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  1. Can you be more specific? Which backgrounds aren't working, and how are they not working? Cheats not showing up or points not being given correctly at creation? Did you load the mod as noted in the install notes? With the DLC above my cheats in the list? I've just run another test on my game and it looks like everything works for me.


    Err, maybe you mean the little surprise backgrounds not listed in the notes?


    Not showing up period, whether I load it as instructed or I load it alone with no DLC. I've checked C&F - Very Easy 1.02, nothing.

  2. Fishbat;


    Very strange- I can't see anything that might be going wrong. Could you pm a link to your save game via RapidShare? I'd like to look at it more closely.



    Like I said, it was just a quick game. I never actually saved it because I didn't intend to finish it since I was compiling a mod. It's not playing nice with my mod either, if I place the DLC below the mod the new backgrounds I added with the mod don't appear and I'm afraid it'll overwrite some of the dlc updates if I give the mod priority.


    I'll try to replicate the error, though. Sorry for the trouble.

  3. Fishbat;


    I do not see anything incorrect in the Effects, but in (much) earlier patches there were some issues with Reference Tables, of which this is one. Is this a new game, or an old one?


    Also, can you confirm your current patched level by pressing F12 and looking in the bottom right hand corner? If you are fully patched, you should see:


    Finally, you mentioned that you are not making a bit of money- are you not seeing your earnings in the Feedback?



    Fully patched. It was a new game I did quickly because I was waiting for a mod to compile with only DLC 6 enabled, don't have a save for that reason as well. Tables in general are working, I was making money off of the advocate for the Criminal Law court, but for the civil court I didn't get any. None in the feedback and no increases when I checked the amount in my inventory.

  4. New issue. I made a mod with two new backgrounds. They appear when load the mod alone, but when I load the mod above DLC 6 they don't appear. If I load the mod below DLC 6 it'd overwrite all the changes and bugfixes between the publishing of the mod base and DLC 6, correct?

  5. Schwarzbart;


    Got it, thanks!


    I have five charm and 10 civil law, the "earn pims" portion of Advocate at Stephen Pastis' Court just turned green for for me and I'm not making a bit of money. The check is only charm/civil law vs 10...

  6. Have you thought about turning the cheat abilities into usable items? That way you can ditch them when you're done and they don't clog up your actions menu. Personally all I want is the study ability. I hate hate HATE losing 60 actions to studying...

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