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  1. Greetings, Legate of Mineta. I have found a couple of typos that need fixing, both of which are to be found in the character creation screens. Both are in the "What Sorts of Things Did you Do?" section. In Aptitude: Scholarship, the word "intellectual" is misspelled as "intellectural." In Aptitude: Figures, the word "trigonometry" is misspelled as "trigonmetry." I haven't had much time for gaming of late but have downloaded the latest patch and am looking forward to playing Academagia some more.
  2. I heard about the game through Gamezebo. I played, and loved, all the old Infocom text adventures years ago, so the idea of lots and lots of text and reading didn't scare me off.
  3. I played the game for quite a while today and only found one additional typo, wherein metaphorical was misspelled as metphorical. Unfortunately, now I don't remember where it was. So, this post is essentially worthless save to say that considering the vast amount of text there is in the game, I was pleased and impressed that I only found the one typo while playing today. I can't imagine the amount of work that was involved in putting this game together.
  4. Okay, I just went back in and checked. The misspelling of trigonometry occurs in the screen about the early years of childhood, in the option description for Aptitude: Figures.
  5. Actually, both "theater" and "theatre" are correct, although uniformity in this instance would be preferable. "Theater" is the way the word is generally spelled in the United States, while "theatre" is the British way of spelling the word. I have a few typos to add, all of which occur during character creation. In the opening screen of Academagia, we have a sentence that says: ".......they are made up the most brilliant and best connected...." This should read: ".....they are made up of the most brilliant and best connected...." In the "early years of childhood" screen, in the description of Aptitude: Scholarship, it says intellectural curiosity. This should be corrected to intellectual curiosity. In the "What have you picked?" screen, in the description of Inheritance: A Spy's Stealth, receive is misspelled as "recieve." I believe I saw this in a few other places in the descriptions as well, although I did see the word correctly spelled in some of the screens as well. Also, in the opening screens (and I will have to go back now to find the specific location (I believe it was in a selection of class description) trigonometry is misspelled as trigonmetry.
  6. I thought the video tutorials were great. I plan on buying the game after the patch is released this weekend, and I now feel much more comfortable with the prospect of starting the game, armed with the overview of the features and interface that the tutorial provided. I was going to suggest that you post a link to the tutorial on your Admissions page, but I took a look this morning and saw that this has already been done. I'm really looking forward to experiencing the game for myself.
  7. Thank you very much; I've been waiting for this.
  8. You folks are great. I hesitated to post what I did for fear that it would sound like negativity/nitpicking, and that wasn't my intention at all. I was inspired to comment on such things because you are obviously interested in making the game as polished and as good as it can be. So much of the spelling and grammar that I see now in games is nothing short of appalling; indeed, it would be easy to conclude that nobody cares anymore and doesn't consider this to be an important part of the final product. I appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm.
  9. Oh, and one more error for now--while I have no way of knowing whether or not this kind of error occurs within the game or not, being as I haven't purchased it as yet--I will point out that on your web page under Admissions, there is this: "It's foundations lie in the golden hours of the Empire's infancy...." It's, however, is a contraction for "it is." Thus, the sentence should read: "Its foundations lie in the golden hours of the Empire's infancy...." This confusion between when to use "it's" versus "its" is a common problem everywhere I look now. The determination as to which is correct is so simple--if you use "it's" in the sentence, and the sentence also makes sense if you say "it is," then the apostrophe belongs there; if not, then this is incorrect and it should be "its."
  10. In the manual, in the Actions section and in the third paragraph under Adventure, it says that "sacrificing let's you pass an exit for free...." There should be no apostrophe in let's. Let's means let us, so let's is incorrect in this sentence. I was a proofreader in a former life, so mistakes like this jump out at me. I'm thinking of purchasing the game; if I decide to do so, and you are interested in correcting things of this nature, I would be more than happy to post any errors that I find.
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