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  1. So, what happens if I make my rival fail at her tests? Is it different for midterms and finals (I assume failing at finals won't affect things till year two if ever)? The tattly Cosetta Re just scored a combined three on her Geometry and Dielectic midterms in my current game. I really love Negative Alteration of Organic Matter. Any chance I can get her flunked out if I mess with her finals also? Also, is there any bonus for very high midterm scores?
  2. Actually, is the reporting for hostile phemes silent? I've tried Bad Spout with Agitation twice and a different spell with fire twice - I heard no report about decreased stress maxes or damage, or even the charm decreases from agitation.
  3. I just tried this pheme for the first time. I cast Bad Spout on Philippe Marchant with Hostis applied twice, but instead of him gaining three stress and losing two charm, the game said I lost two charm, and he only got one stress. I don't know what happened to the other two stress - I'm still at zero. Wasn't he the target of the spell? Ah well, off to reload and find another offensive pheme.
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