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  1. Well Lurkers Hawkey, elwin we don't have much longer to wait! tomorrow Academagia is released, and possibly (and quite hopefully) these boards will gain a bit of noise once people get their hands on the product. and we can all finally get our hands as we enter the The Academy of Magic of Mineta. now as much as it saddens me to see a game with an interesting premise to have such a quiet forum, it does give the bonus that this post won't be drowned out in the pages upon pages of new threads big titles get (but will hopefully be quickly swallowed up by topics after release day!) I'd just like to say thanks to Black Chicken studio's for what they have made! and I hope it goes well. Now you could say I'm speaking too early. and that I shouldn't be saying thank you till I've actually played. but as a student of computing and a hobbyist programmer. I can understand fairly what amount of effort has been placed into this game and the time they have spent on it (since spring 2006!) but not just from a programming perspective, Concept work ,Art, Music and Writing. all that takes a lot of time to place within a game. and probably a lot of blood sweat and tears to boot. so for all the effort you've placed in since then guys and gals, for all the days behind the scenes just to add another 1-2 events that some of us might never even see. to finding the one perfect song you wanted for the game. all I can say is... Thanks guys and good luck for tomorrow! I hope it was all worth it! - Dingbat
  2. nice to know! I have to admit my curiosity is getting the better of me, this games system mechanics are the kind of things I do home programming with: Will we see some of this interaction. or will their relationships be adjusted ( for example might we catch them talking at lunch, or an argument breaking out) or will only thing we personally get involved with be displayed when it comes to this interaction?
  3. interesting! and inter-student relationships? are they also static or dynamic (excluding the natural dynamic of the player)
  4. A quick addon about students. are the 83 NPC students names and specific personalitys set or generated dynamically? (will we be seeing a "Robert Smith" in every game we play) and will the player know the name of every student in the school right from the beginning or will you have to find a connection with each person before they appear in your active game (ala Kudos)
  5. ah I see! That should be probably added to the list of distributors. then I might just get it from here if payment methods allow. /endofsidetrack
  6. Interesting indeed. well that clears up the minor doubts I had, I'll be pre-ordering as soon as gamersgate lets me >.< two questions from me here: 1. While I can understand the huge majority of the time being spent at the school. are there plans for anything outside the school itself (for example things happening during the holidays) 2. what kind of world is Academagia set in? is it an alternate world on one based on our current world. and is magic a secretive art (harry potter (trying to avoid my referencing that too much)) or openly practiced (Dungeons and dragons wizards, oblivion schools etc etc)
  7. Very interesting to hear all this! and I must say this leads to many more questions in my mind 1. You say that the other students will plot against you. now I can understand bad relations being worth some childish pranks or possibly even bullying on the occassion. but what would your relationship with other students do to effect you on a serious level? can students have deep ulterior motives that they are trying to achieve or are they all just innocent students that can just become a pain if they don't manage them. what effect would make you want to risk a magical do. I suppose I can suppress that question to "How strong do the other students effect the world" 2. can the player be subjected to a Geas? and are they limited to punishments for loss. or can they be cast by students and/or the player? 3. The magic combination system sounds detailed, and highly interesting. How do Phemes affect spells (are they what are needed to cast spells, or do certain phemes adjust the spells function?) is lore only a storytelling device, or does it have an effect in gameplay (more dialog options for example) and do you have any examples of some non-magical skills that will be available? 4. you say this game is just the first year, does that mean the game will end upon reaching graduation of that first year? and will you be able to take your character into the next game covering the second year (if that kind of fore-planning has been done yet of course) and to finish off 5. how many segments is a day split? is it a Morning/afternoon/evening (in other words 2 classes + free action) or is the splits more frequent. also how many actions can be covered in a split. do you have to choose an entire section to talking to another bothersome student, or continuing on that adventure you'd been working on the last 3-4 days? Thank you for your time! - Dingbat
  8. The Questions Thread Okie dokie another topic to start up the forums, even a little. in preperation for the games release... as well as to satiate curiosity This here be the questions thread. Where we can put our questions up in one giant bundle of knowledge, and you never know, we might even get an answer Anyway I'll put some of mine here to get the ball rolling 1. While you live a life as a student, how much can your actions, or events, effect the entire place itself. for example can an event cause a change in the way the school is run(change of headmaster, teachers. or being restricted to leave/access certain areas because of dangers or evens), possibly effect your influcence inside the school? (becoming a prefect for example) I am a big fan of watching the things you do change the big picture, even in subtle ways. 2. can any details be displayed on the combat and dueling system? are they even the same? 3. as much as I like a good lightning bolt to the face of my enemies, what can we expect from non combat spells? will they give interesting effects that adjust an adventures path or even allow us to effect people and places in different ways? or will it be limited to '+5 intelligence' or 'puts <name> to sleep for the rest of the day' spells? 4. How is teaching and magic going to be controlled. will it just be gaining a point count, or will events and adventures affect your characters (or your own) knowledge? will an exam just happen and say if we passed or failed? or will we actively be given some sort of challenge we have to complete. and if so will these be different each playthrough? anyway there's some of my questions put forward. if anyones else has some to put here then add them! It might just get enough weight behind it to get mine and your own questions answered! - Dingbat
  9. Well since this here forum seems to be quite quiet. I'm going to at least help start off this place with the psuedo-compulsary creation of an introduction thread and see if we can get the ball rolling here before the games release! Anyway names Dingbat, looking forward to getting my hands dirty in the world of Academagia! I'm a big fan of games with a lot of inter-personal depth such as this (I'm a huge fan of the RPG variants of the Romance of the three kingdom series, where this kind of grand scale from a personal viewpoint is used (Grand scale: the school, the person viewpoint: you the student) looking forward to seeing some a couple of videos and more screenshots! anyway hope that gets the ball rolling round here - Dingbat
  10. Awesome! looking forward to seeing it, and how the system works!
  11. I just caught wind of this thanks to gamersgate! looks interesting! and I can't wait to see this game in action! are there any plans for continuing updates of content (more random events for example) I'm not worried about running out at the start, I mean 800 is a lot! but a man can wonder
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