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  1. It's certainly been a long time since I've been to this site

  2. Dear Mother, 24/Anthros/1657 To my great dismay, you have been stolen! I was walking through the halls when someone bumped me and pick pocketed me. Mother, you were in that pocket! If only I had kept Coca with me! I know calling a journal Mother but I feel so much better writing like that. I guess mental entries will have to do and keeping Coca with me at all times. Let's see, where to start? I found Els's wand, only to find out that she didn't need it at all. What a wasteful girl. I got attacked by a living hammer and had to stay in bed all day. Boo. I got caught in the kitchen and made a huge mess of everything. Tried to make bread and ended up with a whirlwind. I was then accused of being a thief. The man was pointing to someone else but I think the sentries just like to catch Academagia students. Classmates had a fight with magicians. Oh and I had to stay in the infirmary again. I had shrunken down to a pea size and fell off a table. Woot....
  3. Dear Mother, 2/Athos/1657 XXXXX I didn't moles could jump so high! One step into my room and Creek is chattering about something but it's hard to make the words out. When she finally slows down, I think because this maybe the third time she has retold the tale to me, she tells me she found a construction site and knows where the plans are. In a hut in on the edge of the field. We're planning to sneak in tonight! Nothing else has happen and my boredom is starting to roll around in my head. Hopefully we'll be able to pull it off without my head exploding. XXXXX I don't know what Vettor did (how did I even remember his name?!?!?!) but he somehow got a leaf hat. No branches, just stems and leaves for hair. I feel bad for ignoring him but there was nothing I could do. Hopefully he found someone to help him. Creek thinks its mighty funny how a human could look so tree like. So do I. XXXXX I can't believe it! I knew humans were selfish by nature but this! This?!? They're thinking of remodeling and taking out the entire forest and turning it into a garden! Whoever is in charge of this is pretty stupid. I mean, I just waltzed in and looked at the plans. Creek agrees and suggests she should pee on it. Right, cause that screams stop all over it. No, they'll probably find out and murder me or something. It has to be discreet..Night for now. ---- Author's Commentary:
  4. Dear Diary, 1/Athos/1657 XXXXXI attended my classes: Zoology, Incantation, Negation, Revision and Glamour. They were actually quite fun. Other then that nothing much happened at school. Except that I've decided to focus on my studies. Who needs friends?!?! I've got Creek and thats what matters! ---- Author's Commentary:
  5. I was wondering but how old are the students in the first years? I've looked around in the game but still quite not sure.
  6. Dear Diary, Juvenalia, Athonos, 1657 XXXXXI am so tired! When I first arrived at the school, I was thoroughly amazed. My house(even the new one)looked like a dwarf beside this giantess called Academagia. I'm serious! I don't think I'll ever be able to memorize the entire school. Such a vast place it is. I'm not quite sure how I ended up in my assigned room. All I remember was being handed my room number and then wandering around with Creak squeaking a few times. Then poof! I'm here! It's nice though. Cozy and warm. You know, just how I like it. Now if I can only figure out how to get rid of that sweet smell. It smells like three hundred beehives crashed in here and had a sugar throwing contest. Creek seems to like it though. The view is all right. Peaceful but not much else although anything else would surely distract me from my studies. Maybe I should move my desk...and get some curtains. XXXXXCreek is sniffing around my boxes. She...I think she's a she. The shop keeper says that I won't know Creek's gender until the mating seasons. So if she lays an egg then she's a she. If not...then I have a lot of apologizing to do. Do mole lay eggs? Hopeful, Creek will tell me if I'm wrong. I'll unpack everything in the evening. Now I want to explore. Or maybe not...the wyverns and pirates don't sound that friendly. Then again Creek could probably talk to them. I'll have to train her some kind of communication spell. XXXXXI found a letter on my bed. Skimming it, I found it to be more then five pages. I'll leave it for a bedtime read. You know what? The hell with danger! I'm going to go exploring! A safe life is a boring life! Don't worry. I'll be back to tell you my adventures of the day. XXXXXIt's evening now. My day was okay other then falling flat on my face and meeting up with my mentor, Oan. She took me to the Great Hall. What and eyeful that was. I don't think that will be the last of building surprises. She told me alot of things but I don't remember any of them. XXXXXI wish I had Creek with me when I was cleaning up the kitchen! Maybe I wouldn't get in trouble then! Well I was already in trouble (how? I'm not even sure) when there was some weird shadow messing up the kitchen. I tried to change into a rat so the cook could kill it but I must have said something wrong but it turned into a potato instead! The staff think I did it for revenge. Crud. ---- Reviewers: Can't wait to read more. - Legate of Mineta ---- Author's Commentary: SOrry this post is a bit rushed (formatting anyway) but I have to sleep...like now. Or else no more computer for me!
  7. Dear Diary, I guess I should start out by saying my name which is Fae Silven. Smarter then the average sponge and a bit stronger too. Mother tells me on the night of my birth, a passing comet gave me it's tail and that's why I'm lucky. I don't know if it's true or not but doesn't that sound romantic exotic? Cousin Andre hates it when i talk about it. I think she's just jealous and I think that's down right silly! I mean she is a wizard! I used to blackmail her from time to time to teach me but that's come to an end. Since she's getting married and all. Doesn't matter since I'll soon receive my own magical education! Magical education. Now doesn't that send a shiver up your spine? Actually, now that I think about it, maybe she just found me so unnerving to be around. When I was still a kid, she'd jokingly check my ear for some old man living in my head. Oh shoot! There goes another clean sheet! Its always so hard to write on a boat. At least we made it to land. On a carriage Stupid, weasel face, pig-brained, pumpkin moron! Three days! Three days of sitting around with complete and utter boredom rattling in our skulls. Do we even look like pirates?? Yes, I understand there was is danger but could they not use their eyes? I'm not so fired up like this my dear book but they confiscated my belongings and would not let me write! Claiming that I might conjure up some kind of death spell on them. Can pirates even do that? I'm not sure but at least I made some new friends. Boys to be specific and their parents were really nice too! I can see school outside my window! I can't wait to learn all the magic I signed up for at Morvidus! I'm so giddy I can hardly keep still. Can't wait. Can't wait. Can't wait!!! Creek thinks I'm an idiot and maybe I am. ------- Author's Commentary: I have decided to the entire game and hopefully I'll be able to stick to this one.
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