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  1. 1) I just wanted to ask what magnitude and the number behind it signifies under "Spell Types" for different phemes. 2) And what really influences whether you cast a spell and/or add phemes successfully? 3) I also noticed that only in rare cases the duration of those phemes is added...do they always last as long as the spell they were attached to? Thanks in advance
  2. It seems to be normal, I noticed the same pattern. In case of calligraphy a possible explanation could be that Bookbinding and Forgery are practical subskills, so maybe you only get taught the theoretic subskills in class.
  3. Draigh, I made a lot of notes about locations, I will add them tomorrow. And I have around ten friends with my last character, I will look them up tomorrow, too.
  4. Draigh, I exactly thought about that yesterday. I'm already making notes for my current character concerning locations and special abilities of other students, as well as spells and which attribute is important for which skill. I guess if there weren't so many things I have to do for university right now I already would have started something like that. However, I still havent really used the spell/phemes/creation of items-features, so there is a lot left to explore anyway To get to the point, I would definitely be willing to participate in that, but only on a random basis
  5. It's in my knapsack, but not ON my paperdoll, just inside the knapsack on the left side of the paper doll.
  6. Medic, I strongly support all of your points. Most of them beings things I have already thought about or hoped for, too. I for one haven't used spells at all, and my characters up to date have been totally peaceful and unathletic, so I might have missed a lot of features in this regard, too. However, I think there is lots of room for improvement in the sequels or also new downloadable content, especially concerning the events and a cleaner and more helpful interface. I particularly support the wish for more events regarding your background, and a more detailed creation of that I'm not sure whether that is too complicated (or if this feature maybe already exists and I just havent come across it yet ), but secret guilds which you can only discover with the right background would also be a lovely thing!!
  7. I have two questions: 1) I have a silk flower bouquet in my inventory, and the item's description says that it will increase my relationship to a student of the opposite gender three points when given. However, I can't see this option anywhere, neither under "action", "use item", or "use ability". How do I give it to someone else? 2) Second thing is related to friendships with other students. When other students are in my clique, will their skills and abilities automatically count in adventures or random events, or can I only "use" them by sacrificing? Thanks in advance
  8. OrangeKnickers


    Hi Harschi, I don't know if that helps you or whether there is another reason why you can't access the menu. You are only able to click the menu button when you have nothing opened on the right side of the screen, for example relations, or planning a day more precisely. Hope that helps you, if not, someone else will come by and be able to help for sure
  9. I know this is actually a dumb question, but I already love this game so much that I have to ask - is there any approximate date when the first sequel might be released?
  10. Yepp, definitely purple, and they only appear in adventures (at least I think so, will test it again in a moment). But when I think of it, I had a lot of success with red choices, too. (To be more precise, I'm quite far into the first year with that character, and perhaps he has just become so awesome, that he can't fail at all, no matter what I'm choosing? )
  11. That sounds awesome But what does "DLC" mean?
  12. 1) I'm not sure why it would be beneficial for me to train my familiar instead of my own character? Since only half of the skills of my familiar are added during adventures, wouldn't it be more effective to only train my character in general? Or am I forgetting/not seeing something?
  13. That makes me wondering....for me, the purple choices nearly always work...since they weren't listed here then I thought "Hm, purple seems to work even better than green", so I ALWAYS chose purple when possible, and I would estimate that in at least 75% of the cases I succeeded.
  14. A feature I would really like to see in possible sequels would be competitions against other pupils, with judges being other pupils or/and teachers. Let's say there would be a baking competition in three weeks, and you would decide to participate, along with six other pupils. The winner would be determined by various factors, set against those of the other participants, those being: Your relations to the judges, your skills in cooking, a competitive skill, and a random social skill. Those numbers would be added and the participant with the highest number would win (reward could be pims, a rare item, improved skills or relations). I think this would wonderfully fit into this game, since you could actively influence the turnout of those competitions with features already there, such as casting spells that could weaken your competitors in the related skill, gossiping, etc. I don't know if the UI would enable that, but of course the competitors could also actively try to sabotage you or enhance their own chances at winning.
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