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  1. As soon as the next payday comes around, rest assured; what money I do have at the moment is hovering dangerously close to my emergency funds This is Obsidian we're talking about- I'd say it was the ultimate evolution of society itself
  2. Project: Eternity has entered its home stretch with less than 36 hours to go! I donated $315- how about you? What will you tell your children when they ask "Where were you on October 16th?"
  3. Academagia Years 2-5 and Project: Eternity. What? If I'm gonna dream, I'm gonna dream big!
  4. You're a big stinkin' meanie, Legate Is it an Academagia 2? Please say it is. I'm pretty tapped out on funds at the moment, but if you're able to get a Kickstarter that lasts to December/January, I believe I can scrounge up a few bucks here and there
  5. The problem is that most of the English VN stuff out there just isn't very good. That said, Hanako's games are of quite high quality, if you don't mind me pointing out a potential competitor, Legate
  6. Exploit? This sounds interesting- spill?
  7. Hah, you too, eh? If I might be forward, how long after DLC 15 can we expect Year 2? Is there any way we can expedite the process?
  8. Greeeat, not I have to find someplace where my inner bits don't mess up the tapestries
  9. This is VERY nice to hear- and so was the theme music! One question, though- is this a standalone game, or will it have sequels like Academagia? No offence, but I hope it's the former- having to wait for Academagia Year 2, Project Eternity AND a second Scheherazade will probably make me burst a blood vessel or something. And by something I mean explode. Like, giblets and red wiggly bits all over the damn place.
  10. Secret Project's probably Year 2, mark my words.
  11. <Insert surprised expletives here> Ye gods, Hanako herself graced the forums! ... So when can we expect a Magical Diary/Academagia joint project?
  12. Welp, time to start a new game I can't be the only one who does this every time a patch is released, can I?
  13. Just asking about the name of Miss Eparvier's quest, and if possible, the various skills and whatnot needed for it. My quest log is choick full of stuff, and I can't determine which one's hers.
  14. How does one learn from the Mastery Paper? It isn't showing up in my 'Use Item' menu.
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