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  1. Werdna, I would say about 15-18 hours.
  2. Hmmm.... Generally Gossip is used to forge better friendships between two students, and not your own character. ex. Use "Encourage fellow student", or "Review Homework" or even "Writing Horoscope", to improve your own friendship with a student. Use Befriend to get them in your Clique. Now to add several friends to your clique, you can use Gossip to make the prospect of your clique and the ones already in your clique, to better like one another. If the one you want in your clique, and the one you already have in your cliquee don't like one another, you'll have close to no chance of getting more into your clique.. - Hope this helps somewhat...
  3. Thanks for a very fast reply. I just figured there had to be more. I felt like i played through the year very fast and I have missed out on soo much - I suppose replay is the way. btw - Arithmatic on my current character is 10/14... Scoring 140 on the exam. I just feel like something is missing , because the grades means absolutely nothing... Good grades, bad grades, no effect.(I suppose they would mean more if you had a second year)
  4. Not sure if this is a bug or not, but .... Event went awry, spilling some ill smelling "thing" onto my character ... I can't remember the event, as it happened on my first day of gaming, but my Charisma went to -2. I just finished the first year and it's still -2. I recall something about the effect would stay with my chracter for a looong time, but seriously .... playing the full first year with -2 Charisma isn't that a bit steep? (I'm thinking bug?)
  5. Mouse over. I suggest being able to get hints on mouse-overs, especially in the Calendar. It's frustrating not being able to see what exam your having. It would be alot more fun, if you could "prepare", through spells and abilites if you knew what exam you were preparing for. Also I suggest to show your current "Friendship-level" When you have an option to pick on to improve friendship with.(Through "Encourage fellow Student" or "Gossip" or "Review Homework)
  6. Hey everyone, I just played through the first year as a student of magic and got presented with an "ending". So is this it? One year? I'm baffled. Also I experiened what I believe to be a few "bugs". Especially with the rewards for merits. Getting rewarded almost every week, but the "reward" not showing up, or the reward gained several times in a row. So my Question to merits are: When are they rewarded? Last Question. Training and Studying - How do you improve the max of 10? Is that through friendship with the teacher?
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