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  1. Sounds fun, is it included in the demo?


    Oh, and is there any kind of AI designed or implemented?


    I was thinking stats on the left, main view area in the middle, and something informative on the right. A list of hotkeys or maybe a context sensative menu.


    One last question, since its late for me and we've kinda derialed the thread a bit: is there a website or anything where I can watch development or discuss this further?


    1) Nope, not in this demo. I was developing it for a different game, but it integrates seamlessly.


    2) Rudimentary one. Run towards the player and attack. More difficult ones can be developed when real game variables kick in (morale, loyalty, intelligence etc.)


    3) Ah, three column view in such sense is completely supported already, as long as columns are not too wide.


    4) Nope, I've been under the radars for a long time already. Perhaps we should move to the PMs? Also, we can communicate through Skype, GoogleTalk or ICQ, whichever service you prefer.

  2. Any chance of mouse support?


    What do think about throwing in some roguelike RPG type exploration, using maps in ascii style?


    Seriously, what do you have against graphics? Or at least seperating the console into a three column format or something?


    Mhm, mouse is not totally out of the question, although console mouse is rather painful to use :). Hotkeys would work better most of the times.


    ASCII maps and exploration are already supported as well :). Also several types of combat - Fallout-style AP-based with a map and turn-based without moving around while in combat (A'la Wizardry or Final Fantasy series).


    Graphics: too much hassle. Pain to implement support, pain to create all the assets. I won't be doing it for certain, so it's only possible if someone volunteers to do it and also migrate all my menu stuff to graphical output (since those menus are used everywhere).


    What do you mean by three column format? In theory, I can try utilizing something different than default 80x25 console, although I'd prefer not too - text looks the best while it's 80x25.

  3. Is the demo supposed to do more then cycle through three screens, or am I doing something wrong?


    Are you willing to share the source code?


    And what's the restriction on graphics?


    Press <Escape> to confirm your choice of a character.

    Source code - sure.

    Restriction: zero graphics :).

  4. Now there's a generous offer! Do please tell me more about your engine.


    Take a look:



    It is pretty functional already, even though this exact project has almost no content in it (I am really bad at making game content). But there's some pretty beefy stuff supported internally; the only problem is, all current dialogues\events are hardcoded, since I had no need for externalizing data in one-man project. The bright side: syntax for dialogue\event files wasn't decided yet, so if you ever take on the offer, we can work out a universally convenient description format. Bad side: you aren't getting any GUI, all the writing will have to be done in good ol' text editor, though I will be able prepare some templates.


    Dialogues themselves can set\read global triggers and counters, take in account your spells, items, skills, stats, make RNG rolls, call trader window and combat mode, and, of course, can always be expanded upon, so you'll most certainly have more than enough to play with :).


    p. s. Music and sounds are supported, graphics are not and won't be.

  5. Honestly, there is simply not enough coverage of Academagia, and that's a real shame.


    Perhaps it's worth considering some additional promotion channels like joining indiedb (http://www.indiedb.com/) and cliffski's ShowMeTheGame? (http://www.showmethegames.com/)


    Also, buying ads on some large Harry Potter related site like MuggleNet (http://www.mugglenet.com/) should make wonders in publicity ;).


    Guys, anyone got some other ideas?

  6. Consolidated Patch 10 has been released, and can be found here:


    Where is the graphical representation of save slots? Can't find 'em. Also, it seems that the hotkeys haven't been swapped :-P.


    Also, currently the only way of knowing the hotkey is the patch release notes, which are not included in the latest patch. How about finally updating the game manual or including the hotkey info somewhere in the game itself?


    Sticking the "Hotkeys.txt" file into the next hotfix\patch would do as well, though :).

  7. Academagia currently is unrated on Impulse (too little user votes), which makes confusing for people, who never played it, to decide whether or not it is worth their attention.


    Therefore I urge those who have already bought it on Impulse, cast their fair vote - is it good? Is it bad?

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