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  1. Look in the preparatory stage before you press enday:


    If it's Expand Skill: 4SS, you can only gain ONE single level

    If it's Expand Skill: SS (4 times), you can gain, potentially, FOUR levels per that turn.


    Eg, the dialectic raising location:


    If it's

    Expand Random Dialectic: +1SS

    Expand Random Dialectic: +1SS

    Expand Theory of Glamour: +1SS


    Then you can, potentially, raise two Famous Dilemma for that visit.


    It's not the turn, it's the count/trigger of that raising skill of that turn.


    And okay, if you say running like that can get you +2 Fitness I will do it. Raising Stat is the hardest thing to do, so if we can waste 10~ turns Running it worth the effort.


    On the topic of raising stat, if you can train Dance to level 5 you get access to Master Whip's Studio. 400 pims fee of admitance and 4skill raise, 4% chance of raising TWO stat per action. the cheaper studio, Avendra, got the limit of Dance9 and only get you 5% of Charm.



    Well, it is a 10% chance of raising fitness so, as it is with most abilities that raise stats, it also comes down to how willing you are to reload in order to get your stat increase. With 3 or 4 points in the associated attribute it still takes more than one skill step to raise most skills above the range of 7 or higher, so in terms of efficiency you would probably still want more than a one or two skill step increase. I would ask exactly what you consider to be wasting a turn? Honestly before I was even halfway through year one I was pretty much choosing what skills to raise on a whim, not including those I was increasing for adventures. Are you focusing on the attribute increase or is there some other criteria you use when building your character?

  2. Ooooohkay~


    Whatever float your boat, baby! Even if we got Strength1 (situation normal, me too) and Running take forever to level up, in the end it's a max 1 level up of skill per Running action. Inefficient! I like to do things efficiently, so even with your assurance of +2 Fitness for a whole school year I aint gonna do that. because what abnout after you get Running10? Can you assure me that we will got +2 Fitness when we reach Running 10? If that's a resounding YES, then I will do it. But running long after the maxed skill is just not my style.


    cleanse and remake are for goody students, aka Hermione Grange. You cast them and you are gonna stay in class and do things in your free time. No cutting class for you. The rate of getting caught does go up a tat, that reload is just too much hassle that reload-loving me just sit tight.


    It's a 3 point increase to the running skill step per use of run a potentially crippling course, although I don't know if you can increase a sub skill by more than one per action. I didn't continue to use that ability after i maxed running, nor did I use any of the other abilities listed after the associated skill steps were maxed. I used them while they still had a purpose. Estaban Contus skill of incantation for instance, increased every sub skill in the incantation skill set by one skill step, except incantation spells which increased the actual skill by one. I used that to max out incantation, than I never used it again. As far as I could tell, run a potentially crippling training course is the most efficient way to increase running, the fitness increase chance was just a bonus. As I ran the course probably about 8 times at a 10% chance of increases fitness per time, I was pleased with how well it worked out.


    Look, I think it's fairly obvious your proud of the cleanse and remake method of increasing your characters abilities as well as the other methods you've discovered but you're imposing qualities onto that skill that have no objective reason to be linked together. If you see yourself as a good student, that's great. However keep in mind, for one, most every one of the skills I've increased have come up in random events/adventure one way or another and there are still times when I run into situations in which every selection is red or purple. Studying a wide variety of skills, imo, is equivalent to being prepared. That aside, reading through the first conversation with your mentor it was hinted that selecting a certain skill set (which may be completely unrelated to magic in fact) was something you can and eventually should end up doing. She used increasing onces skill according to what a spy would use as an example. So specialization is also a factor for future concerns.


    With all that in mind I'd also like to say that even with the wide range of skills I've developed I feel under prepared. Some adventures have had instances where magic wasn't even an option while others revolved around skill sets such as carpentry and traps. So I don't really have any skills I would consider wasted.

  3. Synel, can you tell me where those abilities are unlocked?

    Then I can make sure the wiki is also having the full descriptions on those abilities.


    I believe they were from the Spy skill set. The parent skill is at 9 and for the sub skills, hide and lock pick are at 6 while lie is at 9. I believe it would be hide you need to increase, if not the parent skill.

  4. Provided you could use all those 3 SS. Wasted SS irk me, so I only do the mutiple if I can make full use of it.


    Running Crippling? Have you ever get anything more than 1level of Running per action out of it? I sure dont, so I almost never Run. If I need Run, Study Run in one of library.


    The key here is Cleanse and Remake spell from the Religion subject. Get the Temple, pay to increase 4 points at once, and max Piety. Cast Cleanse and Remake in Durand's Grove (?) to get +3 to all stat. Cast 3 times in a row (on Sunday) and sit tight and nicely on the next fourday. Add mind pheme is an easy way to get +1 INT.


    Or try Joker spell. It's 4 days, use Revision Stone (which can add from 2-4 lvel to Revision). Use Revise pheme first to up the Revision level. The next day you start adding attribute phemes to it, and cast 3 times in a row.


    Or if you can max Vilocian language early, try using Warrior Cry with Phemes.


    And I repeat, use spells when you can. Not just to up level but to know new subskill. if you cast once and know more than 2 subskill it's a roaring success.


    Actually I got the full 3 points for running a crippling course and I managed to increase fitness by two over the year as well.


    But good god **** I didn't know that cleanse and remake combo worked so well. Going to have to look into that.

  5. Ranielle and Synel;


    There is a known issue related to a mystery Detention (which appears to be one awarded on the same Day the Instructor then schedules you for Detention). Synel's issue, however, sounds like something deeper.




    Do you happen to still have this save? If so, could you pm me a RapidShare link to it? I'd like to try reloading it a few times to see if I can produce the error.




    Sry but it's not something that happens consistently. I've since overwritten the save although I've had the issue happen again at a later date. Here's the rapid share for the file.




    BTW sry it took so long to respond. Didn't notice the save request. And rapid share takes awhile to upload.

  6. Laclongquan@ I do use the spells to increase attributes when trying to train a skill im low on but even then, with a 2 point increase, it still takes 2-3 training on some once they get to lvl 10. And presumably were going to go higher than that later on. Also


    Ranielle/Schwarzbart@ That's pretty much exactly what I do (with the abilities that train more than one skill at a time.) I maxed out astrology and revision just from training up other specific skills I wanted and what I basically have, aside from the classes I took being maxed out, is a spy character. War, Plot and Spy are pretty much all tens. Couldn't get espionage and Sleight of hand up though, cause I didn't have all the sub skills available in sleight of hand. Also I had to train for some of the adventures I wanted to do. Basically these are the abilities I used:


    Study at the Library of longshade

    Study at the Library of the Mantle of Stars

    Study at the Library of Manatele

    Study and Estaban Contu's school of Incantation

    Help Around the Imperial Rangers Outpost

    Study the fields

    Help Around the Stables

    All four of the Chauranglaith Path abilities

    Walk the Path of Fire

    Go outside the fences

    Care for Arms

    Run a Potentially Crippling Training Route

    Cast your arrows

    Oleapias Orange Grove


    Still don't have an incredibly usefull skill set as not all the spy like ones have been increased but Negation, Incantation, Botany, Dialectic, Grammar and Zoology are all maxed out.


    And yeah, magic is definitely a must. Everything but enchant is leveled to max, with the exception of Mastery.

  7. Not really. That 'temporarily increased your chance of success' message indicated that you do an investigation in the event successfully and some option will have some increased levels. IT wont linger past that.


    To win next stages of adventures there are two ways to go:


    Indirect way: boost your attributes and your chance of success. Lots of spells affect these two factor directly (Cleanse and Remake, and some other). THis is direct because you still have chance to fail.


    Direct way: boost your skills directly. If you get past certain skill levels. you are certain to win. Use some spells with highest chance of success, add phemes to get more effect, then cast. Example? Say you need a Revision result of 17 to win it. You customize Joker in the Midst (add two Revise phemes), cast it at The revision stone and Bang! You got 2 points increase of Charm, 6 of Practical Jokes, and 4 of Revision. You are now at actual level 11 + 4 levels added on + 3(?) levels due to standing at The Revision Stone = 18+, attempting that quest and choose that option will be a snap.


    The latter way require you play Adventure first, get an idea of what they need, and get an even more clear idea of what spells/phemes/locations to do, then do it. It take 2 days to do this (cast spells at one day, adventure at another).


    (About the temporary success increase) Really? Cause there were several adventures where I waited till that message came up and I had success with a purple selection. Actually that's exactly how I finished some of the adventures, trained skills up to max (generally that meant a red text selection) and it worked pretty much without fail but only after I got that message.

  8. I'm trying to decide whether training up a wide variety of skills is something realistically useful in the long run. If the difficulty in training skills continues on the same curve it has than it's possible that, eventually, training those skills that don't accommodate your attributes will be inefficient to the point that you simply can't keep up with certain skill checks for some of the random events/adventures; Even after having put a substantial amount of time training those skills. Perhaps it would be better to simply concentrate your characters skill set?

  9. I've been finding that after a certain point in most sets of adventures I can't succeed. No matter what I never have any color better than purple, even if I have 6 or 7 in the necessary skill...


    I haven't been having any trouble with the random events, it's just the adventures. Am I actually supposed to try and max out these skills just to have any chance of success?


    When attempting adventures generally maxing out whatever skill you need is a must. After that I usually make use of skills and spells that increase overall success rate at everything like Question Self and Revolution of the Planets. Those two together increase your chances by 14% which is a lot when you consider the difficulty of the quests. I did have to choose someone to screw over with Revolution of the planets though so Philippe Merchant was my punching bag there. Then there are often times throughout the game when you'll end a day and in the summary you'll get a message saying you increased your chances of success by some substantial number like 20 or even 30. That's a good time to attempt adventures. There are skills that increase specific sub skills as well such as efficient research. When casting spells in particular adding phemes or whatever the optional spell effects are can maximize your chances of success. I think I increased my observation by 8 once casting awareness and adding an extra pheme once or twice but it might have been something else.


    Now that I think about it I believe I had the negation parent skill up to 18 at one point so it's not impossible to get some of those skills up to a substantially high level.

  10. Yes, there seems to be a problem with detention detection ( heh ). You get detentions for skipping detentions that weren't there. And since you don't know that ( you don't get the reprimand message either ) there's nothing you can do about it.


    This actually happened to me as well and i just reloaded the save and it reset back to normal. and I mean on one occasion i loaded a save and there was only rest, reloaded the same save and all my actions were back.

  11. Played through another year after applying consolidated patch 3 and at the end of the year Pamela still has only one option, which is basically to walk away without doing anything.


    In the last post where I reported this bug it was suggested that there should be three options, one for just walking away, one for passion and one for awareness. Again there is only the single option of walking away.

  12. Synel;


    In Patch 3 the Difficulties were corrected- Purple is now the hardest of all. Red is easier than Purple, now.


    Familiar Rewards depend on the Familiar, and are usually Attributes or Abilities at the higher levels. In Pamela's case the Effects are very minimal, however.


    I see. Ty for revealing that. I always assumed red meant you had the worst chances possible.

  13. Luck is too random. Question Surroundings gives you TWO random skills and it is still pretty hard to get what you want from it, unless you reload for ages and ages.

    Other phemes... well you have to get them first, which can be as hard as getting the skill itself if not harder. And you must know which pheme it is that you need. For example what pheme would actually increase acrobatics?


    Thx guys but I just used an increased success chance to finish the quest. I'm good.

  14. Acrobatics usually get linked with Athletics skills check. For example, in a random event, if there's option require Athletics, choosing it and it will increase Acro. It's a rule of thumb.


    Just increase Running, Climbing (Explore), Observation, and Courage. There;s also one Adventure explore Acrobatics for you but it might be too hard.


    Thanks for the tip. Was trying to increase sleight of hand skill subs to get it to open but athletics sounds more like where it would be anyway.

  15. Everything here is great and I hate to complain about the new patch but you absolutely have to start a new game to use it? To be completely honest I already had a save file that was almost perfect aside from some specific problems that were going to be fixed in this patch and I was hoping to use that one for when year 2 came out. I'm not trying to sound sarcastic or cynical but should I just wait till all the patches have been released to start up a file to use in the next year? Are all the other save games pretty much throw away?


    Again I'm not trying to be sarcastic or insulting, though it might sound like it in text form.

  16. I can't load my save file because of the patch so I don't know the exact name for the emotion but it is "Desire for peace" or something similar. The description was something like wanting to mend relationships after two people had a falling out but uh.. well it didn't say exactly who had a falling out and everyone I knew still had a great relationship as far as I knew.

  17. You could always consider separating the points for background selections and stat increases since you can only allot 5 points to your stats anyway (although Kipper doesn't seem to like that idea). Maybe give 5 for stat points and 5 for backgrounds traits.


    I don't really agree with the one point for every background. For one I chose descendant of nobility and descendant of traitors in the same which makes sense and second you're restricting the player to one selection for no reason other than possibly game balancing. Some people might prefer to take none of one category and thereby be forced to sacrifice a point or take something they don't want. Also making everyone adhere to a formula such as that would make every character less unique.

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