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  1. I just realized a possible alternative would be to include the Adventure Title in the Information on a student. Like I said, not too picky about this. I just feel like you should be able to always run say, your Clique-mates' adventures, since the adventures are really how you get to know the other students.
  2. I don't know if it's ever been requested before, but would it be possible for the student eadventures to have the associated student's name in the title/hover-over? Sometimes I really want to run a particular fellow-student adventure, but have to spend quite a while hunting for it before I figure out which adventure it is.
  3. Well, it looks like it's not just that one part of the quest. I'm having repeated troubles with Oan. I've lost the questline again, this time after the familiar adventure. also, a few typos: Random Event Avila Common Room 5: "when Her sits down beside you,..." <-great event, by the way. Familiar: What is That Noise?: There is an Observation option that mentions knocking over an inkwell, but there's no followup/way to do that.
  4. After a long hiatus due to busy real-school work, I've returned to Academagia! I'm really excited about the new content, it's even more overwhelming than it used to be. I've hit a snag in the 'Request a meeting with your mentor' line, however. It looks like the Creativity exit isn't working properly anymore (I'm up to date on patches). When I take that option, which succeeds, I don't get the next adventure in the chain, I just finish that adventure as normal, but cant get another meeting with Oan. I do get it if I take and fail the memorization option, however. Congrats on all the new work on the game, and all the new people it's drawn in my away time, and thanks as always.
  5. I rate everything ASAP, so of course Academagia has a five from me.
  6. Ah. Well, I guess that's what I get for rushing in and not checking around first. Day is way to busy today. Thanks!
  7. I recently started a new character I intended to be fairly close to his familiar, so I was planning on working up Bond a lot. However, I can't seem to do that. Bond no longer seems to be showing up on the Train Familiar list, and neither Groom Familiar nor Play seem to be working to increase Bond either. I just wanted to check in and see what was up with this.
  8. Wow, excellent! I'm continually amazed by the huge amount of lore and backstory that has gone into Academagia, and piecing together things like this a part of what makes games like this so much fun for me. I really can't wait to see what other things I have yet to discover in this and future years.
  9. I have for some time now been attempting to figure out the exact nature of wands in Academagia. Several items from the body of text from the game suggest that wands aren't nearly as necessary for magic as one might imagine when first playing the game. Initially, the game seems to suggest that wands are necessary for spell-casting, as they are mentioned in many, many instances. However, there are a handful of Events and such that suggest that the wand is really more of a facilitator than a necessary catalyst. First, the manual doesn't mention wands at all. If they were truly necessary, one would think they would be discussed here. Second, an event describes a class lesson in which students are taught to call their wands to their hands. This is done by creating Phemes using hand gestures, rather than drawing them with a wand, as is usually described. The text suggests that this action is quite difficult, but it is certainly possible to do successfully. Third, an event in the kitchens describes the player using the handle of a wooden spoon to inscribe Phemes for a spell, in place of a wand. This suggests that there is nothing innately magical about wands themselves that allow a wizard to cast spells with them. However, the fact that it is possible to purchase more powerful or specialized wands suggests that they do have an at least somewhat active part to take in the casting of spells. This evidence seems to suggest that wands are acting as channels to siphon power from the wizard to his Phemes, and thus to a spell. However, it seems that they are merely a convenience, and that a sufficiently skilled and/or powerful mage should be fully capable of doing without them. Does anyone else have any evidence or insight to contribute? I'd love to read others' thoughts on the matter.
  10. The Athletic Fields currently reduce visitors stress by 2, just as they always have. However, to receive this benefit, one must now use an active Ability, whereas before, one only had to set the Fields as the Prep. Location. My question is: What makes this better than Resting? Previously, I used the Athletic Fields as a prep location if I had a lot of stress and still wanted to get things done. Now, I doubt I'll ever go there, it's more effective just to Rest, right? Am I missing something? Just wanted to see if there were any thoughts about how this new Ability could be used effectively.
  11. Roger. Thanks for the help. I guess in the meantime I will try out the Draught of Health.
  12. Hm. Oddness. I tried again once I had gotten my Medium Phial from a catalog. This time, something did show up in the Recipes list, but it was the Draught of Health, not the Throat Spray. Needless to say, I didn't have all the necessary ingredients, as it required several more items. However, the Ingredients list did show my ingredients this time, which was good. Further, the Draught of Health doesn't show up in my list of Recipes in the Items panel at all! I did appear to get information in it in a class/after a skill-up at some point, but I didn't see it in the list of Recipes, and it was blank when I hit the link, so I just assumed it was an empty lore and moved on. There's something fishy going on here I think. Are there multiple recipe lists in the back-end of the game? I'll update you if I make any progress later tonight. Thanks!
  13. Well, That makes a lot of sense. I'll go buy one and give a shot. Thanks!
  14. Well, I've finally gotten around to seriously trying out artificing, and I'm having a bit of a problem. I've got a potion (Throat Spray) I'm trying to make, and the ingredient listed in it's Recipe (Purified Water), but when I go to the Artifice action window with the red ball, nothing shows up in the Recipe/Ingredients panels. Now, this is a fairly young student, she's only got 3 in Brew (the Artificing and Enchant skill listed in the item recipe) and a 1 in Revision (the Finishing Skill), so maybe that's the problem right there. However, if it is just the case that her skills are too low, could the interface be changed to show this somehow? As it is, it's a little confusing, because I feel like I should be able to see *something* about it in the Artifice screen. Thanks!
  15. That would be hugely appreciated. I'm still not really clear on how they work, even though I've read a couple different explanations now.
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