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  1. so my current character has been trying all sorts of ways to make joana stop bullying her and one of many things i encountered that seemed like it should work was a 'stare down' action but I think the selection boxes for it are messed up. it's not letting me choose what kind of hostile action i want to deflect or who i want to deflect it to, it's says its automatically picking something and deflecting it to ME. which is the opposite of what i thought it was supposed to do... this was on the most recent patch when is tarted the character i think
  2. yeah its the same thing as mentioned here http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=1643&view=findpost&p=10599 the remove choice of emotion field doesn't have a selector thing on it even though ive got four emotions (alarm, anger, anxiety, embarassment. i had a bad day lol) it was patch 28 with friend in need. i just put in patch 30 but it doesnt help the existing character oh well, guess i'll need to find some other way to cheer up!
  3. i may be doing something silly but I can't manage to cast this spell. whenever i try there's a pink selection box for me to choose an emotional state but there's no thing to click on to bring up a menu to actually choose one. therefore i can't set casting this spell on my schedule because i can't fix that required option. it does the same whether I have any emotional states currently or not.
  4. Kudos by the same people who did Democracy maybe? the 'choice of games' webgames to some extent, they're obviously a lot simpler but they're free as long as you play the web version and not the iphone version Cute Knight and its sequel, as well as the princess maker games they're based on if you can find an english patch they're also doing a magical school dating sim which is in alpha also do you like sim board games?
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