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  1. On 10/6/2018 at 8:52 PM, Rhialto said:

    Any feed back would be much appreciated.

    Uliva’s Upset 01:

    [If PC completed Eliana Carosi’s Y1 adventure and has Affection or Love with Uliva Valaresso] “Uliva, helping Eliana was much easier and more socially rewarding than helping you.”

    This sounds more like something the PC say after they mentioned helping Eliana before, given that Uliva was mostly sobbing and asking for support ?

  2. Fallen London is more of an ongoing CYOA with plenty of padding than a game, so once you run out of free content it runs purely on the strength of its universe (paid stories, Sunless Sea/Skies, etc) and the (hopefully) charming community.

    I am fairly certain player interactions work even if you reply to them several years later, but they aren't that interesting by themselves until recently, and even then it still leans on both parties putting the effort in to RP.


    The Scroll of Taiwu! Of course Nyaa is already doing a LP of it ?

    It's probably the most depraved game I have seen so far, though, both on NPC and player behaviors. It is a Wuxia game on the surface, with elegant Chinese prose and full of wholesome inane life skills (no Greengrocery and Drive Carriage, but close enough), but NPC tends to enjoy autonomous crime, adultery, incest, graverobbing, while the player quickly degenerates into being a bodysurfing horror that eyeball anything as their next prospective suits of flesh.

    There's already horror stories where a player poisoned a friend, tracked down the friend's reincarnation, adopted the friend, gave the friend plenty of support and sent them to be a Shaolin monk, only to poison the friend once again when they became a famous monk, tracked down the reincarnated kid once again for the grand finale of hijacking a body with some measly Kung Fu that get stronger based on the karma of previous life.

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  3. Some sort of Geometry exercise about measuring liquid metal? A Dialectic exercise where you play the role of safety inspector? Quite a reach, but if you can't invent insane homework related reasons in a magical school, you have nowhere else to do so. ;)


  4. Looking back at your stalking question from this angle then it would be difficult to do anything against it! Because what is stalking?


    1) Stalking is following a target around but isn't that just observing a competitor a perfect fine practice that should be encouraged?


    2) The more extrem cases isn't that just bullying that is also perfect fine in the inter-collegial competition? Especial if you look at what Vettor do with his water magic! Isn't this water magic already sexual harassment combined with damaging or even destruction of countless library books, homework and study material?


    It probably does get significantly less pleasant as the students affected grow up and become more self-conscious. It is probably easier to wriggle out of bullying accusations if you are targeting big groups of people at once with pranks.


    But then again, right now Academagia isn't in a modern society where bullying is universally decried - plus the rich and powerful can easily throw their weights around without being scrutinized like today.

  5. I tend to agree. Sadly it's not like you can just find coal anywhere these days. The era when it was a common fuel was almost a century ago. But you know society's hit a new low when you have fake coal for sale.


    Could be used for props, I suppose, and these fake coals are most definitely not infused by the tears of children in their creation :P


    Happy Christmas to everyone..... and Happy New Year SoonTM too!

  6. Hey, I love politics as much as the next person, and it's not like I don't have my own opinions, but could we maybe keep a political argument out of our nice, chill thread for asking nerdy questions about an imaginary wizard school?


    Yes! I am really sorry to have brought this up (which ended up as an argument) - I just see so many people being very emotional about it, so I just wanted to murmur some vague consoling words or something. Let's leave it at this - stay well, guys.

  7. Lol still no one found a way to unlock the Glamour Classroom beside Explore or start with the Glamour class?


    Well at least that is one more bragging point. "The game is so fiendishly complex, even after several years no one managed to figure out how to reach a main subject's classroom without being a student of said subject." :)


    4) It's possible, but not as likely as you might think. Children at that level of society are usually kept at something of a distance from their peers until of schooling age, lest any unsupervised contact jeopardize the families' political doings/marriage alliances/public works/etc. The usual custom, assuming the kids don't end up in the Academy, is to hold an enormous party when a boy or girl turns thirteen and is able to join the polite society of his or her age group; that's when widespread introductions are made.

    Obviously, though, if you're Catherine or Flore's cousin, or if your parents are closely aligned with their parents' politics, all bets are off.


    A easier way would be to call it a Debutante Ball, which is very much a thing in real life for high society.

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