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  1. I think you should drop him a heartfelt handwritten Formal Invitation when the game is out.
  2. I expect a comprehensive essay on the competitiveness of Greengrocery versus Gates by tomorrow, it is your civic responsibility
  3. Given the love for the abstract, and the potential focus on creating life, gender studies could take a very peculiar direction
  4. That sort of dedication and study habits ought to go to something more worthwhile, no matter how interesting the lore is
  5. Gender Studies better not be a subskill of Gates.
  6. Depending on the location you lives, computers might not be advancing so fast.
  7. CremePudding

    KS Update 24

    I have to say the smooth white design look gives off a rather futuristic vibe.
  8. They live to entertain, so I'd say good news
  9. Now that you ask, I am not sure if I want Year 1 Greenlighted first, or Year 2 come out first.
  10. Well, I am hesitating to upgrade to Window 10 now due to compatibility issues (I have some old oddities I'd like to keep around), but it is easy enough to keep metro away and shut. I don't think Year 2/3/4/5's gonna get onto Linux though unless Academagia grew into industry juggernaut somehow
  11. Classic Shell helps a lot with making Window looks like the older layouts.
  12. Or you could be the rival! The love interest! The mentor! That one dear friend the hero failed to save and is very dead! Okay, maybe not that one.
  13. Professor Threespades Twodog Corn
  14. Sounds like someone just had a backfire from Induce Coma
  15. It probably hurts Vitality, too, or even a permanent Fitness drop if it goes on for too long. Kids need their sleep, and even people in their prime can't go on without sleep indefinitely. Also, don't you mean staying asleep?
  16. I don't have much feeling about the game, but it'd be nice if websites just condense articles about the game more instead of having one trivial article about the game between every three to four normal articles.
  17. http://community.failbettergames.com/topic22331-star-citizen.aspx I know it's been "mentioned", but this is more relevant with Annabelle "Poo" Huxley around. I highly suggest you read this, regardless of what you may think of the game. This is getting bewildering.
  18. Sounds like a good adventure hook, really! Or getting into a loop of detention between both schools
  19. It depends. For action heavy games, video works, but there are issues that reviews can bring to the forefront. Like balance issues, for example.
  20. Um, not that kind of preview. A "preview" function in the interface, not previewing the game. Like, when you open the game and pick an adventure, you get a sneak peek at the actual content of the adventure - so players can pick storylines they want to go for. It might help showing the players the prerequisite for the adventure they unlocked as well, so they have an inkling of what it is gonna be - i.e. pick an adventure, and it shows you that you can play it because you are friends with Zoe Melis, that sort of thing.
  21. Legate, will there be preview for adventures in Year 2 or hopefully this year? Picking through adventures blindly can make for nice surprises, but on the other hand getting a peek at the very first stage would help people get into things they found interesting better.
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