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  1. Okay, I've just had it happen to Silke Niederstatter; she's at 12 relationship now. Is it random? Does it apply only to certain students? The mystery thickens! More investigation is needed! (And by that I mean: Legate, can you please enlighten us about these matters? If necessary, please post in the Spoilers forums. I beg you, legate, you're our only hope ) More than acceptable.
  2. Aye, I did that; finished Prudence Cossin's questline, now our Relationship's at 11. Befriending doesn't seem to work though; should I try stronger stuff? EDIT: Just saw your post. You know, it's comments like this that make me hope Year 2's free/discounted for us Year 1 buyers
  3. Sodding whoa! How do you do that? Befriending doesn't seem to work.
  4. Sorry to resurrect an old topic, but are there any Actions and whatnot to improve inter-Clique relations en masse? I haven't had any fights yet, but I'm scared
  5. Just a few quick, short questions: What happens when you raise a Relationship to 11? Can you do this with more than one person? And will this affect things in Year 2?
  6. What, really? Because all I was thinking of doing was along the lines of helping them when they needed it, etc (say a Cliquemember's into Sports, but needs to take Dialectic- I could help him/her with Dialectic to fulfill said goals).
  7. Hah, the sad thing is I can't tell how serious you're being If push comes to shove, I'll just use the cheat mod and experience every sodding thing there is to do in the first year anyway. Anxiously waiting!
  8. Hah, that's nothing- I've got 12 people in my clique, not including me- some of whom just turned up! Had I known this would happen, I'd have called my Clique The Apostles or something. That said, all this talk about cliquemembers having their own interests is, well, interesting, and I hope to hear more.
  9. I can imagine quite a few students having problems with such a thing, aye. The basis for future adventures, maybe? Tell The Man to stop bringing you down or to take the hemlines up? Edit: Okay, checking the wiki, I think the uniforms are as such: Godina: Formal Oxford-styled duds; robe over a collared shirt, maybe 'civilian' clothes underneath. Durand: Looks priestly; not cassocks, mind you, but more like very simplified Papal robes. Aranaz: Cassocks, cassocks everywhere. Hedi: Can't really tell; simple robe over sweater? Avila: Very elaborate robes, though I can't say the style appeals to me. Morvidus: As expected, a simple-looking robe; heck, it might not even be a robe at all, just a green shirt and perhaps sturdy leather pants and boots, all suited for outdoorsy stuff. Vernin: Similar to Godina. Might just be a different colour.
  10. Speaking of which, any news on Year 2 coming out? I've almost finished Year 1 (I think I'm on the penultimate month), and I'm bummed that the game's ending so soon . Forgive me if you've answered this question before; muggins here is new, so it's entirely possible that I've missed something.
  11. Halloa, you lot. CommissarMega here, from sunny, Equatorial Malaysia. Just popped in to introduce myself, and to thank (and marvel, and wonder at) the devs for making the game. I didn't think I'd be so addicted, especially since some of my favourite games included the Call of Duty and Dawn of War series- not to mention that I got bored of Harry Potter by the fifth book, and haven't read Earthsea yet. I will admit, I was kinda leery of a game that didn't have MAH TREEDEE MOVAN PICTARS, but I guess fun's fun, wherever you find it. Now to get Phillipe Marchant and his Hispanic Hussy to stop picking on me...
  12. Heh, um, same here . And on 4chan of all places (the /tg/ or Traditional Games Board, though that's like saying I have tubercolosis instead of the Black Plague). Gave it a whirl, got hopelessly addicted, and bought the game soon after. Strange thing is, I don't even like Harry Potter.
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