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  1. Natsume

    Mod Tools

    Unfortunate that my computer isn't that powerful. I can play Academagia but publishing the mod at the same time would slow and freeze my computer.
  2. Natsume

    Mod Tools

    That's a shame. I was hoping that we would get something that would allow us to publish faster or even publish at all. The old ones ( the ones we get ) doesn't seem to make any progress publishing the mod, or it's taking a huge chunk of time to go even 1%.
  3. Natsume

    Mod Tools

    Been a while since I've been back here. Seeing that publishing takes some time, would it be best to use all the original files for the very first version of the game as a base to create and publish a mod? Or would it be best to wait for the mod tool release?
  4. I understand now. Thank you very much.
  5. So after every DLC patch, we have to start a new game to use its contents. If we wish to play an older DLC, do we have to reinstall the game? Also, do some of old DLC content transfer to the new one? Sorry to bother you if this question has already been answered.
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