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  1. Thanks so much, Legate! This will be a huge help.
  2. Oooooh. I'm so printing that out and having it next to my computer until September.
  3. I noticed that the Play Action (with witch you strengthen your Familiar Bond by playing with it) is not working properly. First, the description says that a random Bond Subskill will be boosted, but the game lets you choose. By that, I mean that the field is the pink hi-lighted kind that indicates it needs input before the day's plan can be executed. However, when you attempt to select a Bond Subskill, it Skill selecting menu is completely empty! Thus, the Action can't be performed because it's impossible to lock in choices you can't make. I think I may have seen someone else point this out, but I couldn't find it anywhere, so I'm putting this up to be sure. If I missed the report, I apologize.
  4. Well, I just finished my first playthrough, and I thought I'd throw up another list of typos and problems. Here's what I've got: *Wedding Day Reception: Person you talk to switches without warning from Noemia to Tabin when Listen option is taken. *Golden Flower Event: "stroll through one of the school's secluded grottos and soak up some the natural..." Should be some of. *Captain of Mineta Adventures: The character Ilario Daci is sometimes Daci and sometimes Dati. *Captain of Mineta Adventures: Pretty much all italics everywhere seem to be missing a space after them, causing them to run into the word next to them. *Startling Observations: "Not a moment after you offer Mollers your serrvices..." should be services. *Giant Dandilion event: "She waves His hand and dispels the charm with a word." Professor Knoht's second pronoun there is the wrong gender because it's pointing to Cante Cavit instead of her. *Quiple Prank Event: "She thanks you for your warning and walts the down the other hallway--" delete that the. *Enchanted Fox and Rabbit Event, Enchant option: "you remain calm and beging to quickly carve your fox and re-do the enchantment" should be begin. *Sick Professor Event: Prof changes from de Canapiedra to Sido without warning, on the first page it's one professor you are talking two, but on the second page, it's another. Very confusing. *Painted Lock on a Door Event, Negation Spells Choice: There's a note that says (NEED TO ADD ITEM jade necklace) I actually got the item in question, so I guess this note just needs removing. *On Iasos, Professor Viada's description is in line with the text where his name should be. What I meant by that is that instead of having a link to his biography with his name , his biography appeared as well, something like "Professor The professor is a grumbling old guy who really likes history... etc. notices that his name has been replaced with his life history." I actually noticed this one other time in the game, but I forgot to write it down, and can't remember when now. Famous Prose SP VII is empty. Reminder Sheet is empty. Oleapia's Orange Grove not giving an Ability to visit, even though it says this is possible in the description. I'm pretty sure that this has been brought up before, but I wanted to mention it again. Duplicates: *The Glamour Guide, by Flayley Mirrorstock*, and The Glamour Guide, by Flayley Mirrorstock
  5. Wish I did, but no. I'll try rerunning from an old save and see if I can get it again. Might have to wait til tomorrow though.
  6. I was finally wrapping up the Mentor Adventures with Oan, and had managed to get to the glade where you have to figure out how to talk to the trees. I found a little wizened creature sleeping in a bed of dead roses (or some such), but there wasn't an option to do anything about that, either look around some more or leave. Well, I failed my exploration roll, and had to bail out on Oan. I'm assuming that there should have been an action to interact with the little sleeping creature, but it seems to be missing at present. Figure that should be addressed, particularly since it doesn't look like I can repeat this step. Also, the Name of this adventure runs off the side of the menu when you are selecting which Adventure to take, so that might want to be looked at as well.
  7. The description for the Looks Over Substance is: This action allows one (upon a successful Intelligence/Theory of Glamour Roll) to substitute one's Glamour Skill for one's Incantation Skill for a decent interval of time. However, when used the Results of the Day listing says: You succeeded at Looks Over Substance. You will now use Incantation instead of Glamour on all rolls. This looks backwards to me. Since it doesn't seem to show on the Skills list, I can't be sure which one it actually does. Thoughts?
  8. Here's the list of things I've found so far (I'm typing them into Notepad as I play th game, so I've tried to give a little context. Hopefully most of them will be clear.) Typos: *Syntax SP1: "This was his 'change' to create a lengend" should be 'chance'. *Theory of Negation SL II: "'Them', for reasons unexplained" should be 'Then'. *Remembrance Pheme: "Those who can remember useful bits of fact are far more likely" just cuts off there, without ending. *Aura of Mystery: "Those who 'hand' out with Leopold..." Should be 'hang'? *In the Fourth Year girl fainting Random Event, if you catch her: It's a reflex, 'that' how good..." should be' that's'. *Leopold the Loner: "more than a little curious to learn 'Him's' story" should be 'His'. I've found several duplicated lore-type things (don't know if this is intentional or not), listed here: *On Music, by Rieuelle Chastellan, On Music, by Rieuelle Chastellan* *Weaponsmith SP 1 and From a Diary of Bladesmith *Professor Blan e'Dreilan Lecturing on Llewlynn and Professor Gammel Lecturing on a Famous Magician *A Conversation Among Older Students, and Overheard Conversation Among Elementary Students *Learning to Be Still, A Rhyme, and Learning to Be Still And two weird little oddballs: *When sneaking into the kitchens, Avgust shows an N/A rather than a He/Him in text. *In the homework forgotten before Rimbal game Random Event, Iustus Venture is never mentioned by name, there's just a 'He' without an antecedent (easy enough to figure out by clicking the link, but a little jarring when you read it). I kinda wish some of these were a bit more specific, I was just dashing them off as I went because I wanted to get in and play more. I'll report more as I find them.
  9. Hi, everyone. I happened to see Academagia on Impulse too, and went "Wow, they made that game I tried to make when I was 11!" (It didn't go so well...) I'm about halfway through my first playthrough, and even though there are quite a few little bugs and typos and such, I'm completely in love with this game. I really can't wait to see what it will turn into, because I think that this game has enormous potential. That's coming from someone who reads tons of fantasy and plays almost as many games (mostly somewhat like Academagia, with lots of numbers and customization that allow for huge replay). A huge high five for you guys who managed to put this together.
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