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  1. Imps that study because they are not allowed to study during the day?I smell a new student full of adventure potential
  2. I really want a non-human schoolmate! Too bad ghosts are out of the picture though,perhaps a sprite? Or maybe a satyr! What sort of new student do you want for Year 2? (By the way,is there a summer break session or something similiar planned?)
  3. -- Letter Two (Week One, Athonos) -- Nargor: Sorry for writing so late!Academagia is indeed a very busy place;I barely have anytime for myself besides lessons. Speaking of which,the lessons aren't really like what you described. We are mostly having basic theory and stuff;not flinging fireballs or hiding acne. Dull,but I guess that's introductionary class for ya. Well,yeah,I knew you'd be worried about what kind of people am I hanging out with. Don't worry,there is no shifty criminals in our school! Yes,there is a few rich snobs,but I am not befriending them for the sake of money. I earn my own money myself and the school feeds me decently,thank you. In fact,I don't really know anybody besides these in my college! I am more or less hanging out with Beatrix von Wetgen all the time - she is this sweet outdoor girl. I know I am just a bookworm,but somehow we have a lot of things to talk about together and what not. But there is not really much to my first week. I mean,I am unfamiliar with Mineta,and I get lost in the school a lot. But I did discover this sweet running track.Apparently, I am forbidden to visit it, but the professors hardly goes there to catch anybody anyway. I even manage to ran a potentially crippling track! It was quite a work out(and I blacked out),but I was really proud. And don't worry,I did already start studying in a bunch of library. I am a bookworm afterall;Professor Knoht even chatted with me a bit! Oh,and there's this awesome thing. Two second-years apparently mistaken me for some pranks or whatever and the girl directed the huge boy to punch me.I tatically dodged his blow and slugged him in the chin instead! Mam would be proud,right? Nobia P.S. I heard from Aunt Nicera that Gramps can sign up for some sort of penison for being a ex-member of the Magaro Whiteguard Comapny for around a hundred pims each month.I signed up for him and have them send the small changes to me.
  4. Good god,the puns... I hope we get a new work location at the end of this chain!Working in a magical snack company sounds fun.
  5. I can't wait to have a billion familiars!
  6. Wow,Mikka,your letters are so fun to read! Makes me wonder what Kayley will become when she graduate
  7. CP & Legate:That was a typo CP:Wow,I thought nobody would catch that reference! Anyway...Here comes letter 1,some backgrounds fluffs for Nobia from her relatives! -- Letter One (Background) -- Dear Naila: Well,how are you holding up? It had been a while,isn't it? I missed you,sis,and I can't wait to see you. And don't worry,although I didn't really earn much pims,I manage to secure that plot next to your house. With any luck,we should be able to work on the plot together and feed all four of us throughout the year.I doubt we can contribute much to the grotto though. Speaking of which,I took your little girl to Academagia. Perhaps these school folks could fix that spirit stalking her all day and long. Poor girl don't even know it is evil! Hmph,"But he is my friend!" Still,she seems bright enough,and she probably hardened a bit living with me. Too curious for her own good though,but I guess thats why that snobby school took her. I thought the snobby school only took riches-riches. Nicera P.S She received some strange package before I dropped her at that giant gate of her school.There's a very pretty circlet inside.Did you sent her that?
  8. Hi guys! Reading all these topic reminds me keeping track of my own character would be very very fun too! I am not very good at writing,however. Anyway.....! Meet Nobia De Minat. I don't know why my sister is snickering at the name,though. -- Basics -- Name: Nobia De Minat Gender: Female -- Familiar -- Name: Sarus Type: Lesser Benign Shade -- Background -- Omen: Island Lights Station: Up From Destitution Prodigy: Curosity Familiar Bond: Exotic Friendship: Female Students Inheritance: Mysterious Package -- Attributes -- Fitness: 2 Finesse: 2 Charm: 2 Strength: 2 Intelligence: 2 Insight: 1 Luck: 1 Stress: 0 / 4 Vitality: 4 / 4 -- Academic -- College: Mordivus Class: Revision Negation Zoology Incantation Calligraphy Athletics I want a shiny header!
  9. Perhaps you can get an additional exit if you have a high enough relationship after discovering who the culprit (Durand) are?It seems just plain weird that you can only deal with him in a hostile manner if you are friends.
  10. I think it is way too overpowered. Some people's stress maximum is 4...... And you give them a minimum of 5 for a whole week,wouldn't that mean they are in the infirmary for a week effectively? Seems too strong to me,even though it is really fun.....
  11. I think the only mod base avaliable is way back from v.1.00000 or something....which kinds of make it difficult to create mods based on the DLCs. Do you guys have any plans to release a newer one?
  12. How did Philippe got so high?He got only 30 in my version. And....about the pies, I still don't understand
  13. Schwarzbart,wouldn't your Aranaz friend get upset if you spell Aranaz wrongly?It is quite a proud college,afterall. CP:How did you make the paper texture?
  14. I dunno, I like the big black dragon illusion better. Dragon transformation seem less hilarious.
  15. Huh? Is there something special about pies and Sixt? Sixt is the regent of Aranaz, is he not? Seems a good idea to annoy him!
  16. I think Mastery is the best. Master her and force her to study hard! O Responsible Use of Magic!
  17. I love these spells.But isn't a (Passion/Mastery Methods versus 40) roll impossible in regular gameplay? @CP:You should just dye yourself black!
  18. Hi there. I am delicious. And Melisssssssssssssssssssssssss.
  19. In that case,we might need to stop people from skipping class on the first day so you would get into the adventure despite being not in school! An new action called "Introductory Class"?
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