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  1. That's reasonable enough. Not quite predictable, but not totally random. I accept your offer!
  2. I don't think I ever asked this. Do the "old" inspirations ever come off the list? So if I've got say 50 Problem Solving, do I still have a chance of pulling the old 0-level inspiration? If they don't come off, I assume they're weighted in favor of the newer ones? I know it's a bit spoilery, but any hints in this direction would be appreciated!
  3. As Miyakitt surmised above, it is based on your highest relationship score. So if Evelyn is at 35, Anna at 29, and Sterling at 4, you take Evelyn's 35 (which makes your bonus +3)
  4. Still version Doing Felix's adventure in Australia. (Felix-The Main Adventure) Failed the final obstacle (deduction/cryptography) and got an error pop-up with all the following stuff: I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred. While running game code: File "game/fa.rpy", line 3467, in script File "game/fa.rpy", line 3467, in python NameError: name 'storyStep' is not defined -- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------ Full traceback: File "C:\Scheherazade\renpy\execution.py", line 265, in run File "C:\Scheherazade\renpy\ast.py", line 632, in execute File "C:\Scheherazade\renpy\python.py", line 972, in py_exec_bytecode File "game/fa.rpy", line 3467, in <module> NameError: name 'storyStep' is not defined Windows-7-6.1.7601-SP1 Ren'Py Also, when I went back to continue the adventure, it put me back to the previous obstacle that I'd already completed (Problem Solving/Strength). Not sure if it was related to the error, but it didn't make sense story wise (the box, once open, should stay open!) Edit: A bit more testing, to clarify, the error and "bounce-back" only occur if you agree with Felix to come back later when you fail the obstacle. If you look around the house, the alternate path seems to work fine. Also, a minor typo in the ending steps of The Platypus Adventure. After all the obstacles, when Kate has given up on the island, one of the conversation options Sadie has is "I...just not looking in the right place?" -- I think there should be an "Am" at the beginning of that.
  5. Version Ran through the Blood and Art Adventure in Australia today. 2 typos and an obstacle question. Typo - Between obstacles 2 and 3, “Good of you to share a few minutes of your time a humble professor” -- said by Professor Pavier. Think there should be a WITH in there after time. Typo - Between obstacles 4 and 5, “As she explores the park, she comes upon a trash bin with an usual sign posted behind it.” -- Maybe this is an UNusual sign? Obstacle 5 - seems to have absolutely no upside to passing it, other than avoiding the +1 Stress for failing. You get the stat boost even if you fail, and unlike some other obstacles that have no other visible reward, this one doesn't even sneak you an inspiration. And as an aside, this adventure in general is one of the first optional ones I've seen that doesn't give a nice inspiration reward for beating it. Hmm, unless you have to pass every single obstacle for the inspiration. I don't think I did that. Needs more testing on my end.
  6. New idea: It would be nice if on the skills screen, clicking on a relationship/dream score would show you where you can get inspirations related to that stat, like you can with stats and skills. Top of the bio, bottom of the bio... I'm not picky!
  7. Thanks. I can see it now. It's clearly supposed to be a shadow-effect, but yes, it gives the wrong impression once you see it that way. Worse - Evelyn's purple getup has the same thing. So now you'll always see her in it too.
  8. Aw. I thought I was gonna learn something! Ah well. I give myself points for getting the reference then.
  9. So. This threw me. In the Evelyn Adventure (when you're in New York, back from Egypt), she talks about the Asdorf hotel which just opened. Is there really such a hotel in New York? There's the Waldorf=Astoria, was it ever called that? I can't find any reference to it, and it wasn't completed until 1931 anyway (the adventure happens as early as August 1930). Just a curiosity sorta thing.
  10. Junaid: You can click the purple Stress cup in the skills menu to see, but the stress skills are: Awareness, Fisticuffs, Dodge, Moxie and Escape Artistry. Many of which come in real handy for Sadie. Escape Artistry especially in my experience. She just has this habit of getting into those places... Everyone else: Thanks for the ideas. I'll probably try floating some stress later on, but in the early game, adding 10+ to an obstacle with a base difficulty of 8-12... well it makes it tough. Assuming the difficulty scales quite a bit later, adding 10 to a 20 or 30 might seem a lot more reasonable.
  11. Anyone have any tips on the best way to go about this? It seems so counter productive. The only way to raise stress is to fail obstacles usually, which costs me permanent stat bonuses. And while I could let stress build up from certain automatic events, it seems I usually want to stab it back down as fast as possible to keep adventuring. So my stress-skill-training is always 1 point at a time which is uh... bad?
  12. 2 little things: 1) When you're on a location sub-screen, with your 3-5 choice of actions for that location, put somewhere on the screen the NAME of that location. It's annoying to go through the skills menu everytime I want to raise a skill because I don't know where I did the thing I just did. 2) Up with the date on top, put a day of the week! Just a minor flavor things that adds so much. (I did notice the game calendar is accurate to the 1930 calendar. Not that I expected to catch you guys out, but I had to try!)
  13. Another typo, still on version (don't want to risk my game) At a point in the final section of Egypt: The Main Adventure, Rashad says "I have taught to face worse things" -- unless he's been doing the teaching, maybe he's been taught.
  14. Grunthex


    As a counterpoint to this, keep in mind that succeeding in obstacles will almost always raise primary stats and/or relationship scores, and that raising them makes you more easily able to train your skills to succeed in the future... Also, if there are 2 or more skills to beat an obstacle, the developers are sneaky, and sometimes one way might give you better (or at least different) bonuses than another. It's not common, but it happens! And finally, you can outright skip some obstacles by picking the right conversation choices beforehand. I've had characters beat obstacles for me (and you often get a relationship+ that way too!)
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