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  1. Can you please explain what you mean this. Thought you add now the information window for the locations, as you have to pick one for your actions. But it doesn't look different then before. I could still nowhere find an information about them and which affects what attribute/action. Would be usefull to know their influences
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    Just a little suggest: how about "fading/blurring" the button while you can't use them. If they are grey istead of beige/yellow - you don't get the feeling that you can use them right now and won't get misslead. Since it's a UI-change it could be considered for September
  3. It will probably depend how well the first part sells - if there is a high demand, then they are motivated to develop the sequel soon On the other side they announced that they will first release some patches and DLCs, so it will probably take some time (~ guess 1-2 years) for a sequel. Don't forget that the first part allready got a high replayability - so get a few savegames to continue with
  4. Downloadable Content It is common these days - seeing in big AAA titles like Dragon Age or Mass Effect. Another examples are Fallout 3 or Oblivion. Think about as a "partiall Add-on", which you get through a download. They are often sold for a few bucks and add some Stuff like items etc. Since Legate said it will be free - you can think of it as a content patch. But don't get misslead, in general you often have to pay for it. Yourself have to choose if its worth for you or not Lets see what the upcoming "content Patch" (~ at least you named him so) will contain tomorrow. Hopefully they can really handle the fontsize like they mentioned it
  5. Just a small Collection off Bugs, which will hopefully be erased soon => At the event with the "Rock Dog", there is a missing a space (~ you should see it after smallish). Moreover if you click at the "Rock Dog", you don't get any information about him at the right window. Guess wrong linked... Edit: I altered the title, Hawkey, as I would like bugs to be tracked separately in this forum.
  6. You still din't answered my question about the option to increse/decrease the stress. It would be better if its a fix-modifer, which got influenced through the location and the action - instead of letting the player handle it. Sometimes it's better to make it easy and don't burden/confuse them with to much options See "~ Suggestions & Improvement ~" for more.
  7. Mh, I really fear that you miss the point Future ? Sequel ? Eternal Summer ? If you just refer to a possible - not certain and until then unknown - sequel, you will loose interested players & fans. Why should they get an "unfinished game" which got some half-hearted support, if they just get appeased with promisises of an better sequel. It's quite possibe that you don't sell the amount of the first part to call it a "sucess", which would let you develop further (~ a main problem since you allready got the whole story/setting), so you have to do everything to please the customers and enhance the game. I don't like to say it - but currently I get the feeling of beeing a Beta-Tester. There are some major problems, which slows down the motivation playing the game. Beginning with just small mistakes like bugs, over to missing information in the manual/ingame which makes it hard to understand what to do, up to "exhausters" which really slows down the players. These ruin the game and even if I hate to saý it, currently it won't suprise me if upcoming reviews will continue blaming the game (~ actually I planned to refer the game to some friends, but I know they would callit boring how it is now). Academagia has a really nice approach - so please don't waste it. It won't help you or the game if you start denying the weak-points mentioned above. Just putting more effort in the next 1-2 weeks should be possible for all member of the developer team, so don't let it down with the feeling "Yeah - finally we released it. Let's see how long it takes to get some income.". You should offer a patch it in the next days should, which can't contain more content - since the current content needs a smoother gameplay first. So far the amount of content seems really good - just fix the problems for the players so he can enjoy it A short summary of the key-hints that need to be concerned and fixed as soon as possible. They all can be "repaired" without too much effort - so please don't continue referring to an upcoming sequel which currently seems unlikely. Moreover think about the targeted people and how they would like to play : Most urgent Improvements : ~ for Understanding ~ => Fix the manual. There is no purple but red - for an unlikely option. => Mark the next day you like to act ! At the beginning - a new player don't know which day is the first and where he should change his actions (~ normally it could be "Monday"). => Explain that you "prepare your action" at a location and that this will effect the attributes (bonus/malus) for the options at events. Neither in the manual nor ingame is it currently explained and it's really suprising to write an letter from the "Puzzle Box". Moreover, when you choose an location - an additional window like the one at the "Take action window" is recommended. This could describe the location and show the effect it has on your stats. => After you decided what to do - the information window at the right side should show the current state. It should show up which event currently occur and which effect it has. At the end there is allready an overview about it - but during the events you often don't know which of your task will be handled. Is it the adventure ? The study ? The gossiping ? You just get the event text but need some time to find out which action will be handled inthis event. To make it easier - it would help to show the "timeline-of-the-day-events" at the right window. The event you are currently could then be underlined at that time. If you want to make it even better - you could link the compas "thingie" at the right top. Clicking at this, would open the current/next day timeline to see what will be done. Giving directly acess through the link will be easier, since you don't need to use the "previous entry" button. => The abilities mentioned at the options should be turned around. I'am really gratefull that you mention them, but it doesn't seems right to read "Navigation. Chase after him and use a shortcut!". Thinking more of a roleplay - a more decent wait is recommended like the choice and then the require attribute. For example putting it in brackets afterwards: "Chase after him and use a shortcut! (Navigation)" => Add an option to show the current merit state. The player could click at the crest to see the current points. Currently there seems no other way to get the information - beside the daily results. => Add the information about "class skills" in the description of these or at least use a coloured tag for them. => More infromation about the Vitality maximum. => The "Activity effects" should be included on the "Pick activity for the day" window. Currently they just describe what you do - but don't show the effect, even though there would be enough space for the extra lines. => Fixed-stress modifers, just influenced by the location & actions. Even if you will probably say it's better for the players to choose getting a higher stess level and therefore increasing their stats temporarily, it's more confusing ! Cut it out and see how the feedback will be. Make it less complicated and increase the fun. ~ obvisouly Bugs (~ even if you call it feature) ~ => Lets close the pheme menu if you change your opinion and don't like to cast a spell (~ see here). For any other action you don't need to know hoch much phemes you currently got - since they are just necessary for spells. Therefore the player needs a better view at his options instead. => The selecting mouse cursor. I know that it can be changed (~ so no excuses about that) and that there are many mouse cursor styles avaible. Just changed it to a quill or something like that - everything is better than a standard windows arrow. Moreover there is no use in selecting + copy & paste. ~ enhanced Gameplay ~ => Splitted creation process. You definitly saved some space at the wrong place. Cut them like "Astrology" with the 5 options then continue with Heritage etc. It's really better to have a good overview about some options - than getting confused since you got to much. Moreover you should add the page numbers, so that you get at least some feeling of how many points you can use or have to spare. Don't forget that you can select the allready choosen ones to - for getting information about them. => Hitting the "confirming-button" effect. The player really needs some feedback - at least some glowing - if he hit it and wait to continue (~ in the calendar & events). => Use the right-click mouse button for getting back or closing a window (~ see action window in the middle, when you are at the calendar, and information window at the right side for the discriptions). => If don't like to edit the font size - at least recommend a resolution or let the game start in such. If it's coded for 800x600, then lets run in it instead of having problems reading the words in 1200x800. => Information window. You got me wrong ! You should be able to scroll with the mouse-wheel for reading (~ since its much smoother than allways clicking), but it doesn't should scroll down for the next lines but more scroll at the next page. You allreay implented that information-window-system for the attributes and the events (~ at least there you can scroll to read the next page !), why not for every discription at the information window. It's quite annoying not just to scroll up again to see the portrait for a new class-mate, but moreover you loose the overview. If you would use the first page for a potrait, then scroll down which let the window show the next page with a background discription and then scroll down to show the last page with pure facts - it's much easier to read and understand. This would solve the problem of starting the information-window at the top and allows a fluently reading. => Show the options just at the end. You got mistaken by some serious points. At first - Academagia is not just a linear-Adventure. So if a player will replay the game - he will probably seek for a challenge and make different choices than before. He won't get a high chance to solve the same adventures in a while and even if he does - he probably forgot what happend in that event exactly. No one who "click-through" a game would spend 25$ to get Academagia - believe me. For the casual gamers who just like to click further, there are many cheaper puzzles game at the market. At second - if you think you customers got such a behavior - you totally missed your audience. Just clicking through ? If they wan't to skip an event - they could still scroll down to the last page and then choose the path. Reveiling the answers right from the beginning isn't just stupid/unreasonable - but furthermore it takes the suspense if you know what could hapen before you read them. I allready linked the idea of Gamebooks and I guess you know such. Your game is somekind of succesor to it, so don't get rid of the good parts. => "Enter"-Hotkey to confirm the save-file. So far I will stop posting suggstions until these got solved. It doesn't make sense to collect more - if the old and necessary ones doesn't get the attention they need. Hopefully you can fix them fast and send the reviewer the patch - so they can see you care about the project & the gamers. Moreover they could edit the reviews and concern the enhancements ________________________________________________________ @all: If anyone agree or disagree with me - please don't wait and tell me and Black Chicken Studios here. I guess some devs think thats only my opinion so far and that everyone else like the game how it is now, without any required changes. Let them see how they can improve the game and get a better feedback from the upcoming audience
  8. Added suggest Number 16, which is quite important. I guess there shouldn't be a problem to implent it and it will be very usefull. Through this "next page scrolling" instead of the current "page down scrolling", you get a much better overview. Furthermore you allready integrated it partially and it would allow to start every article at the top (~ see page 1 of the discription or picture etc.) Also Number 17 would increase the atmosphere and I hope you can implent it. Following the event and just see the possible outcomes at the point you have to decide is much better then just guessing. Moreover it would be more like the classical Gamebooks which are great and got allways some suspense
  9. Well, if you decide first you want to cast a spell and then decide to do something different - the pheme menu won't dissappear. It stays there until you chose another action and confirmed it By the way: could you help me and explain a bit about the "setting" when I do something. I just wanted to write some correspondence, but I had to put a location there. Why that ? I understand that this would be necessary for adventures, but for every action ? Whats the sense and the benefits ? Moreover, why can I higher the stress at these actions (~ delete the zero and put a 4 into the gap) ? Also why is it - that I could have the same adventure at different locations ? I thought there would be something like: if I chose for example "My room" as a location I get the option for the adventure "number 1" or "number 2". If I would choose another location like the "dining hall" - I would just get the option to "number 5" and "number 8" but not to the rest. Hopefully you understand what I like to say (~ so it doesn't make sense to choose different locations for the same Adventures / see picking "Meeting at the Tavern" which seems to repeat if I just do it from other locations). Hopefully it's just a bug that we could do that PS: Here is the review from Gamezebo Ashrayne mentioned before. Seems more positive then the others
  10. Hope the "content Patch" will also contain some game fixes (~ see text issues and mouse-clicks). Moreover there seems to be a bug if you take the action "Spell" and then choose one. The pheme settings open but you can't close them again. There is no button and without the right-click function it won't close until you say "remove the action". It's quite annoying
  11. For the PS: Unfortunately they won't. Legate allready said that they didn't created the music by themselves but just bought a license to use it at the game (~ see here). The best would be - if they tell us from which artist they are and how the tracks are named, so that Amazon/iTunes could help instead
  12. Since it's usefull and will probably be uploaded later on by the devs themselves, I got them up at Mediafire. Don't forget to read this topic here too => Download: *click*
  13. ____ @#3 ____ Why breaking up the section ? I just meant that it would be better/more usefull to have one choice windows with "Haritage" another with "Astrology" etc.. You just have to cut after the first 5 entries and then continue with the next 5. Even though it would make the creation process "longer" it would allow a better overview and seems not so confusing like having up to 14 options in one row Moreover I recommend the option to review your choosen ones. Currently you can select them at the "previous box", but the information about the backgrounds don't show up again at the left text box. So to refresh what they do - you need to return to the page where you chose them... ____ @#5 ____ I really hope you will manage to do this with a patch. Not that its a game-stopper, but most players will get annoyed about the small buttons. Even if not all of them like to read every text like me, they surely will drop the option and just rush for the last lines with the "simple fact and what it does description". Would be a pity to skip the nice descriptions
  14. This topic will sum up suggestions and thougts about "How to improve the Game" [~ I wil update the first post frequently, so don't wonder about the amount] ________________________________________________________________ ::Legend:: Bold # Number => new report, which doesn't got recognzied from the developers yet. If they put a comment - it turns normal. Italic part => main problem, which should be fixed. ________________________________________________________________ #19) Mark the next day: You really need to mark somehow the next day. It could be a circle around the day or just bold letters - but you definitly need to show which day needs to be planned next. The game isn't really beginner friendly and this something which makes easier to follow the week & events #18) Saving: When you save you have to confirm the file through clicking with the mouse. Would be easier just to press "enter" since you allready named the save-game with the keyboard letters ^^ #17) Choice options just at the text end: You said in the manual that is not necessary to read the whole texts shown in the middle to choose an option. Even though I guess it would be better if the options you choose will just appear after you read/scrolled through all the pages of the event, when you have to dicide what to do. Besides it's more reasonable just to decide what you will do know when you read the whole thing and not before, but furthermore it doesn't distract that much (~ at the introduction event there was a red choice and it was hard to ignore it to just read the text). You could argument that not everyone likes to read all the stuff - on the otherhand just people who like to read texts will get the game. Allowing these players to enjoy the event and not spoil the outcome - will very likely be pleased (~ and it shouldn't be to hard to make the choices invisible as long as the reader didn't got to the last page) #16) Next page instead of Scrolling: this could be possible be done and at least ease the "mass text discriptions" which is quite hard to read. It's often as I scroll down the information, I don't find the spot where I left the sentece immediately and have to re-read the last sentence which is quite tiring. Instead of scrolling down the page, you could make for all discription the "next page/previous page" scrolling like for the attributes - this allows the players to keep a good overview about the text, since he sees at the next page where he can continue. It's also easier for the haste ones - who just like to see the facts at the last page or starting every article at the top (~ therefore page 1). If its for people, where the potrait could be at the first page adn the description etc. at the following, or for phrases - it would definitly makes it easier to follow the whole text #15) Explanation about the days & shorten the plan phase: Why are some marked blue ? Why green ? Moreover you should cut the option to scrool through the weeks and just show the current one. Otherwise its too confusing, since you get the feeling that you need to plan everything. If special events need to prepared - there could be a "Image Calendar" which just shows thesedates but don't let you put up the actions right there... #14) Text-fields: Use the whole space! Could be that it is just my resolution (~ even though there should be an option for such a case), but the text-field in the middle doesn't seem to be proper filled. The text starts in the center and don't use the upper part of the field. If there would be a picture of an event, okay - but if there is just an empty space it should be used for the words and not wasted. This would allows to use less pages and therefore a more fluently reading #6) Selecting Mouse: If you hint your mouse over the letters - it turns into a marking sign. Since you can't copy & paste something, it would be more usefull to cut it out. Instead of that, you could generally use an mouse icon like a "feather" or a "ward" instead of windows normal arrow. #5) Mouse Clicks: It's just a convenvient suggestion. Perhaps you could use the right-mouse button for the "See previous" and the left click for "See next" stuff, if you click at the right information window. Would be easier instead of clicking at the small buttons and so far the right button don't seem to have a function. Moreover it's better to let a simple left click or space at the keyboad skip to the next event-page, if no answer is necessary. It's quite awkward allways pressing the button if there wasn't a requirement to check a choice but just to continue the reeding #4) Updated Manual: Include the addtions about the attributes from your thread in the manual ! #3) Character creation: Put the choice of "Astrology", "Heritage" and "Omen" at different windows after another. It's great that you get such a wide choice - but need to scroll them and fluently switch between this options is a little confusing. A better overview throug "seperating" and offer them each after another would probably be better. Moreover I recommend to change the order of the information, showing first the "Explaination" over the "Which influece has it on my stats" seems more Roleplaying and interesting. Also should the text-field back to the top if you click at a new one (~ it's quite annoying scrolling down the text-field to read the explaination about the heritage, click at a new one and the text-field needs to be scrolled at the top manually) #2) Events choice: The manual explains that green choices probably will work, while purple ones are mostly unlikely (~ others scale between them). I guess it would be more reasonable to colour the un-likely ones red, as the opposite to green and not just purple (~ it's even explained later on at the manual with a "red example"). Could be that you allready changed that - since in your further additional Information you just show up the 5 colours... #1) UI-stats-design: I just read the manual - but I allready get the feeling that it would be better to change the order of Attributes, at least of the "indirect ones" like Stress/Vitality/Encumbrace/Concealement. It seems to be better - to seperate "Vitality" and the rest + above (~ therefore => luck - a little space - Vitality - a little space - Stress etc.). The point is, that Vitality is the only one which should be high for benefits - in contrast to the others (Stress/Encumbrace/Concealement), which should be low ________________________________________________________________ Last Update: 14.08.2010 / 12:55 - updated the suggestion status - posted the most urgent improvements
  15. For the review: did you read the one from diygamer ? The game doesn't just get praised, but even blamed. Didn't you said you created an User Guide at your last Facebook entry ? Seems like no-one of the reviewers read it Just a short try sum up the weakpoints and a suggest to solve them: - no explanation => read the manual, don't get why nobody read them (~ at least I hope there is one) - getting bad results => read manual and think about your faults as a gamer, see it as a challenge or at least get excited about it ^^ - long loading times => guess you got an "release-patch" for the last bugs, hope this will improve the loading time The rest are complains about the story etc., which seems quite subjective. It's interesting to see more reviews and hopefully the others will report better about the game (~ at leats they didn't complained about the prices, but just recommend to buy a Harry Potter DVD). Otherwise you need some urgent fixes and think about promotions
  16. Hoped there would be more stuff before tomorrow (~ then we will get less time to investigate them) By the way: I read the review from Electronic theare and disagree with their conclusions. Perhaps you should tell them next time your inspiration sources (~ like "A Wizard of Earthsea" etc.) refer to another target group. Personaly, I never consider "children" as the audience - since Academagia seems to be a very deep and complex game which is hard to understand for the youngests. Although it's good to hear that finally someone post an article and reveal the subtitle of the first part: Academagia - The Making of Mage
  17. Really like the crests from the different colleges As for the UI design I prefer the new one. Comparing the #1 and this, it really looks smoother with the background & the ornaments. Moreover it seems easier to read the texts and contains more than just the colour range of different brown tones
  18. Wow, thanks. Looks really amazing and gives quite an overview Will a finished version of the map be in the game ? Did you integrated somekind of "quick-travel-system" through such a map ? By the way: I just now read your answer about the group size and got really suprised. It's quite different to have such a large development team in an Indie work (~ no just the temporary 50 writers but more the still 10-11 permanents). Guess they all did their best and deserve attention - therefore the higher price would just be fair. This totally different from other Indie works - were the group often consists of 3-4 people
  19. Whom do you send the Mail ? Derek got often many stuff to do and unfortunately less time he probaly should have I've got in contact with Paul Eres (~ Immortal Defense and Saturated Dreamers) and Terry (VVVVVV), which write at TIG from time to time. Recommend to adress them instead and tell about Academagia along with an offer to review it. Say if still no one reacts and I try it myself ~ E-Mail ~ => Paul (= rinkuhero) : rinkuhero at gmail.com => Terry : terry at maths.tcd.ie ______________________________________________________________ Just like to repeat my former note, so it doesn't get down: I read at your Facebook page that you recently finished a player guide. Would be great if you could release together with the game some nice bonus material like Wallpapers, school-grounds-map, OST - not just the lower down sampled tracks in the game folders - or such stufff (*starringatyouravatar*)
  20. I really shouldn't post my question and then edit them afterwards. Perhaps you coould check again my questions and your answers - seems quite confusing ^^ @overarching story: So there will be some "quests" which you can't end in the first part and which isn't really pointed out to continue next year ? Really like the "suprising-moment" when you get the satisfaction to solve them later on, after you allready abandoned it - since you thought you missed a key event in the past By the way: there are still 2 well-known sites that would probably review Academagia. I personally can you recommend TIGSource, but I also know that Kotaku would point it out (~ it's more a AAA title site but with a few good articles and a positive attitude for unique game-styles / after RPS)
  21. I will try running it through Wine at the weekend. But at first I will hopefully enjoy it at standard Windows By the way: I can just support the decision not releasing a demo (~ even though in general it is a must have for a new game) ! It's quite hard to find a usefull cliff-hanger in a life-simulation without spoilering the gameplay, especially with such an complexity like Academagia seems to have. You don't follow a path that got a cut and where you could continue after. As an example: I couldn't think about a good Harvest Moon demo either, which at least got a main story to follow ________________________________________________________ A few questions (~ this time more about the whole project instead of the content - won't like to get more information/spoiler) 1.) How big is the team of Black Chicken Studios ? To be more accurate, how many people worked on Academagia with which tasks (coder/illustrator/scripter etc.) ? 2.) Where do you come from ? Or at least the most of you (~ Europe/US/Canada/Asia) ? This will probably also set when you open the sales at friday, e.g. 10 am in PST would be 18 pm here in Germany (~ so it will be a long night then) 3.) When did you start with Academagia ? Right after the founding at the 2007 ? 4.) Saving: How will the saving option be handled ? Could you save all the time and "try-error" a few events, since most of them happend randomly ? Will there be an automatic limit, like the game will save every night ? Or will there even be a unique save-style (~ e.g. if you know Outcast there was the "gamesav-crystall" or in the X-series you had to buy an "recovery-police" in a station for money, so that you rethink if its worth to save the game right now) 5.) You mentioned the technology progress will be similar with our known renaissance. Did you got some "Steam-Punk" elements in there ? I really like this stuff, especially if it fits for some nice inventions and plots (~ furthermore it somehow combines the unreal but possible) 6.) You will certainly be confronted with "Harry Potter" cliches and that your game is just a copy of this setting. As I allready know that your game seems to have a nice unique world which got quite differences (e.g. everyone knows about magic), what was your idea ? Did you got inspirations from Harry Potter but like to change somtehing or is it just coincidence since you allways wanted to create a game in a magic school ? 7.) A little spoiler I can't withstand: Is there some kind of "main-story-line" you have to follow with your character ? Sure we can decide what we do etc., but will there some events that will occur in every game to "force" the player in a specific direction ? Some players seem to be lost in a "sandbox" game (/ I know Academagia will be more a life-simulation ^^) without an advice or hint what to do 8.) Even though the first part still isn't released, did you allready planned and integrated some "metagame-complex-story-quest" that will start in the first year and continue in the next ? Would be interesting to see that you could put the first stone in the early months and see the results 3 years later after you growed up (~ even though this would require quite an overview) ________________________________________________________ PS: I read at your Facebook page that you recently finished a player guide. Would be great if you could release together with the game some nice bonus material like Wallpapers, OST - not just the lower down sampled tracks in the game folders - or such stufff (*starringatyouravatar*)
  22. Ah forgot - Braid & Cortex Commander were one of the first who set the price tag to 15$ Yeah, if you allready considered my thoughts then it really seems to be a very good game. Just hope you don't get disappointed, beside getting to much influenced through the digital distributors. After all it seems very promising and I'd like to see having it a success For a larger target group - you should probably contact the Valve guys from Steam. Even though they got some DRM, it's a good way for new Indie games to attract more customers who doesn't keep an eye at small projects ! I also recommend trying some "viral-marketing" and create a Twitter/Facebook account for the upcoming gamers. It's easier to follow the development if you post some lines once in a week (~ posting unregulary news is less time-consuming then keeping an blog up to date) ______________________________________________________________ By the way: I had to laugh as found your "donation link" (~ it's not just hard to see but moreover I asked myself: do you really think that someone who allready payed 25$ for Academagia will still be motivated and have enough spare money to donate ?). Your game really has to be amazing if you got the guts and put such an option at the sell site. Reminds me of the current "Pay what you want"-promotions which are quite popular, sure without the benefit that you get something for it ______________________________________________________________ Question: 1.) Will there be ports for Mac OS and Linux ? Many people got some of these "alternative systems" and therefore it is recommend to think about an portation (~ it just could be a little bit complicated with Academagia, since it seems to need the Microsofts Frame Network) 2.) Hope it will be DRM-free, since bothering DRM doesn't really protect from pirates and disturbs the honest customer (~ see Cliffs results)... 3.) Did you really even increased the "random events" ? Read now "over 800" instead of the former "500+". Seems like a good value and replayability
  23. That the NPCs got the same action limitation as you sounds really interesting - since it makes it more realistic and understandable how the world/events works ______________________________________________________________ ! Attention-Bug ! It seem that Impulse allready released Academagia yesterday => Link You should contact them and put it down. Otherwise it could be a conflict with other distributors and the release-date-commitment ______________________________________________________________ On the other hand I've got a problem and hope you could help me with it: It could be that I just missread it (~ and I really hope so), but did you actually updated the announcement about Academagia at the main site ? I found in your current presentation something at the end, that really disturbs me: Sorry but if this isn't a mistake you should defintly rethink about the buisness This should be in no kind an offend - but more an help for you and the game, to get what it probably deserves ! Did you investigate about the current "new established Indie Games" and what their price is set about ? The last years the starting price hit the 20$ spot - which could be considered as a fair price for most of the games. But with the time, more and more Developers started to release their games and got an competition about sales. Even though many of them were just some plattformers/adventures and not plays in the same league as World of Goo, Aquaria, Gish, Machinarium, Crayon Physic Deluxe & Co. - they tried to attract customers through a lower price. As one of the first new introduced games VVVVV showed that a price of 15$ (or 10$ for people who preordered the game) is more reasonable and it just got a positive feedback. I won't say that all new games should be avaible for this price. As I allready said - the 20$ were really fair for a high quality Independent game with enough entertaiment for a few weeks Here are some additional thoughts about the topic: 1.) First think about yourself - not as a developer but much more as a gamer. What would the game be worth to you ? Would it be really 25$/25€ ? Since you put all your effort into, it could be possible that you are biased and don't see some weak points 2.) Compare your game with other games of the same price range (~ currently I just know Eschalon Book 2 and Mount & Blade Warband). Does Academagia offer the same amount of content ? Does it have the same quality as them or at least the same approximate play time ? 3.) Compare your game with other titles with a lower price - especially game with a similar genre as Academagia. Even though some of them are 1-2 years old, can you stand up with them and warrant your higher price (~ see some of Winter Wolves Visiual Novels) ? 4.) Since a demo didn't seem usefull for the game (~ otherwise you could get too many information beforehand), you should allow interested players to "risk-and-buy-the-game" even though they don't know much about them. As an Indie title, you will hardly get much PR from huge communities and Game sites. Therefore you can't just rely on a few reviews - from which you still don't know if they recommend Academagia or not. Giving new interested people the chance to learn your game - it could be more usefull. 5.) Sequels ! You allready pointed out that you plan sequels - which seems right since the first game will just consider the first year at the school. But knowing that you will release games of this serie in the future, also could let the gamers wait till they are all out and get an bundle (~ instead of buying 25$ for the first, 25$ for the second, 25$ for the third and so on). Concerning that you like to sell these sequels to - you should attract a high base-community right from the start. Whoever played & bought the first game, will probably also buy the second to extend the development of his character. Allowing more people to start with something the adventure - you allow more people to get interested in the future of your games. 6.) You said above that you perhaps aim for other consoles like XBOX360 and NDS. For both plattformsyou can't even set the price as high as for the PC ! At the XBOX marketplace, where the customers use their limited Microsoft Points they got mostly from retail cards, there were some kind of upper limit for 3rd party applications. Don't ask me for the excact number, but I thought it was about 10$-15$. For DS you have to find a publisher first, to get your game at a catridge or offer it via the DSI-Ware market. For Nintendos console you got also the problem, that you need a Development Kit - which is not just restricted but expensive too (~ last year the licence for one game was around 60.000$). The "i-World" is something for itself - since I develop for Android systems I just have a little knowledge about the Apple Store - but it should be at least cheaper than Nintendos console. Naturally you should first concentrate at the PC and just then afterwards think about an portation. The only systems I could recommend so far are the XBOX & Android (~ the XNA / Android SDK is offered for free) If you don't think about it - I am afraid you get the same misfortune as Citeremis and Aztaka. I'd gave them some advices in the past, but they just ignored them since they got an urgent accident and needed the money instantly before we ended the Beta. After all they managed it aftera while (4-5 months after the release at Direct2Drive) but had to lower the price to 15$, offer it in a few bundles, offer it in contest and less positiv publicity feedback. They were convinced about the "unique-ness" of their game but forgot to concentrate on the core too. Before Academagia will be a "shelf warmer" - I recommend you not to be the next "Indie Ubisoft" (~ they really managed that most people won't buy the Settlers and other good games anymore, just because of their miserable sell-strategy and strict DRM). Hopefully you understand my conerns at least a little and think about it. I still intend to buy the game and support you - but don't expect new people who don't earn their money with development and therefore don't know how hard it can be, to pay such a price [€dit] By the way: If you "really need" more money, I would even prefer optional DLCs over a regular higher base price. More people would get the core game and those who like some additional stuff before the upcoming sequel will be released, will gladly pay a few extra bucks for it. Cliff did the same and established Gratuitous Space Battles through this "merchandising"
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  25. @dingbat: You will be able to buy/get the game from the site directly. Therefore I recommend you to support the developers most and get you game through them. Without a middle men and just the PayPal fee - they can get ~ 97% of the payment _________________________________________________________________________ I really hope it doesn't give this "pseudo-atmosphere" from Bully or Harry Potter. Don't get me wrong - the game had nice minigames etc. but totally lost in gameplay and story. You just did your lessons one after another, without the feeling that time passaes by and you learn something usefull (e.g. about the world or the people). Therefore I have high hopes about a deepth Now a few questions I got too: 1.) Will you have the option to choose the gender of your protagonist ? If yes - will it even affect some events and relations ? 2.) Is there a possibilitie of romances ? I know it's quite "early" for first years to have such emotions, but perhaps it could considered in upcoming sequels ^^ 3.) You just mentioned "80+ Students to interact with" - is there around the same number of "none-student" NPCs (~ teacher/inn-keeper etc.) ? 4.) Even though that the lessons wont consist of minigames, are there still some kind of such in the game ? Would also like some challenges and puzzles 5.) Will you be able to get a pet ? If not - lets keep it for a sequel xD 6.) Addition to dinbats question: what is your world and creatures about ? Will it be more a classical fantasy or a modern ? From what I saw at the screens, the graphic looks quite nice and therefore somekind of "encyclopedia of creatures" would be awesome _________________________________________________________________________ PS: Hope there are some nice & funny easter eggs too
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