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  1. Oh and the list of the 83 other students seems to suffer from the same scroller button problem sporadically. I was able to scroll through the full list when I started playing and then the scroll buttons stopped responding and I got stuck only able to view a handful. Check those buttons too when you do your patch? It could just be my computer being weird hehe.
  2. Yay! I'm getting story options so rare I confused the Legate! Awesome! Thanks for the scroll fix! Happy to accidentally help.
  3. So I bought the game this evening and the sheer amount of detail and customization options to choose from boggles the mind! I also ADORE the soundtrack. I noticed I couldn't seem to click on the scroll down buttons in certain menus like the one where you pick what skill to train. I'm not sure if I'm just being blond and clicking the wrong place. I'm talented like that. I'm clicking on the words "scroll down" on the little gold button and nothing happens. Surely there are more skills to train past Engineering since the list is alphabetical. Also, I read the color coding instructions quoted below: Story paths are color coded by difficulty, to help you choose the ones that you will be most successful at: Green: You cannot fail (You are Christopher Walken). Blue: You have a good chance at success (You are Christian Bale). Black: You have an even chance at success (You are Sandra Bullock). Orange: You have a low chance at success (You are Vin Diesel in those Fast & Furious Movies). Red: You will fail, without extraordinary circumstances (You are Lindsay Lohan). Umm, I'm getting story options in purple. What does purple mean? Epic fail (You are that vampire extra with the most awesome death scene ever put on film from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie)? XD
  4. This game looks fantastic! One question, since you do not offer a demo to determine if the game functions correctly, do you have a refund policy in case of technical issues? $25 is rather a lot to spend on a game unseen. PS You've been featured on Gamezebo.com, which is where I read about your game.
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