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    I figured as much, I hope Year 2 comes soon.
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    So after completing several runs of this, I realized I never really touched upon items that much. While I *did* occasionally receive items through random events and adventures, I've never really created any and rarely bought any. I don't bother with correspondence (And usually take black sheep); even then Pims didn't really serve that much of a purpose. Is it really worth learning artifice? I mean, getting recipes seems to be a crapshot, and getting the items for those recipes seems to be an even bigger crapshot. I can certainly think of better uses of my time than spending several turns to create one inconsequential item.
  3. So near the end of the year, the save game issue became so bad that I had to save every day (and it would sometimes bug out anyway). At two weeks away from the end of the year, I just bit the bullet and went to finish. However, at the very last answer i.e. "You'll Miss Academagia" I got a Windows error box, "Error Occurred, Terminating Program" or something to that effect. On a completely unrelated note, the spell from the "In Search of a Spell" line of adventures - the one that uses Bully hair - is a bit odd. It increases wrestling by 4, but also DECREASES it by 3.
  4. It might not be related, but when attempting to use the "Cheat Mod" to get extra points to spend (I didn't feel like playing the entire year to get back to where I was before the save was corrupted for the umpteenth time.), I noticed that I was missing a few of the abilities/actions that I should have had AND I was unable to save on the first day. I don't think it's an issue with the mod itself, I've used it a few times, but save corruption happened regardless of whether I used it or not. So could the issue be caused by having too many actions/abilities or maybe corrupted ability info?
  5. I'd like to add that I'm also having this problem. Despite uninstalling .NET 4 and using only .NET 3.5.1. I'm using Vista, the game is installed on an external so I doubt UAC has any bearing there, though I've set it to run as administrator and set compatibility to XP. If there's any way I could lend a hand I'd be happy to do so. Having to restart because I lose the ability to save at all is extremely frustrating; I haven't even finished a single year yet.
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