent by one or both? Sorry if that was already asked!
  4. I'm not sure if it is entirely unique to me, but I almost always end up creating a student who focuses on esoteric non-magical skills. One of my favorite fellows was a young Aranaz who mastered everything about Law and most of the languages. He was more or less studying to enter such things after his graduation and such. Another favorite, and a rare magic user, was a young man who focused entirely on mastering duelling arts. I'd sort of hoped, after reading some of the text and finding out that there were tutors for this sort of thing, that he might (in that magical year that we see Y5) graduate and become one of them. I guess I always make up a purpose or goal before I create a character, then spam learning it in between picking out clique members and adventures. (Also, first post on the forums in a long time!)
  5. So, I had this little question running around in my head since forever. Will the various students recieve new portraits as the years march on? Like.. Let's just say that we're in year three or four, and we're checking on Phillipe Marchant's little info screen, and we look at his portrait. Will he look a shade older? A tad more defined? Perhaps he'll sport an extremely awkward little bit of moustache on an otherwise gracefully aging face? Will Amanda Kiffer ever cut her hair? Will Prudence Cossins get all the dates? Will Hector never grow up? These questions have been burning in my mind and I (an admittedly lazy person) have not yet seen an answer one way or the other. Personally, I think it'd be awesome if the portraits gradually changed from year to year. Or even just at the start of year three or four, around when the students are starting to get closer to maturity. Do I think it is necessary for the game to be awesome? No. But it would make it more awesome, and we all know Academagia is ever-bloating with greater glory. Oh, and I was wondering if there'll be another DLC down the road. I had some adventures that I was writing and, y'know, I was curious if I could put them up.. What do you guys think? Wouldn't it be cool to have a different portrait at the start of each year?
  6. Thank you for the replies and interest. I've a couple ideas now, but the first I'll be doing is a hybrid inspired by Gates, Zoology, and most particularly the secret fears of the staff of the Academagia. That monster-under-the-bed thing sounds awfully interesting too. I've definitely going to try my hand at that. So, on the note of Gates and other lesser-known skills.. Does anyone have favorite skills that never really see widespread application? I always loved the more esoteric ones like Law, Satyric Revelry, and carriage-driving (or was it just driving or something?) That's just because I like to make magically inept characters, though! Keep posted. I'll try to have something up after these last two tests of mine!
  7. So, in celebration of my last round of tests, I'm going to set my hands to another random event for the next DLC. That is assuming that I get some inspiration, though.. So, people, help me out. Would you like more comedy like my old spatula one (if anyone remembers it?) or should it be in another vein? I'm willing to write anything but, you know, suggestions are more than helpful. Is there a theme for the next DLC? Come to think of it, is another planned? I sort of (not really) looked around, but I'll admit I'm not the most perceptive. Again, any themes/topics/favorite characters are very welcome. I'll update later once I mix it up!
  8. Hmm. I think I might give this a try, if it'd be alright. I've only written one Random Event, so maybe an adventure will help a bit. Any particular theme I should work with? And I assume this is for a sort of "run-of-the-mill" wand, too, right?
  9. Heh. Glad you like it! I was worried that it wouldn't be too good. I've a couple more ideas floating around in my head, so you'll probably hear from me again soon.. On that note, are there any random events people would like to see? Maybe specific ones between you and your familiar, a favorite student, or possibly a professor? I've tons of free time, so drop me a PM if you're interested!
  10. So, as my topic description hints so vaguely at, this is my first adventure. Go easy on me, offer up some criticism, give me some pointers.. Just thought I'd throw this out here, seeing as I've lurked around the forums for months now. Tell me what you all think, eh? You needed that spatula. Need wasn’t a strong word, not if all this smoke was anything to go by. The whole situation was ridiculous. Just a few minutes ago you’d been on top of the world. Your luck had been holding out all day. First you’d managed to tackle that man-eating rabbit, then you’d caught Professor Viada when he’d fallen down the stairs, and only some few minutes ago you’d wandered into an unattended kitchen stocked to the gills with food. And, lo and behold, there had been a single perfect egg sitting next to a frying pan. How could you have resisted? They barely fed you anything, after all. Was it really so surprising that you’d just strolled over, cracked the egg, and set it on the stove without a single thought as to how you might flip it? And now here you were, standing in front of a spatula-jammed drawer, cursing that abominable culinary instrument as you watched your egg begin to burn. If you didn’t flip it soon.. Exit 1: Pure Luck. Just go with it. You’ve been on a roll today, right? Success: Completely unfazed by the unfortunate turn of events, you take hold of the skillet’s handle and flick it forward and upward. Beautiful, delicious eggs took flight, arching gracefully through the air. Lifting the skillet up, knowing within your soul that this is your day, you move to catch it. The sweet taste of victory (and not a small of drool) floods your mouth as you, by some divine blessing, intercept the protein-rich delight and guide it back into the skillet’s sizzling embrace. Oh, yeah. Today was your day, alright. Rewards: +1 Cooking -1 Stress +2 Pure Luck +Emotion: Golden Failure: Push. Pull. Push. Pull. Maybe you might be imagining things, but the drawer seems to be loosening a bit. Or maybe you’re hallucinating. Hunger does that to people. You descend into a kind of trance, pushing and pulling the drawer blankly. Perhaps it was the constant shaking, or maybe the spatula just needed a bit of persuasion, but you could feel it start to give. Shaking with renewed vigor, the drawer gradually began to open. That’s when it caught on the whisk. Feeling your unbeatable streak wasn’t so unbeatable anymore, you heave a sigh a give up the fight. Rewards: +1 Pure Luck +2 Stress Exit 2: Brute Strength. Just rip the blasted thing out of the wall. Win No sense being fussy about it. You’ll be doing everyone else a favor anyway, right? You push the drawer in as far as it will go and take a firm stance, wrapping both of your hands about its handle as best as you can. Throwing yourself backward, you feel the drawer glide along its tracks toward you. It catches on the spatula again. Not for long, though. You hear a horrible shriek of grinding, snapping metal and the drawer slides outward. The spatula was broken, of course, and irrevocably bent. Still, it was usable enough and, with a little deft maneuvering on your part, you manage to flip the egg. Serving your lunch up on a fine porcelain plate, you toss the metal remnants of the spatula into the trash bin, confident that no one would be the wiser. Of course, the bits of spatula still wedged in the drawer might be a give away.. Reward: +1 Confidence +1 Brute Strength -1 Stress Fail: No sense being fussy about it. You’ll be doing everyone else a favor anyway. You push the drawer in as far as it will go and take a firm stance, wrapping both of your hands about its handle as best as you can. Throwing yourself backward, you feel the drawer glide along its tracks toward you. It catches on the spatula again. Not for long, though. You hear a horrible shriek of grinding, snapping metal and the drawer slides outward. All the way outward. Whisks, spatulas, knives.. You only have a second to contemplate your bad luck before the implements crash to the floor and, in the case of one extremely sharp paring knife, your foot. Hobbling toward the smoking pan, trying your best not to step on your bleeding toe, you fail to reach the eggs in time Scraping the scorched remnants of the egg into the trash, you leave the kitchen hungry and dejected. Rewards: +1 Stress -1 Vitality -1 Pure Luck Exit 3: Forging. Necessity is the mother of invention! Success: You close the drawer with a shake of your head. This wasn’t going to work. But if you could just find something else flat.. Your eye lands on a nearby stone rolling pin and, as if a veil had been taken from your eyes, the solution becomes apparent. Sure, it might seem crazy to some. But hadn’t most great inventors been called insane by their peers? Now all you needed was.. Yes! There it was, twinkling merrily at you beside a great earthenware bowl. You take the silver spoon and, grinning slightly at your own cleverness, heft the rolling pin above your head. One, two, three times you bring it down on the poor thing. It starts to yield to your superior skill and, dealing it a final vicious blow for good measure, reluctantly flattens its last remaining edge. Voila. Makeshift spatula. Wait until Cordelia Troublepot hears about this one, eh? Rewards: +1 Relation with Cordelia Troublepot (You braggart, you!) +2 Forging +1 Confidence Fail: You close the drawer with a shake of your head. This wasn’t going to work. But if you could just find something else flat.. Your eye lands on a nearby stone rolling pin and, for just a second, you think it might work. But then the rational part of your mind busts in, strangling your creative spirit with warnings of “Detention for wanton destruction of silverware” and “Breaking your thumb if you miss with just one whack.” But, after several more minutes of fruitless searching and egg-burning, your rational side finally caves. Retrieving an antique silver spoon and the rolling pin, you lift the pin and bring it down with a sense of grim purpose. Hefting the pin, you hit it a second time. And then a third. On the sixth whack you begin to doubt your skill at blacksmithing, and on the seventh you finally realize that it was all going nowhere. Throwing aside the malformed spoon, you sit by and watch your egg wither and burn within its protein-rich inferno. Rewards: +2 Stress +1 Forging -1 Confidence
  11. I've a question that has been drifting in and out of my mind as of late. I do hope this is the right thread to ask it.. What does a dragon actually look like? My mind automatically cast forth the image of the stereotypical western dragon. Four legs, thick scales, long tail with possible barbs, biiiig wings and a general air of being awesome and.. Dragony. Big fangs and jaws are a natural assumption of mine as well. But is this right? Are there variations among dragons just as in humans? Maybe some look like wyverns or worms while others are a bit more eastern or aztec-y? Can they all fly, either by magical means or through physical ability? That's the basic thrust of my question. I could go on and on about 'em, but those are my main interests. I don't know why, but I'd sort of assumed that the World contained various "breeds" or types of dragons. So, there you go.
  12. I couldn't resist, even if it has been a whee while since the last post.. I've been steadily working on three characters so far, though my favorite has to be Gregory Nein. He is the incarnation of a character I created some five years ago on my favorite MUD (Multi User Dungeon.) I guess you could call him a Bard, since he does have a fair skill in most instruments and poetry, but his actual specialization was knowledge of the obscure and forbidden flavor. There was quite a bit to his story-line, but I lost my internet and was never able to finish him. He actually was called Lerl (Lerl Lynne, if you count his adoptive surname) and was an elf. But I thought, "Academagia could be like a new start for the fellow. A 'what if?' that could try to change the course that he followed in his life." And so I conceived the idea of Gregory Nein. So, I made this fellow up. A black sheep of the family, born lucky but always struggling to do anything right. Naturally, I picked music as an elective and have (in honor of Lerl's past as an illusionist) taken glamour as well. I can't remember the name of my chosen college for the life of me right now, so I can't remember if it was a core subject.. I'm really enjoying the character right now, though. So far he's been having a good life, studying up in the library and trying desperately to tidy up that horrible Longshade mess. He's gathered a few friends into his clique, but he's hardly the real center of attention yet. He's hardly the ethical type, though, and as events play out I wonder how he'll react to the possibly of learning the more shady skills in life (and, of course, illegal types of magic." He probably comes across as a bit shallow right now, but to me he's like a whole world. The great thing is that I can see every little difference in his life and the character who basically sired him, watch him as he approaches a situation so differently than Lerl might have, or even have to deal with things that his ancestor might have never seen. Heh. I suppose this was mostly a rave session about how awesome I think it is to be able to roleplay a character you haven't been able to play in years, yet still recieve a completely different character in the end. Sorry if it seems a bit droll or boring, but the man has a soft spot like only one other character of my devising. This turned out a bit long than anticipated.. Still though, I'll have to do a write-up for him sometime. Maybe write a story!
  13. Alrighty, then. So I'd just have to click again to confirm it, eh? Sorry to make such a huge run-around of it all. I was never altogether good at this sort of thing. Thanks so much for your help and time, as always!
  14. Thank you for the quick reply! I have, however, run into one small hitch. The paypal screen will load and all, but I cannot click "pay now" until I review my information concerning the street address and such things. The button will then appear. This is the problem bit though: I click the button and the page immediately refreshes, looking just as it did before I clicked "pay." The only difference is that the button is no longer obscured, meaning I don't have to review my street address and all that. Do I merely need to click on "pay now" again, or perhaps I am just being impatient? So sorry to keep this thread going, especially if it doesn't really belong here. Again, thank you for the future help and such an excellent game. I can't wait to play! Mr. Riddler
  15. Hello! Firstly, I just want to say that this game is truly refreshing. It is so nice to have something nice and non-gory to play, not to mention it's a creative game to boot. But I have just one tiny problem that is stopping me from clicking the little purchase button.. I have a home computer that is perfectly able to run this. But the emphasis is on -home-, you see. I have to use a public computer to access the internet currently. So, I was just wandering if the site's own purchase button was a purchase of the digital kind? That seems a bit vague to me, so I guess I'll elaborate. I wanted to purchase direct, not via a client like Impulse, and I wasn't sure if it'd than give me something like.. An install executable or whatever, once I've paid and all. Sorry if this is a really basic and (heaven forbid) already-answered question! Either way, I look forward to a response. Really, all I want to know is that if I purchase it here then I'll be able to somehow transfer it to my home computer. Or will I have to wait until I can afford internet again? Thank you for your help! Mr. Riddler
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