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  1. How long will it take for the Impulse version to be updated, once the patch is done?
  2. Similarly, I've had skills that show "0 out of 0 needed" after using Specific Focus to reduce the skill gain factor, or whatever it's called
  3. Hi there! I grabbed the game after reading about it on RPS and playing the 30 minute Spoon demo. Just let me say: congratulations on a wonderful, compelling game. Anyway, I've a suggestion, and hopefully it hasn't been already made (I got about 20 pages through this thread before I ran out of energy ): Would it be possible to have an updating display of spell difficulty on the spellcasting action - showing the difficulty taking into account any Phemes you may have added, and possibly colour-coded by chance of success? Another thing I had trouble finding was the colour-coding itself. Is the order of the colours explicitly described anywhere? It doesn't seem obvious to me, for example, where black comes on a continuum from green to red. Thanks!
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