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  1. Unfortunately, two critical windows. Not a deal breaker by any means. Thanks again for all the timely responses. Your motto seems to be "No nit too small to take seriously." A refreshing change from most tech support.
  2. My problem is that I was using the DPI=150% to make everything ELSE, outside the game bigger. If I create a user that has DPI normal, and logon to that user when I run the game, then I can use the font resize if I need the in-game text bigger. Elderly eyes are not so good but I'm not elderly enough for cataract surgery. My laptop has a smaller, not so high res screen that's closer to my eyes, and I can see stuff on that at the regular resolution. I'll probably just play on the laptop for now. Just background in case you were wondering why people run with high DPI settings. And the vast majority of players here won't have this issue.
  3. Yes, well I have a couple of options: Stick with the laptop Create a GAMER user on the Win7 that has DPI=100 Put up with tiny letters everyday Probably not 3. Although I am enjoying Bratius Pestilantius, the creep I created just to test the system.
  4. Running on my Win 7 machine for the first time. Loaded game and applied patch 7 - select content 2. Created character and tried to save. - Right hand screen goes blank. Wherever you click or Esc - get "ping" sound and no joy. When killed with task manager, says it's waiting on input from me. Did it twice in a row. No save game available, obviously, but took a screenshot. SOLVED Kept going and found I had the same problem as another poster with the right box being clipped off. Applied the suggested fix - reset the DPI to 100% Then tried it again, and that fixed the save problem as well. But now, everything is too tiny!!! Was going to delete, but decided to leave on in case anyone else had the same symptom.
  5. Thanks! I'm just trying to get this girl through the year. I've kept restarting because of the updates. I'll try your suggestions.
  6. Mesieur Phillipe Merchant keeps slipping the leash on me! Is there anything I can do to defend myself? Should I be throwing nasty spells at him? Does that make him worse? What works for you?
  7. Morvidius also seems to compete well. We pulled well ahead of Venini (sp?) when I played that college. And in my current game I'm in Gordina (sp?) and Morvidius is so far ahead that I have quit trying to compete as it seems we can't hope for the prizes anyway. I just compete enough to cover my demerits. I pick by what sort of person my character is and what things she might be interested in. My first one was druidish and this one is trying to max incantation.
  8. Yes, I really like the atmosphere. You see developers and players working together to try to make the game better. It's how it should be.
  9. Gamezebo - saw the review and it looked interesting. Also looked at their forum and was encouraged by the posts to go ahead and trust the developers with my money since no demo. There wasn't much on this forum at the time but it's really hopping now. Just love the game. I am an old timer as you can see from my avatar.
  10. OK. my name comes from the evil wizard I defeated when I played Wizardry I on my first home computer, an Apple II. So I'm not in my twenties. My first computer game was a text adventure named Adventure that some engineer snuck on the mainframe. I recently found a playable version of this and it really took me back. We decompiled Adventure and in Wizardry, I patiently went thru hex dumps of save files and figured out how the stats and items were stored so I could change anything I wanted. Ruined the game for me, but I had a great time figuring out the codes. I'm really trying to just enjoy playing this game and not try to figure it out.
  11. A Wiki is EXACTLY what this game needs. You could never get the information in a manual. I hope Black Chicken takes the time to load some basic data. Like definitions of stats (Insight?) and a skill/stat cross-reference. Observation is a sub-skill of what? That sort of thing.
  12. Legate of Mineta I'll be on the pokey end. Reading everything. What about Lore? You have all those books, some of which I've read. I think you get some of them from attending classes. But what should you get from reading them? Ideas?
  13. Thanks! That's just what I needed to know.
  14. OK. What I was doing wrong was not training the social skills. And the reason for that was the scrolling problem (within the metalic boxes in calendar) caused me not to see them. I have learned that you can hit the down arrows sometimes and sometimes you need to click on the bottom item and then hit the down arrow. I now have one friend in my clique. I think. But now I have a different problem. How do you know where you are in the school year?
  15. Hi Arkius! About how much game time to finish the year?
  16. Thanks to both. Going back to try again and look for those options. I don't seem to have a gossip skill to train. I'll look for the other actions to see if I can use them. I'll keep you posted.
  17. I am just starting and I seem to have a hard time making friends. The first Gossip was successful and I have relationships with several in my college at 3, but subsequent Gossips have failed. My charm is at 2. Is there something I can do to make this more successful? I hate to waste time slots but I would, eventually like to do Adventures, which it says you do with a clique, which I can't get until I get some friends.
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