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  1. Scenes from a Dialetic Class, 10. Maybe Test-Taking should come in play as an Investigation to make the essay easier? I mean it is not the hardest roll ever but Test-Taking is kind of built for this. Student Adventure Eliana 6 Wilderness Survival could be an option here as it includes preparing for bad weather.
  2. *Knoht Knoht* "Who's there?" "It's me Leoshi" "ooooh is that my old essay did i win a prize" "No but did you know Philippe's copying your ten-years old essay as his homework" "BUT BUT BUT WHAT I AM GOING TO VAPORIZE HIM" "I already vaporized him and everything he's wearing (accidentally)" "Oh good, now can you help me with this experiment on how the names of herbs affect heat incantation" Er, I mean Pachait is cool. He loves animals. Or Badcrumble. How can you not like a low-tea sipping semi-feminist who can change your fate and stars but instead drone on about Etiquette? Or de Canapiedra who can score a date so far up on the social chain that you are given the option to gawk. I don't think Orsi will actually hold a Creative Thought class though. He'd just hole up and take a nap while hoping the students figure out a creative way to get official recognition for "satisfying the class requirements despite doing nothing with the instructor absent"
  3. You must have an iron will, because that wiki thing is killing me.
  4. Your computer is probably not powerful enough to compile it. On another note, I notice that the Mod Tools had no icons of its own, and it bothered me so much that I made one with much effort! http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=3491837782&uk=3676494240
  5. I can see why a teen could get in. I am actually asking about adults though
  6. I am starting to get the feeling that Mineta is going DOWN at this rate.
  7. CremePudding


    I was hoping for one of these ultra cheesy cover that positively oozes cheese showing up in a bookstore.
  8. So apparently I am a voluptuous woman that happened to be called Puddington. I mean- Philippe, stay away from that thing!!!
  9. Is that out of safety concerns or general apathy? I hope it is one of these two, because the alternatives are honestly terrifying. My turn! 1.How will people react if someone talks about "eating Dragon Eyes" leisurely? (no context) 2.Is it possible that someone might manage to Gate a sun/moon/star/meteor? Will that disrupt whatever Astrology grand-destiny-map-mumbo-jumbo? Will it be already determined beforehand? 3.School security - I remember seeing a burglar in the modtools. He never made it in, but still, how likely is a burglar to get in - with or without magic?
  10. Are there plans to remake, or at least resize the interface for Year 1 in the distant future? It'd sucks to have people saying, "Hey, play year 2 to 5 and skip the first". I don't mean mass content rewriting so much as interface improvements and things though.
  11. You know what they say about that. "What, let it go to my beaks feet?"
  12. Let's see.... A patient person can wait, plan, and capable of not being swayed by short term rewards. Being really patient can enable you to accept loss/humilation/etc. and keep going, like Temperance... but the difference lies in that you still... er... care? As in, say, you are delivering something when you step on an oil slick and fall over. Someone come over to apologize and want to warn you that she spilled a lot of oil on the road ahead. Both skill can let you keep going instead of throwing a tantrum about it... but patience, in this case, doesn't exempt you from anger or blaming others or any negativity. You might still want to take action... but you don't (at least for the moment), for your own benefits. And then you will listen to their apology and their warning instead of hastily running ahead. Although you might hold a grudge. You might blame the heavens for making you slip. Or something stressful. You are patient enough to look and act Temperant (Is that the correct word anyway!?)... but it doesn't stop someone getting angry and mopey and stressed about misfortune inside. Temperance, on the other hand, is more along the lines of forgiveness and "there's no point in getting angry". So you might not get angry and you won't even think to take revenge in the first place. But you might be agitated and in a hurry that you just keep on running without listening to her warning.... if you are not patient. No matter how "Temperant" you are, you will still be hasty and rush forward. Still find what I type to look a bit off, but eh, I am not patient enough to ponder forever about this.
  13. The add-ons are for Pathfinder, which is a modified Dungeon and Dragon 3.5 system, so it is assumed you play one character. Nothing stop you from becoming a hivemind and play multiple characters aligned to a Hold / Group / Family though.
  14. I have this brief urge to tell you I decided to have my location in Holdfast be a Muscial Dwarven Fortress full of poorly-dressed flute-playing lady dwarfs before realizing it sounds like a cover story of a hideout for lady dwarfs of ill repute. Errr, moving on: I shrilled as much as I can in a certain Chinese-speaking forum for quite a few days. No discernible effect, though
  15. My two cents: An example would be someone stepping on your feet. You tell them you don't mind. Temperance lets you actually not mind - that it is too trivial, that it isn't his fault, that there's no point in pursuing this matter further... unconditionally. Without other matters in mind. Patience, on the other hand, can means you hold a grudge.... but you don't explode, maybe because you have an image to protect, maybe you want to be this person's friend, or some other goals in mind. A patient person will be angry in the inside but did not do anything outwardly. A really, really patient person will just have the same reaction as a temperant person inside - once you get to a certain point you just learn to recognize what is too trivial and should wait for it to pass instead of taking actions, and eventually have the same "immunity". (Don't make fun of my poor wording I am impatient ok please) --- Both skills, as you put it, are about enduring wait and loss, except Patience is more goal-oriented than Temperance Temperance, on the other hand, is mainly about accepting loss and keep moving on, although it does sometime create opportunities that are easily mistakable for Patience if you take it far enough. Say, Giars took a sandwich from you because he want to promote Vegetarianism. You can simply accept your loss of sandwich and move on.... but something along the lines of "An animal has died for this sandwich, might as well not let it go to waste" is also a possibility that just couldn't come from Patience, at least sincerely. A Patient person would instead wait for Giars to collapse after droning ten hours about animal cruelty (possibly gaining a step in Temperance as she try to swallow the lost of 10 hours and move on). Errr sorry if this looks like a mess.
  16. Yuan Yang is for the people who can't make up their mind whether they want HK coffee or HK milk tea, and is practically a mixture of both. Yuan Yang refers to Mandarin Ducks and pretty much mean a pair of lovebirds; "棒打鴛鴦" literally means "hitting Yuan Yang with a club" and refers to separating love with force. More accurately it is Evaporated Milk + Thick Black Coffee + Thick Black Tea. No bourbon or chocolate. Judging from the name "Tipsy Duck In Love", it probably is a alcoholic variant- *check google* - the very first image is from Disney, so.... yeah. Original Disney Cocktail. No one actually drink that with alcohol here, not with any local drinks. Or mix them with Chocolate. ... ... Silly American Tourist. As for Green Tea Plum Slush, definitely no. As ignorant as I am in Chinese cultures I don't think Bright Orange Slush is in anyway traditional. ----------- I don't love the whole series for RoTK; just the 10th game because it is a lot more RPG-ish and wide-open compared to the rest of the series. You are not stuck as a ruler or forced to conquer the whole land or something. Also because the syntax errors. Things like a female governor of a city addressing all the generals in a public meeting in said city as "husbands". Or giving births to children whose auto-generated, well-written biography contains "His mother is Zhuge Liang and his father is Liu Bei." Or how someone managed to faint chasing a wheel of cheese instead of a horse due to scripting error. ---------- @Leoshi: You make it sounds like you kidnapped her or something...
  17. You don't have to be a non-Captain Felix Northbridge in order to call something else a relative-of-Captain Felix Northbridge. ...Or the Legate just had too much Old Black.
  18. Hong Kong Style Street Drink? You got my interest there. And might as well pop in my top 10: 428: Fūsa Sareta Shibuya de (If you can read half an ounce of Chinese or Japanese, this is THE visual novel to read.) Academagia (I bet the Legate will ban anyone who posted their Top 10 without this.) Tropico 4 Romance of the Three Kingdoms X (10) with Power Up Kit (A really good Sandbox RPG with occasional strategy and great replayability) Wizardry 8 (I am not into the rest of the series, though) Liberal Crime Squad (Bottom of my list, but still very fun and having constant updates really helps.) Facade (That "Experimental Drama" game where you talk to two NPC. Or have one of them shut the door in your face before you actually enter their house ten seconds within the game starting resulting in a ending.) Darklands (Fun, but too archaic for me to actually enjoy it) Mass Effect (Mostly 2, but 3 is pretty good save for the terrible ending) King of Dragon Pass
  19. Can I ask if the Orc Campaign is Kickstarter exclusive, or will we have the chance to get it post-kickstarter?
  20. If you fail a skill check (Room Tidying), your folded shower will accidentally shot out high-pressure water jet in a very flat shape and decapitate the player in their sleep! Actually, I think it sounds like something Cordelia would try to rebuild from an ancient engineering plan
  21. Well, I was wondering if the team would be interested in rewriting the Ending of year 1... Or at least add something to it like more choices and reflecting on adventures you accomplished. Failing that, maybe we could take a community pot-shot at rewriting it
  22. I think I tried it once before, it doesn't block the action for the player unless you somehow gained a point of AI_Aces. You can always try Numeric Prerequisite of AI_Aces_up_the_Sleeve > 0 instead and see how that goes.
  23. And a large decrease to Reason for good measure! ---- A possible solution would be to have a Ability tied to these items, which remove said item and grant a re-classified version of it that comes with a Ability that return the original version. Might be a nightmare if you implemented it and had to port it to the next year that implemented your suggestion, though. (Also it sucks in Year 1 because that would mean you skipped three classes just to wrap a bauble in wire)
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