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  1. One thing you could do is check if your game works with wine or crossover which would allow Mac and Linux users to run the game almost natively. Do you have any plans to release a demo ?
  2. Hi, I saw the game on Gamersgate and it's definitely a type of game I'd like to see more of. I have a couple questions: 1. What platforms will the game be available on ? 2. You mentioned this being only the first year, how many years have you planned and how often do you plan to release an installment ? 3. The students page on the website mentions 84 students per year, does this mean that all or at least the majority of the NPCs will be part of your class ? 4. Could you expand on what you mean by late Renaissance technology period? Does it use actual historical events or persons like Da Vinci or Shakespeare? How did the existence of magic impact historical events (you mentioned a civil war)? Some form of encyclopedia would be interesting and would allow the player to learn more (esp. background information which is assumed to be general knowledge like recent history, a short who's who of magical and mundane society, religion, why some magic is forbidden, etc.). 5. There seems to be a great amount of skills. Does the game encourage specialization (maybe with additional classes or choosing a future job to work towards in later years). 6. What kind of choices can you make in character creation ? Do backgrounds impact just stats or do the NPCs react differently depending on social class? Thank you for your time, dlwildschut
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