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  1. Thanks for the swift reply. Changing screen resolution only seems to make it worse. The current screen dpi fix means I will have to be very close to the monitor in order to play Academagia which is not something I am comfortable with and it also means I will have to constantly change screen dpi and log off to enact those changes. But until a proper fix arrives, I suppose it will have to do. This isn't a negative view on Academagia since I am still enjoying the game regardless but would love to play Arademagia in all its full glory and a minimum of hassle.
  2. I am having the same problems and the game feels unplayable with those bugs. (Can't see all interface in 1920*1080 res and can't move items in inventory). Other than that, it looks great and has a fantastic atmosphere. Could you also tell me how to fix those issues please? edit: I should mention, I don't want to be forced to change system dpi because setting it to default causes all text to be very small and thus hard to read. I hope there's fix other than that.
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