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  1. You can use some cursor keys for that also - either up-down or right-left, can't remember now. Try it.
  2. Rapidshare mirror: http://rapidshare.com/files/416900108/Acad...atch_090310.zip
  3. Black Chicken White ZOMBIE Ninja Assassin Pirate, actually.
  4. http://rapidshare.com/files/416096343/Acad...atch_083010.zip Should work...
  5. Woohoo! I'll create a rapidshare mirror as soon as I finish downloading, since server feels rather sluggish.
  6. EPIC WIN. Also, I like how the Bravery failure wields a positive result :-P.
  7. I wonder what would be the best direction to take the whole modding project. I've been thinking myself about possibility to add the "darker" content, which would never make into vanilla Academagia... What are the preferences of others? And yeah, I might participate in modding effort, although as I'm a non-native speaker, my writing would require some heavy editing .
  8. Also, I suppose that'd be the perfect time to release patches for Impulse and GG versions (and yes, I do understand, that those versions are compatible with vanilla patches - it's just that most players don't bother checking the official forums for updates - ever). In case of Impulse, bumping the game on "New Releases" list is a nice bonus for every update. And I think that Impulse users would appreciate the added manual, which they seem to lack at the moment.
  9. Wonderful! I suppose it's time to push patch to GG and Impulse? Also, was the manual updated? Little use from new features if they are not properly documented.
  10. Primary culprit is obviously Adventures screen, as it has lots of small-sized text. Runner-up - the information screen in the right. Results of the day screen looks OK to me.
  11. Iselwin


    It shouldn't be exactly "empty", it's just that there shouldn't be some sub-panel open. Main calendar window (as opened after you review the day results) should do ifne. If it still doesn't work, please post a screenshot.
  12. Iselwin


    See the thingie in the upper-right corner, with sections. First section is "Menu". Manual: http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=514
  13. Since we are not getting a sequel for quite some time, how difficult it would be to implement an additional "Sandbox mode", characters of which cannot be exported into sequel, but which never actually ends? Such mode would either have no exams at all, or passing exams could make your "lessons missed" counter reset after them. That would address the complaints of "game being too short" and "only part of a game being sold". Perhaps game length should still be limited (maybe 3 or 4 years max), but that would be an improvement anyway.
  14. Does it actually matter, which lessons do you skip? (first or second set) - should player alternate between attending different sets of lessons to decrease chance of detention or any class attended resets the counter?
  15. 1. See http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=514 3. It's not exactly related. "Pirates on a ship" is a random event, which might be triggered on any turn, no matter what you were doing. Effects of exploration are not as straightforward as that, exploration usually results in a new location being discovered, which is specified in "Results of the day" screen. hope you enjoy the game. Feel free to ask around, if you get more questions .
  16. 13) It might do, but the sound has to be chosen carefully, since player will be listening to it for a long time to come . Bonus points if it's a .wav file which can be replaced with alternative one. 12) As long as it's documented in "Vitality" documentation that'd do nicely. 7) I can understand when game takes it's time calculating through the day, processing the huge list of random events and so on; but what takes it so long to simply open an inventory or Familiar screen? Such actions shouldn't take too much data-crunching... No big deal, though.
  17. That'd be grand . There might be some potential stoppers here, since checks for some of the saved actions might be too complex (e. g. whether you still have an item you want to use or if certain ability is still available) - since I don't know the internals, I can't really tell if checking for those is any complex, but if it is - saving of such actions can be left out completely, since they aren't the reason behind the necessity of such a feature; persistent actions like Study\Train\Adventure\Explore are. Another feature request in similar vein: "Set for all" button used for "Study"\"Train"\"Train familiar" action targets, when you have more than one scheduled, which automatically sets study\train objective for all actions of the same type.
  18. After some more time spent playing, I've come to realize what is single most annoying thing in the Academagia. It's the monotone clicking over and over to accomplish the repeating actions. Filling weekend schedule is an especially bad example of that - if you want to train or study all day long, you have to brainlessly click 9 times. Make it 18 for two weekends, and given the general unresponsiveness of interface which probably won't get fixed, we have a real problem here. I've been thinking a lot what a possible solution could be. The most elegant and fast-to-implement way seems they addition of hotkeys. System could work like that: You fill schedule for a day, press Ctrl + 1 and schedule for current day gets saved in slot 1. Next day you press Alt + 1 and schedule gets filled automatically. If some fields cannot be filled (Attend Lesson or Detention in inappropriate time), they remain unchanged or are reset to "Rest". That seems to be the most straightforward way to deal with the problem. Alternatives are possible, of course (e. g. additional bottom panel for saving\loading schedules), but this one seems to be the cheapest one. What does everyone else think? For me that'd really be a priority feature (unlike mostly minor nitpicks I've posted previously); does this one bother others as it does me?
  19. What does the Research on skills do? Researching Wrestling opens up "History of Wrestling" lore. Is that's it?
  20. If your Bond level is too low to increase a skill, you'll still get the "Successfully increased message at the end of the day."
  21. I've successfully found the "Forum of Naxum" location. Lore states that is should open up the "Listen to debates" ability. Except it doesn't. I don't get a new ability, and I can't use it from the scheduler. Are there some additional requirements? Should I possess certain skills in order to get the ability?
  22. Ah, I see, thanks. Problem is, they are almost nowhere called "Class skills" in-game. The very least you can do is to add coloured "CLASS SKILL" tags to description of selected skills...
  23. Usability notices: 1) Two main "Confirm" button could use some post-click animation. Perhaps some "Click" sound would get annoying soon, but animation (however basic it might be, like the OnHover highlight effect for "History scroll") would enhance the experience a lot - thing is, reaction to your action is not instant, and every time you click and wait you get an psychological uneasiness "Have I hit the button accurately?..". Same for "Replace activity for the day" buttons. 2) There's no easy way to see what is your Max Vitality - you only get the reduced amount in red, and clicking on it brings the explanation, but not the numbers. Not good. We need all the information. 3) Stylish "Thingie" in the upper-right corner is, no doubt, stylish, but it grows old pretty soon - and then it's just a mess. I understand it might by too late in development process to actually replace it, and coding in an alternative would take too much effort - maybe different sections could at the very least be colour- or icon-coded, so that it would be possible to insta-click whatever you need nowr 4) Activity effects should be included on the "Pick activity for the day" window. 5) There should be big convenient "Go back" button on most screens. E. g. "Expand choice on screen" pop-up. Better yet, [Right mouse click] should "cancel and return" wherever possible. 6) Text is too small on large resolutions. Can we have at least resolution switching, if not font size alteration? 7) Also - why the game is so unresponsive? One second wait on simply switch to inventory on Phenom X3 looks... weird. I guess there is no hope for post-release optimizations? History of a day loads for a fdew seconds. No big disaster, but it surely doesn't add to the feel. All in all, the game is a ninth wonder of the world. Seriously: you guys rock, every penny spent was worth it. Thank you! But the interface honestly can win "Clunker of the year" award any day. Hope things will improve to the best...
  24. Lots of game documentation sound rather awkward... "At the end of the day, if you have any Stress, you must take a Fitness Attribute + [best Class Skill] Roll" What does the [best Class Skill] stand here for? Also description of "Minor Focus" Ability: "Increase Stress Maximum". What is "Stress Maximum"? Is it simply added to the Fitness+Skill roll? Documentation mentions that there is no limit to how much stress you can take. Also "Gentle Doctor" action Effect: "Expand Stress", "Expand Stress", "Expand -1 Stress". What does that one is supposed to mean? Just +1 to Stress? It'd be helpful, if similar effect were congregated into one numbered effect...
  25. First screen looks beautiful. Why was it decided to scrap this design?
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