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  1. I got Befriend and its subskills at level 0, from the MENTOR quest. Raising them did not unlock the ability.
  2. How does a character, whco does not start with it, get the Befriend ability? After speaking with the mentor, my most recent character got the necessary 3 subabilities of Befried. However training those subabilities to get a non zero Befriend level, did not unlock it. The current manual does not note that many subabilities are missing at the start of the game and cannot be trained until found.
  3. Since the game appears to run full screen, it might be possible to optionally adjust the moniutor resolution. Most monitors made in the last few years can accept this.
  4. How about a screen size option, to allow using most of a large monitor instead of a fraction of it.
  5. I bought the dowload version of the game from Impulse, and cannot find the game manual file.
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