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  1. Nope, no mods, and no alterations. The only thing I didn't do was update to before I uploaded. Odd. Maybe one of the times I manually patched as opposed to waiting for the Impulse update screwed it up. Maybe I should uninstall/reinstall.
  2. The mod was checked, and the game's at, which is the latest currently available from Impulse. I'll update to manually tomorrow and let you know if it's fixed, though it doesn't seem to be listed in any of the recent changelogs.
  3. Pretty sure that Glow of Victory isn't a Finesse/Persuasion v. 4 roll as it claims to be in its description, given that even with a Persuasion of 10 and a Finesse of 4, I still see it as blue. I added a couple of phemes on it for difficulty 12 and turned it purple when it should still have remained at least red if not black difficulty-wise. Bug or am I missing something?
  4. I've been playing without the Sphinx and Cleanse/Remake, and it is immensely difficult to not only finish adventures, but to train up skills that I haven't lucked into boosting their parent stat. Luck and strength don't seem that useful until you try to get infiltration 10 with Luck 1, and don't have any good ways to raise it. I feel like I'm chained to the wiki to try and use my limited resources to finish any adventures, or to try an adventure, find out the skills needed, reload and buff the crap out of the necessary skill. I guess what I'm trying to say in all that mess is that if you don't want to spend the whole game buffing skills, you need to beeline certain ablities/spells in order to get the stats and skills to let you adventure more freely. Which kinda bites because it means that I tend to build my characters very similarly so that they have the leeway to differentiate later. Anyone have any alternatives to Sphinx+Cleanse/Remake?
  5. When I start the Burden of a Special Son adventure, after clicking the confirm button twice the adventure abruptly stops (before you even get Kurt's adventure hook) and no followup appears in the adventure list.
  6. Akaros

    DLC 8 Bugs

    The Topiary Garden (02) adventure might be bugged, after first succeeding at the apple challenge and failing the maze challenge, I went back and beat the man with the school survival challenge and got the key. After that though, the game asks whether I stick around or comeback later, but both have me come back to the main garden description with no options available. After continuing from the blank screen with the validate orders button, the adventure disappears from my list. Is it supposed to end like that?
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