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  1. As soon as the next payday comes around, rest assured; what money I do have at the moment is hovering dangerously close to my emergency funds This is Obsidian we're talking about- I'd say it was the ultimate evolution of society itself
  2. Project: Eternity has entered its home stretch with less than 36 hours to go! I donated $315- how about you? What will you tell your children when they ask "Where were you on October 16th?"
  3. Academagia Years 2-5 and Project: Eternity. What? If I'm gonna dream, I'm gonna dream big!
  4. You're a big stinkin' meanie, Legate Is it an Academagia 2? Please say it is. I'm pretty tapped out on funds at the moment, but if you're able to get a Kickstarter that lasts to December/January, I believe I can scrounge up a few bucks here and there
  5. The problem is that most of the English VN stuff out there just isn't very good. That said, Hanako's games are of quite high quality, if you don't mind me pointing out a potential competitor, Legate
  6. Exploit? This sounds interesting- spill?
  7. Hah, you too, eh? If I might be forward, how long after DLC 15 can we expect Year 2? Is there any way we can expedite the process?
  8. Greeeat, not I have to find someplace where my inner bits don't mess up the tapestries
  9. This is VERY nice to hear- and so was the theme music! One question, though- is this a standalone game, or will it have sequels like Academagia? No offence, but I hope it's the former- having to wait for Academagia Year 2, Project Eternity AND a second Scheherazade will probably make me burst a blood vessel or something. And by something I mean explode. Like, giblets and red wiggly bits all over the damn place.
  10. Secret Project's probably Year 2, mark my words.
  11. <Insert surprised expletives here> Ye gods, Hanako herself graced the forums! ... So when can we expect a Magical Diary/Academagia joint project?
  12. Welp, time to start a new game I can't be the only one who does this every time a patch is released, can I?
  13. Just asking about the name of Miss Eparvier's quest, and if possible, the various skills and whatnot needed for it. My quest log is choick full of stuff, and I can't determine which one's hers.
  14. How does one learn from the Mastery Paper? It isn't showing up in my 'Use Item' menu.
  15. Hold up- is this random? I know, old, old question, but it has just occurred to me.
  16. Man, the fact that Year 2's in 2012 only depresses me, especially since we have 5(?) years in total But the really bad thing is that I can't make any Duke Nukem Forever jokes while I'm at it, and Half-Life: Episode 3 just doesn't cut it. EDIT: Not knocking you and yours, Legate, just bemoaning my own lack of patience.
  17. As I recall, nope- then again, I'm in the crowd who played DA2 once, and gave up on the franchise. That said, might I ask what the difficulty is in making same-sex relationships? If there's anything to be taken from DA2, then why not the 'every love interest is bi' option? Especially since I doubt Academagia will have voiced characters; as I see it, shouldn't it be a simple matter of changing gender pronouns? We don't have to go into the complications our world suffers; just have the world be relatively liberal, and we're done. Then again, I'm not a dev, so I might be talking out my arse, I dunno
  18. But what about us uncouth yobs who lack any sort of patience?
  19. www.comeonguysyouknowthisisntarealurl.com Movie review: Garrison Stuart and the Master Magician Runtime: 162 mins Review by: Morgan Sessler Every once in a while, a work of literature comes along that revolutionizes its genre, breathes new life into the spirit of reading, and enriches all those who come across it. The 'Garrison Stuart' series by Schwarz Koch is one of them, and is fun to read too- and I'm not just saying that because I'm a fan. Okay, maybe I am. Just like countless millions across the globe. Just like countless millions who'd be severely disappointed if their hero's transition to the big screen isn't done with the dignity and polish it deserves. Many of us were relieved when we heard about who'd be directing the movie: Comega Smithee, director of award-winning films like 'Battlefield Earth', 'Transmorphers', 'The Postman' and 'Sharktopus'- and dismayed when we heard he'd be writing it as well (who could forget his adaptation of 'Sinbad and the Seven Seas'? None of us, no matter how much we want to). Does he do Garrison Stuart's saga any good? Well... First off, for the three of you who don't know, the Garrison Stuart series focuses on the eponymous character, a young wizard enrolled at the Academagia, a floating island where those with magical talent are taught to use their powers responsibly. He's just your normal, everyday kid- but he's got an extremely prestigious family name to live up to, a line filled with the names of the greatest kings and wizards of the land. As you can tell, all this has left him a somewhat nervous wreck. Young actor Tom Felton, known for meaty roles such as Hamlet and Romeo, really shows off his acting chops by playing Garrison, carrying off both Garrison's highs and lows with equal skill. The movie itself covers the first book, and mostly concerns Garrison's dealings with the rogue wizard Ilaro and the mysterious Watcher. In between all these heroic feats of dering-do, Garrison has to deal with all the little things that makes school life special- all the bullies, studying, crushes and zealous teachers we remember from our own lives. In this respect, the movie is surprisingly faithful; though some parts are cut or merged for time, Comega has taken pains to include just about every little detail he can. Fluke? Or has he learned his lesson from Sinbad? Regardless, the movie's cinematography, combined with cutting edge CGI, make the movie a visual treat. The magical fight scenes are especially worth pointing out as works of digitized art. It's not all eye candy, though. The movie's flow is quite smooth, despite some rough spots (see below), with no scene wasted, and a good pace kept up. The movie also milks its PG-13 rating for all its worth, so parents be warned! This is definitely not a movie you'd want to bring very young children to, as the fights and concepts may be too much for those who are too young. Another one of the movie's strong points is its casting: newcomer Scarlett Byrne might have been subjected to scathing remarks by disappointed fangirls when the movie's casting was announced, but I think she'll have a lot more fans after seeing her cheerful performance as Silke Niederstatter. Genevieve Gaunt and Lauren Shotton also turn in strong performances as the resident eggheads Cordelia Troublepot and Vuillaume Eparvier respectively. That said, I can safely say that the film's strongest performances come from Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, who play the boisterous Prudence Cossins and competitive Vincent Eins respectively; Emma's sense of comic timing and Radcliffe's talent for playing the straight man help make their scenes among the funniest in the movie. If anything, watch the movie just for those two. That said, the movie isn't perfect. I recall an interview where Comega said that he was 'a fan of the books' to keep the fans from worrying. Good news is, he is a fan. Bad news? He's a fanboy. While I had no trouble following the movie, some parts went by too fast for someone unfamiliar with the books to follow. Furthermore, some parts of this movie seem to be taken straight from general fandom desires- the relationship between Silke and Garrison is nothing more than a deep friendship (at least in the first book), but Comega seems to imply a straight-up romance. Even more disturbing is how he seems imply that same relationship between Cordelia and Vuillaume. I can't be the only person who finds that disturbing, right? That said, the movie never outright states or shows the relationships going any deeper, and I suspect that Comega's just trying to cash in with the books' predominantly teenage readership. All in all though, 'Garrison Stuart and the Master Magician' is a great movie, though not perfect. Even so, fans of the book will undoubtedly enjoy it, and it's easy enough to follow that non-readers would be able to fill in the holes themselves (or maybe just buy the book). I give this movie a 5... out of 5.
  20. As I recall, all new DLC contains the old stuff as well (so DLC 6 will have all the updates and whatnot from DLCs 1-5).
  21. On the off-chance that you do release DLC 6 sans Patch 28, will installing said patch after we begin DLC 6 bug the game out?
  22. Bah, Morvidus forever! My faith is strong, my resolve unshakeable! I view them as less TEH EBOL SORSEROZ and more along the lines of semi-civilized barbarian shamans. Aranaz, Durand etc. have their own share of unpleasant students; it's just that Morvidus's yob/ette(s) are more physical in nature than the rest. If Academagia ever had physical combat classes, I'd bet you a bucket of Pims the Morvidans would be the most populous as well as the most adept students involved.
  23. Man, who knew the art nerds were so hardcore ? On a similar note, are there any stereotypes associated with students from each College? Do they choose their College, or do those in charge look at a student's rap sheet and decide? Because I've noticed that Morvidus has two quite 'physical' bullies, Durand's delinquents are somewhat uncontrollable (wild child, prankster) and Vernin tends to be where the snobs hang out.
  24. Thanks man. Honestly, I'm just confused- Silke and Prudence were both at 10 Relationship before I did their quests, but post-Adventure they were, as above, at 11 and 12. As you can probably tell, the completionist nerd in me is going all ARGLEBARGLE at this.
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