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  1. Whilst on the topic, I was reading that the game plays up to the end of the first year, and the intent is to add the rest of the years as time goes on. Is this included at the purchase price, or will it need to be bought separately?
  2. That'd be a good idea if the devs aren't planning on taking the demo off Spoon. I finally managed to get a full half-hour in, and to be honest I'm still left pretty unsure. Not really hooked like I was hoping I'd be. I can see that it looks very deep and involving, but I can't tell if it's been done particularly well. The impression the demo left me with is that it's not possible to anticipate what skills will help you out, because there's so many and the events require a specific few. That would make the game very broad in scope but very shallow, or kind of like playing a card matching game where you get one turn then start again. Is that how it actually is?
  3. I managed to mess up during my first foray into the game because I was distracted after the first couple of minutes of play and forgot to shut the game down, burning up the 30 minutes. I was really curious about it after reading the RPS article though, enough so that I decided to e-mail support to ask for my demo time to be reinstated. I don't know who responded, whether this is a one man show or something, but either way I was responded to incredibly quickly! We're talking minutes. Credit to you! I was told to take the issue up with Spoon, so I did. Considering there was a weekend, the response time wasn't too awful I suppose. I e-mailed on Thursday, received a reply Tuesday, but was told just to sign up other e-mail addresses. Fair enough I guess, I really would've rather not have had to generate fake e-mail addresses just to try a demo, but I'm still interested enough. On I go. New e-mail, new problem. Now I'm getting some perculiar syncing issue with Spoon, in that it won't stop doing it. Something about there already being an account with local data makes Spoon grumpy I guess. Trying to restart it doesn't help, so I decide to just let it sit there syncing for a while. Hey, I'm a pretty patient guy, as demonstrated in waiting almost a week to get a demo going. No love after an hour though, so I try deleting all the local data. That seems to do the trick. I'm in the game, joy! I'm reading through options, weighing up a first character, settled on trying for a charming but completely talentless little wizard with a lot of dumb luck. Selected all my options aaaaand... demo's over. Didn't even get as far as the school gates. That sucks a bit! I'm feeling I've not really had a demo here so... e-mail address number three. Syncing issues strike again, but that's okay, I know what to do with this. But... oh wait, the game's not starting. Or is it? Spoon keeps telling me it's running but nothing's happening. I restart the computer, manage to get it going, and it freezes. This goes on for a bit, but finally I get in the game, I remember all my character choices so I blast through them and THIS time I get to the school gates! Then the demo ends. I burned up the half hour with technical issues! I'm now onto the fourth e-mail address because I'm determined to find out what the game is past character creation. I know what you're thinking; why don't you just buy the game if you're that interested? Well, in truth I probably will, but regardless of what I do now I can't help but wonder how many folk who can't be bothered to make a forum post about it might have bounced off any of the issues I encountered? If you want to give a demo it might be worth untethering it from Spoon and doing it in a different format altogether. Anyway, trying out Academagia, take four!
  4. Kings of Dragon Pass if you can find it.
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