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  1. Shin;


    Glory is a hidden stat that measures your personal exploits at the Academy.


    As to what it does...that would be telling. :)


    One thing it *does* do right now is explosively increase your rate of success at Actions. Patch 2 deals with that. :)


    What other "hidden stats" are there? :)

  2. I'm running on XP, 2GB RAM, 2.8GHz and it takes about 1-3 seconds for the loading screens.


    Perhaps have the game make the more "expensive" database queries at the end of the day? I think the real impression of "slowness" comes from trying to select commands or even look through the daily report and having lag there. The transition at the calendar isn't too bad if you think of it like Civ where the "other civs" are making their moves.

  3. In the event with the painted lock on the door and a treasure chest behind it, if you choose negation to open the door and succeed you see at the very end of the victory text the following: (NEED TO ADD ITEM jade necklace)


    Checking my report after the event I do actually end up with the necklace.

  4. Hawkey;


    In the Lore tab, you can see all the Locations that you know. If you click on these you can read their Description as well as see their Chance of Discovery and all Abilities they may have (that you meet the Prerequisites for, that is.)


    Previously, the Location Description did not show. :P


    After installing this patch my saves won't load ;) Is this intentional?


    EDIT: Luckily I can still start a new game!

  5. Vanan;


    We're not sure yet- we have a tool that originally we planned to give to the community, but the problem is that the tool works on a different file than what the game client uses, and that file is about 340MB. You can imagine the size of the logistical problem involved in getting that to would-be modders!


    We've tossed around a few ideas about how best to do this, but none are particular clean or user-friendly. We'll have to see.


    Otherwise, you will be using the 'mod' area of the New Game screen to choose content patches and DLC soon-ish. I think we have the first free-of-charge set slated for release at the end of September.


    Thanks for the quick response, I'd love to see some modability or overrides allowed in the future, or even documentation of file architecture. If the file size for distribution is a problem perhaps running a torrent of it or using third parties such a Mediafire would help. Of course from your description it sounds like there is much more involved then just the distribution of the file. Perhaps it can just be on the "someday" list :lol:

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