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  1. Very true, I for one enjoyed very much Viva Pinata, not exactly a gritty, mature-oriented game But there are certain conventions in game making and most games aimed at children end up being dumbed down. So I asked. I sent you a PM
  2. Hello, i saw this game on Gamer's Gate a couple of days ago and got interested. There are some bad reviews on the internet, but they seem to miss the point. One is very amateurish, talking just about the interface and even suggesting Starcraft II as an alternative - both games involve pressing buttons on a mouse, I think. The other accuses the game of having too much text. In a text-based adventure/rpg. How shocking. So, I think i will purchase and try the game myself. Since I write for an italian game magazine I might end up reviewing it (I understand you can't send review copies all over the world ). If it is any good, that is. So, I have two questions: 1) Off the bat, I can think of two games that might compare to Academagia: Princess Maker and King of the Dragon Pass. The second one is really great, and it is a shame that nobody makes something similar anymore. Are some of the idea behind these two games in Academagia? Or, can you point other games that inspired you? 2) Is the game aimed at young children, really simple and cute-looking, or it has some measure or realism (magic realism ), strategic depth, rpg-ish character building? An adult gamer may still enjoy it? I am not really understanding if Academagia is mostly a casual game like Virtual Villagers and stuff like that or something else. thanks
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