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    That sounds reasonable. BTW, does missing class via illness give basis for detention? It does seem to be the case for me.
  2. Evilpoptart


    I vote for "Lock myself in room so no Random Event can pulverize me" Special Action for pre-exams days!
  3. Evilpoptart


    Hmm, I think the "fluke" exam was caused by one of those RE plowovers. Apperantly, my character thought it a good idea to go get a concussion by taunting wild animals THE DAY BEFORE AN EXAM..I got creamed and was sent to the infirmary on the day of the exam. That's probably the reason right? EDIT: BTW, I didn't save it after the exams or even that much before them. I was too bummed.
  4. Evilpoptart


    Yea, I picked it when I was about 8 years old and stuck with it. I double checked my stats for the exam. It was for Enchant and my enchant parent level was 6 and my study level 5. Bizzarre, I know. Never skipped a class (well, on purpose). But I suppose missing for getting plowed over by a sadistic plant/pixie/etc in an RE could account for that?
  5. Evilpoptart


    Hey all, I want to start by saying I think this game is a good concept and it can be fun. That said, I am having some issues that I don't seem to understand. Maybe someone can help me figure this out? I'm on my first playthrough and everything was going good until I got to the "midterm" exams. I remember reading the tutorial pages about where I should be in my classes by this point to do well and I THOUGHT I was doing it right, but as I went to take my first exam, lo and behold, I score an 18! Now, I had tried to keep all of my classes around the same level 5-6 with the study level at 5-6 also. Needless to say, I wasn't too happy with that result. In fact, that's rather lame. I spent probably 80% of my time studying/training for these classes, and I score the lowest in my entire class? The next class was higher (48) but I was still the lowest of all the students. Which brings me to a second issue, I was scheduled for detention alot. I kept getting detention for apparently no reason, as I never got a notification about why. I NEVER study/train/do anything outside of my room (I didn't see the point.) so can't see how I am trespassing. I don't carry any items (ditched them after tutorial.) No enemies, that I know of. So, I'm lost. So maybe I just suck at being a student and I should spend 100% of my time studying/training? That is, if I ever get any free time with the exorbinant about of free detention.
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