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  1. I agree. I prefer complexity & having access to a lot of choices in a RPG setting, rather than disposing of few choices & rapidly "succeeding" in figuring-out optimal paths to "win". (StarCraft 2 comes into my mind.) When I purchased the game, it was very obvious, on Impulse, that it was an "Indie" game ... so I knew what to expect : an imperfect product by a very small company which did not have the programming & testing resources of a huge corporation such as Blizzard. What's important, then, is the "attitude" of the Indie developer : Is he present on a forum to take note of issues & reply to the users ? Is he committed to patch the bugs & "work on optimization" ? If so, I'm willing to be patient and give him a break. Which is the case, here : As it is now, we all can notice that the lead developer is very regularly present on the forum & is very committed to improve his extremely original & fascinating game. I have no complaint whatsoever to express -- taking into account that we are not dealing here with super-rich Blizzard.
  2. Well, I run it on a 25½-inch monitor, on 1920x1200, and there sure is a waste of space ! Since the game then appears as a (relatively) small window, surrounded by a wide frame of color ... why not offer, at least, to play in a windowed mode ? For those who have bigger monitors, playing in a window would allow to do some other activities, on the desktop, in other windows (such as web-surfing, reading, writing), keeping at all times the Academagia game well in view & very rapidly accessible.
  3. I first downloaded the game Saturday evening (14 August), by pure chance. My dad has an Impulse account, and he allowed me to access it to explore the games being currently offered. Academagia appeared, there, as the most recent new game, and since I was a Harry Potter fan, I asked my dad to allow me to use his Impulse account & his credit-card to purchase the game. To introduce myself, I may state that I'm starting a Master's degree in French Literature, in September, at a Montreal (Canada) francophone university. (English is not my native language, so my written English tends to come out in a dry & stiff formal style -- because I have to type with more stressful care.) Besides Harry Potter novels -- I have read all of them, in English -- I like to read serious books on esoteric & occult matters, especially if they concern Magic, Witchcraft, Sorcery. That's why I chose "Sorceress" as my forum-user nickname.
  4. Yes, I agree : a "date prerequisite" is a must to reduce the probability of certain random events occurring at very improbable & not-credible moments in a student's Life. In this case, "a week after the first day" -- as you propose -- would be OK. (I would not want to formulate too specific parameters, on this forum, since I wish to remain a player who will be surprised by the Game -- instead of adopting the more removed position of a self-appointed, amateur mini-designer!) *Off to read the manual & start a new game. Back later.*
  5. 1. Thank you, Elwin, for the very fast reply ! On this Sunday morning, I was going to start a new game. I definitely will read the manual first. Your link sent me to a thread where a user had the very same problem : we both purchased the game from Impulse, which did not seem to generate the manual's PDF file when sending the main game-program. 3a. OK, I understand. My encounter with the pirates had nothing to do with the Explore actions I had selected for my very first day at school : it was one of those "random events" that can happen during the 3 other phases of a day -- when we cannot order an action. I post what the Legate of Mineta has said on that topic, earlier, on this thread : "The day is divided into 6 segments : Early Morning/Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night/Midnight. However, you may only take actions in three of these phases : Morning/Afternoon/Evening. Some Adventures take place in the other phases, but you do not have direct control over that. And, of course, the full number of phases in a day must be considered" That's a good example of a basic game-play information that I did not have when I started my first game. I did not know then -- before reading what the Legate said on this thread -- that there were 3 other daily phases, besides the 3 I could perceive & control on the daily schedule, as visible on the weekly game-screen. 3b. But your explanation does not resolve the issue I raised : How credible is it for a new student -- on her very 1st day at a new school, when she would not logically wander too far away from the school -- to get around to find a docked ship with pirates ?!! I suppose that this is the price that game designers & coders have to pay when programming random events into a complex & dynamic decision-tree : they risk provoking odd events to chaotically emerge at moments when it is not credible for them to appear. One has to recognize that encountering pirates on the very first day of my new game was too odd to be credible, especially since it confronted the beginner with an event-related text which accentuated the incomprehensible oddity of the very improbable event. This being said, I am extremely impressed & happy with the game's sophisticated Complexity. It would get very boring, very fast, if one could easily understand & manipulate a restricted number of feature-options & action-paths. Too many games I have played offered so limited options & decision-paths that any competent player could rapidly figure out which were the optimal paths & procedures to select in order to win almost all the time. Playing then became a predictable routine, especially when one competed against A.I. players which were constrained by very predictable & limited decision-paths.
  6. 1. New version of the manual ?! I got the game via Impulse, Saturday evening. I looked everywhere to find a current manual (in the game-program folder + on the official website), and did not find any form of manual. That was a huge problem -- especially on a supposedly relaxing Saturday evening -- because the game is so complex & it has no tutorial : consequently, there are basic features & procedures which are not obvious at first glance. 2a. For example. I started my first game, and eventually reached the very first screen displaying a week, composed of days -- with 3 action-phases per day. I quickly saw that I could modify the default types of actions (such as "rest") to select another type of action, but I did not understand if the whole week was going to be processed when I pressed the button, or only one day at a time. Consequently, I spent too much time & analytical effort planning the whole week -- which was more tedious work than fun -- and when I pressed the processing button, only the 1st day's actions got processed -- with a report scroll being then posted on that day's calendar spot. I was so tired that I went to bed, after having saved, before going on to see if the next press of the processing button would only process the 2nd day's actions. 2b. You might find the procedure obvious, but a new player who is not used to that genre of game, when confronted with his very first calendar page, will see a whole week to plan & might not readily know that only 1 day is processed at a time. Since there is no tutorial, a easily accessible manual is an urgent must-have ! 3. Something very odd occurred on the very first action of the very first day. I had selected "Explore" as my 1st action of the game & had associated that action with a Location within the Academy (I don't remember where). After having pressed the processing button, the report associated with that action concerned meeting "pirates" unloading a ship !?! I start the school-year as a young girl who wishes to explore the Academy's building & I get to meet pirates at their ship ?!? It's obviously a bug in your coding of the branches of the decision-tree ... unless I made some Location-selection error. My school year did not start in a very intelligible manner : not only was I confronted with pirates, I did not quite understand what was going on in the related text -- which was quite normal for a new player who was clueless on how the game was so supposed to be played, especially since there was no tutorial & no manual to guide a neophyte. I really did not perceive & comprehend why I was meeting "pirates" at a ship when I was a very young, new student at a magical Academy, who only wanted to explore the school on her very first action ! 4. Concerning the game's price (about $ 25). I see that it can put off younger gamers who don't have a lot of money, but I believe that it is a very reasonable price, considering all the time that was invested, for years, designing & programming such a complex game. Also, one has to consider that if the game is not directly purchased from your website, you don't get the whole $ 25.
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