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  1. Thanks Schwarzbart and Torolf for your very detailed answers.


    Just to be sure I understand: attending the classes actually does raise your training level in those class-based skills over time? I don't recall seeing any messsages to that effect and hadn't realized that was happening, so I was focused on putting almost all my own training into raising those class skills.


    About friendship: I actually HAD read the text on the mentoring mission about friendship, but it basically just said to use gossip to increase relationships, and then befriend them. And in my case, gossip wasn't working, and befriend wasn't available as an option and I had no idea how to get it. The missing bit for me was the need to put points into Social Skills. I had several points in each of the other school survival skills and thought I was all set.


    About that cave: I believe I found it just by exploring, so there was no path of other dialectic locations (and I didn't have that class). So I guess that's why it wasn't available. Between this, the unstated tuition requirement for Contu's School, and the numerous not very useful places I found, I'm wondering if there's much benefit to spending a lot of time exploring.


    for gosip to work you have select your charcter and orther. it toke me two games to realize that selcting two orther chacters only improve the relashenship with each orther, not you.


    as for skills the ones i find usefull are Incantation,Glamour,Negation,Sleuthing,Observation,Running,Flawless Timing,Danger Sense and Study Habits.( just to level up till 3 to unlock research, an ablity that uprgade your states)

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