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  1. Am I the only one who didn't see the release date in either the trailer or the announcement? I finally dug it out on page 2, but it's the sorta thing you should edit in for people to see right away! Of course, if I missed it, feel free to remind me I'm getting old and senile. As for the game itself, I might not have tried it from an unknown developer, but given how much I enjoyed Academagia, I see no reason not to drop a few bucks here to see if you guys have done it again!
  2. Oh Mikka, I didn't mean that her letters wouldn't be realistic, quite the opposite. They read so much like emails from kids that age, (including the ums and ohs!) that they just feel real. And I don't think her dad would be scolding her about little thing like exploding stuff, or trolls, or pirates or anything, he probably went to the same school, right? It's the boys, and the detentions!
  3. These are amazing. I'm clearly getting old however, as I can feel myself as Kay's father reading these letters, and seriously tempted to scold her. Keep up the good work!
  4. I actually took it the way you meant it, and should have thrown something in my reply to recognize that. It was my attempt to hopefully get another few contributors, everyone helps. You can still be in my clique.
  5. Hey, keep in mind those wiki people are everyone who uses it. I've put in about 20 hours on it the last week, but there's literally thousands of hours of work needed to make it complete. Everyone has to do their part, that's what a wiki is about!
  6. Very Minor - when the Familiar adventure starts up (at the very beginning), there is an Investigation "What should you do?". This actually has a roll against Analyze, and should probably indicate this in the text.
  7. Oops, was that your Thunder Pheme I borrowed? Sorry! The Impulse buys get beamed direct to my phone, and I figured I'd share!
  8. If anyone has been hanging around the forums but wasn't sure they wanted to buy Academagia, this might be the best time. Impulse is offering it as one of their Weekend Impulse Buys (which by the way, is the most honest advertising I've ever seen, and they suck me in all the time). For this weekend (I think they run until sometime Monday), Academagia is $5 off the regular price, down to $19.96. Go get it!
  9. Battlemace Adventure phase 06a - The investigation creates a memory that doesn't unlock any exits or do ... anything.
  10. From a lore standpoint, that comment makes me giddy. From a mechanical one, it makes my brain go all freak-out. There's like 300 Phemes, and you're going to let me MODIFY them? *faint*
  11. Grunthex

    Patch 30 Bugs

    In the Health and Illness 9 random event, there appears to be a fair amount of confusion about professor Briardi's general. She's referred to as "She" in the event text, but "he" in the options. Ah. Editor reveals that a random professor is chosen, but the option text can't really account for the gender. Could it be limited to a random male professor? Or the options re-written gender neutral?
  12. Can you put two phemes together in different ways, and come up with a different spell? That is, say your spell goes Fire-Smoke .. is that always the same spell? The reason I ask is purely by chance I noticed today there are two different spells with the same Phemes in the same order. The Glow of Victory spell and the School Conquest spell to be specific.
  13. While I'm not convinced it's necessarily a bad thing (hey, maybe some classes you have to study on your own time to ace!), if it is determined that something is unusual, you might also want to look at Revision Spells, Incantation Spells, Dialectic-First Principles, and Calligraphy-Orthography, which all have the same issue (learning cost of 2, so you usually end up with a considerably lower than average score in that subskill). On the other hand, I believe each of those classes has at least 3 other subskills that are regularly taught in class, so this doesn't actually affect your final grade, as your overall skill should still be where it should be.
  14. I forgot to take notes, but I came across a random event today called something like "Black Snake Down". It had absolutely no opening text, just 3 options, if I recall. One ended up healing the snake, which I think opened up an adventure. It did have text once I selected an option, just nothing to start. Hopefully that's enough info to track down the missing text.
  15. One thing I'd really love to see (probably have to wait for year 2), is an easier way to use spells. There are hundreds of them there. Increase this, bump up that, lower the other! But all of them take a full time period to cast, in advance. Given that every other event/adventure has me casting spells on the fly, I'd like to see one of two things. A) A free spell-casting per day. If you do this, set some kind of limits on how many or what types of spells you can have active on you at once (Maybe every spell after the 1st requires a concentration roll, at steadily increasing penalties?) (Preferred) An interface within the event/adventure interface that lets you cast one spell per interface/adventure phase. Have it cost stress, or something, and only last for the duration of the day (or even the event/adventure) if cast this way, and not be modifiable with optional phemes. Another suggestion, for the end-of-day summary. Make it so that all the people I have info on/in my clique don't show me their whole schedule unless I expand it. Scrolling past 10 of these daily to keep an eye on the merit scores gets annoying. Or heck, make a quick All-Down button so I can see the Merit scores easier. Or make a main screen button (like the Calendar/Inventory buttons?) where I can see the merit scores (bonus points if it's a cute little graphical shot of the Fios Fragi flowers, and the College colors of the last Merit winners!)
  16. They say a picture is worth a bunch-o-words. Here's a shot from my current game. If you click the red-circled skill on the left, you get the red-circled information on the right, showing you the exam dates. Hope this helps! If you're not seeing this, I dunno!
  17. Having just gone through this chain (in the editor, and in game) in detail, I have some thoughts in general, and in specifics. General: I like the chain. There's a lot of basic information in the first 6-8 steps, and most of the rolls are reasonable (see exceptions below). While a little long, the final reward is certainly worth it. There are a few chances near the end to cut the chain off due to failure, but given the low difficulty rolls, it's not likely, and you can't ALWAYS succeed. The only thing I would like to see is a few more of the early steps being automatic to force the player to learn some things. If the first ... 6 or 7 steps were triggered to start 4 days or so after the completion of the prior step, it would ease the player in a bit easier. Specifics: Most of these criticisms come from digging through the guts of the chain in the editor, and I admit I didn't really notice them in-game, so don't think of them as horrible failures, please! I'll refer to step based on the steps in the editor. Step 3: The Brute Strength check seems a bit high for such an early-game adventure. Given the end of the chain checks only go up to 6, a 5 in the second step is a bit unreasonable. Now, the Merit is a nice reward for that step, but I'd drop it to 4. Step 4: I reported several bugs in this step, in a thread that Legate already caught. Step 12: The success rolls are a bit too easy (2). This is easier than the investigations in this step, and easier than the rolls back in step 2/3 of the chain. I suspect they're lower than usual because they follow a successful investigation, but one of the investigations is automatic, and the other is still easy. I would raise these at least 1. Step 14: This becomes the first risk of failing the entire adventure. If you fail both investigates at 5, you're done. Not unreasonable this far in perhaps, although I would consider dropping the investigate difficulties by 1, and raising the other 2 by 1. At least if you fail AFTER a successful investigation, you can come back and try again another day. Alternatively, make one of the investigates an auto-success (this is done in Step 15), which precludes the player from being locked out of the chain. 2nd alternative, make the Refuse option only end the adventure for the day, not permanently. Step 15: This is basically Step 14, done better, and where I stole my ideas from above. Step 16: There is a climb based option to discover clue 2. However it requires that you have already found clue 2. Basically it's a chance to hurt yourself for nothing! Step 17: There are 2 options (other than quitting forever). Both are identical. Same skill checks, same rewards, same punishment on failure... I dunno, change one of the skill checks to another skill? Step 19: There are 4 options in this phase, but you'll only ever see 2. Options 1 and 2 basically unlock options 3 and 4, but since they're exits not investigations, you automatically advance to the next phase. Options 3 and 4 actually appear to unlock ... something (they set memories), but they aren't referred to anywhere in the chain I can see. Continuity: There are forced-pauses between steps 14-15, and 18-19 (forcing you to re-select the adventure on another day). I'm not sure if these are to draw it out for balance reasons, but the text strongly implies they continue immediately after each other. They should either be linked, or the text implying more of a break. In total, this adventure uses up 12 time periods (assuming you succeed at your rolls, and don't have to re-try anything), and the rewards seem good for that. If it were possible to make the first few tutorial steps automatic as I suggested, you might want to re-write some later phases to insist on a few more breaks, or the rewards might be a bit too good.
  18. One more question that came up looking at the calendars for the classes. Many classes teach skills unrelated to certain classes. Example: Negation should teach a class in Diction around Athonos 5. Now, I've played a number of Negation-classing characters past there, including 2 brand-new test characters just now, and they don't seem to gain a Diction skill in the first 2 weeks, attending all their classes. Does a non-class skill only get taught if you already know it? (Seems odd!) Edit: And while I'm on the subject, does a class advance you a skill level, or a skill step? Edit2: Another character who started with Playfulness definitely got it advanced in his Glamour class, so clearly it only advances skills you already know. Now I guess Legate has to figure out if that's intentional or not.
  19. So here I am, poking through the editor, and I found what seemed to be a few errors in the scripting for Tutorial Adventure 04. This is the step you meet with Oan to learn about and improve your familiar. There are 3 main options for this step. The option to make your familiar sneaky works fine - if you succeed, your familiar gets 1 point of move silently, and your character learns about the skill, but gets no skill ups. The option to make your familiar intimidating does not work. If you succeed, it increases the character's MAXIMUM Intimidation skill by 1, rather than the familiar's actual skill. As a bonus negative, if you don't know the intimidation skill, it doesn't even unlock it. The option to make your familiar Athletic is also incorrect. If you succeed, it increases your familiar's MAXIMUM rather than current Competition skill. If your familiar does not have the Competition skill yet, it appears to do nothing (it may actually track an increased maximum behind the scenes, I can't verify that). I tested all options in game (patch 28), in case the mod base was out of date, and they all do as described above.
  20. Thank you both! I had caught on to clicking "change" to see what was happening on specific effects, but never noticed that little pencil to drill down even deeper. The more I play, and the more I look deeper, it's obvious just how much went into this game.
  21. First off, let me just say thanks - this game rocks my socks. I have a couple questions about how the game/mod tools work. 1. Under the Classes, there is a breakout of what the characters learn each day, with a variance of when it actually occurs, which all seem to be set to 3 days. How does the 3 day variance interact with weekends/holidays? For example, let's take an event dated nominally "Athonos 5". This is Friday of week 1. With a 3 day variance, it can clearly happen as early as Athonos 2. Does it go 3 days the other way or 3 school days? In this case this would be the difference between Athonos 8 (Monday, 3 days) and Athonos 10 (Wednesday, 3 calendar days). This assumes the engine can't try to schedule it for Athonos 7, and never teach it. 1b. Second example, take a class scheduled for Pramidi 28. Another Friday, this time followed by a weekend AND 2 holidays. Would the 3 day variance mean it can only happen on or before the scheduled date? 2. Calendar question 2. Where is it defined when the game begins/ends? For example there's a full calendar there, and we start 66% of the way down, in Athonos, and we can't even get to the middle 2 months. I didn't see it defined in anywhere that LOOKED "overallish". 3. Story question 1. I've figured out that "Increase" as a benefit is a temporary boost, while "Expand" is a permanent increase. I've also seen in at least one place so far "Gain" (as in "gain composure (0)". What does this do? A) How long does a temporary benefit last? What is the difference between say "Expand Conversation (0)" and "Expand Conversation 1 (0)"? I thought the number in brackets was the magnitude, but the 1 seems to damage that theory. It could be reference to an internal actor (0 means the player?) C) I've also seen (different story/event) "Expand (-1) Court Fashion (0). Now compared to above, this has the "second" number BEFORE the skill name instead of after, and in brackets instead of out. Why the differences? 4. Looking specifically at the event Complication Botany 1. 3 of the exits (1,2,4) have "expand flowers (0)" as benefits for success. The other exit (3) has "expand skill (0)". A) How does it know what skill to expand? Is it then safe to assume that capitalization doesn't matter? In other events/adventures I've looked at, they would be capitalized as in question 3 "Expand Conversation (0)". I've even seen this inside the same Story/Exit (one capitalized, one not, in the same tab) 4b. The Investigation for that particular event has the benefit of "increase CoS (0)". Is this a 0% boost? Are you just making fun of us here? 4c. The actual exits all seem to draw on the information you learn in the investigation (4 senses), but don't have the investigation as a prerequisite. Does this mean that investigation really does absolutely nothing? 5. Last question for today! Spells. Taking the "And so invites the wyrms of ruin..." spell as an example because it's first. The spell is tagged under Spell Type as a Glamour spell. The success roll for the spell is designated as Insight/Famous Speeches. Would spells/locations/skills increasing your Glamour skill affect the roll? And if so, would it be the parent Glamour skill, or Glamour spells, or something else? That's it for today!
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