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  1. Hm. You probably gain the 5% bonus from being hardened to violence and danger during birth. But what type of background is it? I don't think it belongs in the Station category as there is a Up From Destitution (poor) background already, and it conflicts with Rich or Well-to-Do as if you are from a rich family a one-time robbery doesn't make you poor enough to do chores.
  2. http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=3579627511&uk=3676494240 Let me know if I missed anything.
  3. Are there any notable incidents that was caused by the different names for a single spell or more, then?
  4. Okay, okay! I get that I am a morally bankrupt Mastery person , but.... I meant familiars.... You know, since you were talking about how your soul-bonded pet come to rescue you from being body-robbed. I was just thinking about what is going to happen to a familiar if their owner had their body stolen. Legaaaaaaaaaaaaaate? (Although the students in Academagia are all exceptionally talented to a degree, I think it is mentioned somewhere that it is not exactly easy for anyone in the setting to learn magic, let alone at the same speed as the characters in game) Also I propose that you should let the more attentive people on the forum to take a peek at the Y2 UI and see if they can give some feedback (namely, Schwartzbart and Draigh)
  5. Hmmm, speaking of this, what happens to the familiar if their master get soul-swapped or some-such? (At this rate every cave in Elumia is going to be populated with Mastery masters)
  6. ^ Well, pop stars are indeed more famous than real life James Bond or something like that. Legate, how much headache did the whole planning for "I saved the world 300 times" and "I slept all day, also I dated Philippe" and "I improved the food quality 7 times and did some charity work" gave the team? It sounds like there's going to be a lot of different power levels / scales to cater to just by Year 3, let alone Year 5. I am guessing sooner or later the student who focus on menial things are going to be dragged into something major (possibly storylines the glory hogs are doing) by their friends. Greengrocery loner who stayed in their room all day long to avoid everything? Sorry, that cucumber you have belongs to Sixt and he is going to disguise it as a snake to give Briardi a potent magical heart attack and you are ~dragged into the storm~ anyway. If there's a Tetris sim, I request we get extra time, ability to reshape blocks, etc. if we have high Logistics and Revision and Wilderness Survival and Sewing and Transport and Greengrocery. Especially Filing. (Although I am going to fail miserably because I suck at puzzles anyway)
  7. I always thought it was vaguely dumb that you can arrange a duel that start in the summer where both of you could never attend. "Hey let's scheldule fight ourselves to first blood in the middle of the summer where we are continents apart and have better things to do and we will tell ourselves we win by absent enemy!" "Sounds good to me" I am surprised that our lady legate had to be removed via poison though, surely a legate at her age could be disposed by more peaceful means. Or is it due to the period being really chaotic?
  8. Nah, just messing around. Haven't you heard of Weed Brownies? They have magical effects in real life, man. (Mind you, I am not interested in nor have access to real Weeds)
  9. I think I am going to pass the Cookie to Adrian or Leoshi seeing that they think Briardi's really pretty Speaking of Legates, how was the ratio of female-to-male Legates? How often does a bad/incompetent Legate spring up in the history of Academagia?
  10. Something like Negate the Cancer, Glamour the Stress away, Revise your skeleton with Extra CalciumTM, Master everyone from ever picking up a knife near you? Minotaur is definitely not mythical in the game, at least not for the magic-heavy city like Mineta. I bet if the player ended up marrying a Minotaur in year 5 and brought it to their backwater home there might be a King of Dragon Pass-style wedding What was the general opinion on Mjolnir? "He slept and hid so much that he made the bureaucracy piled up like no tomorrow, I hate him?"
  11. Maybe it ended up in hands of the elusive Ms.Schwarzbart!
  12. Creativity only go so far. You want to taste the difference? Summon it. One day I will get my hands on a Schwarzbart Weed Brownie and then get expelled. I enjoy seeing people debating whether it is good to run a potentially crippling course for 50 days consecutively while dating the Sphinx all for the sweet, sweet skill steps. Something to that effect.
  13. I do think a random button might be fun, given that this is not a CRPG where weird builds guarantee failure. For Year 2 you might want to make an optional, hand-holding tutorial in game instead of videos. And if you guys intend to make a trial version of Year 2 you might want to just make one yourself (i.e. Cut the game off after the second month) instead of Spatula (or Spork or whatever it is called)'s time-based trial.
  14. I won't actually get to see the Orc campaign, so you can gleefully laugh at me wallowing in regret for the mean time
  15. I bet it's Cho-Hara, who might dies like a chump
  16. Shush, Legate, Leoshi's trying to flatter you.
  17. It needs mutual consent. Your familiar (or you) can always say no. They just don't. So no one-way soul robbery.
  18. I always thought The Gift of Familiar is supposed to be a panic button
  19. So something like adventures and events, I guess. Every time a skill is checked, you get a step or something less? As for the "Train" options, I always thought they are kind of like dedicated, focused training, instead of just reading books.
  20. I think people said it many times but we demand a search function or easier navigation in the skill selection list (Ow)
  21. Regarding Year 2, I suggest that finishing the student adventures will grant said student some sort of bonus. Maybe even an extra line in their biography about how finishing the adventure helped them. Or fancy up their portrait frame. Nothing makes people giddy like a shiny page of portraits or "Catherine is less of a drick because you fed her poverty soup" at the end of paragraphs about how Catherine is rich and proud. Also I propose we suspend Albert for unethical research methods and studying illegal magic for the express purpose of harming others
  22. Does the Year 1 game even keep track of unspent points?
  23. Rite of the Champion It feels a bit like railroading (with so much choices leading to it) and I can see people thinking of winning their favor this way before Rallying them only to find themselves locked in this path. Maybe allow you a second chance at Rallying them as you find this suspicious / deal with the orcs first? Basically you can always jump to Rite of the Champion which locks you in the Hidden Strength path from Rally the Troops as Equals or Rally the Warholders but not the other way around which makes the railroading a little heavy-handed. I know RE8 eventually leads back to the Bad Death, but it still make it less meta-gamey. Rally the Warholders It feels really weird for the Warholders to pick RW5 and proceed to the Bad Death via RW6. I suggest that picking RW5 let you jump straight to RW8 as they feel more for you.
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