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  1. I've temporarily solved the issue by publishing it as official content. 20% done in 30 minutes, so that should be fast, hopefully no errors to pop up while I get some z's. By the way, if you're looking for feedback and suggestions on modding tools, and noob-friendly modding I'm happy to help ^^
  2. I've had the publishing running for nearly 12 hours when it gave me an error (something along the line of 'Incorrect object referenced' or whatnot) and *POOF* it was gone. I see two problems here. 1) I get absolutely no help figuring out exactly where I have something incorrect referenced, unless you can tell me where 'around 48% the last time I checked' is in the relational database. Please, if it said 'The magic spell broke' it would have been just this useful. That is, not at all. Plus, I only added two actions and a Background, taking painstaking care to make sure that 'Self' was the target of all and every piece of stuff added. So, what's breaking my mod? 2) 12 FREAKING HOURS FOR HALF OF THE PUBLISHING? I'm sitting on a Q6600 here, and while it's not the newest CPU out there, it used to be a top-of-the-line one some time ago. It's still by no means a weak CPU. Runs 99% of games that are out there (barring GPU issues). I even gave it realtime priority on one of the normally unused cores, and let it run amok with the memory too, but we're talking about 12 hours. It used over 2 gigs of memory, which it was welcome to use, since there was some left over and change to run the rest of the PC. How I am supposed to attempt to even created a mod - without at least a simple manual - with 24 hours+ of testing time for the simplest of modifications - with unhelpful and useless error messages I used to mod Sins of a Solar empire a lot, and while I admit that the differences between the two games are significant, I'd like this to be asked: How on Earth can anyone think of mod creating without an immediate testing feedback on the effects in has on a game? And I'm not even talking about playing it in the actual game... Oh, and there is really a 'Cancel' button missing to the publishing process.
  3. Heya, Can I remove everything from the mod EXCEPT for the actual things that I want to mod? Would it make the publishing faster? It's not like I need all the data that's in the official content anyway. I don't really care about the 400megs. Cheers, Nooblet Modder, Tapsyhapsy
  4. I assure you that I have administrator privileges.
  5. I have two PCs, one old desktop running XP32 and my new laptop running Windows 7-64. The game runs fine on Windows 7-64, but won't even start on XP32. The first error I got was "Application has generated an exception that could not be handled." I have reinstalled .NET 3.5, 3.5SP1, 4.0. Upon the installation of 4.0 I have progressed to seeing the loading screen for the first time, and a new error message: "System error occurred. Application will be terminated." Once I heard the music, too. I've disabled virtually all background processes including but not limited to Firewall and antivirus.
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